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Remote Control Toys Reviews

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Boxer the Interactive A.I. Robot

48 reviews

This is a very cool toy that we got as a present. My son loved it from second one we opened the box. It can talk, play soccer games, so fortune telling by answering yes or no. My sons favorite was doing the flips. My best part was that you can charge it with USB and it does not...
Air Hogs Supernova, Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb

54 reviews

I purchased this from Robotshop through Amazon for my grandson for Christmas and it did not work. I contacted Robotshop for a return slip and I was told because it was over 30 days they would not take the return. I actually just wanted a replacement. I explained that it was a...
Air Hogs 2-in-1 Extreme Air Board

45 reviews

My children love it really fun to play with really easily how to work it never had any problems with it all really nice value and price is goes for my kids play with it mostly all the time just nice to see them enjoy it u can find these in a lot of toys stores really looks like...

1 review

Thiѕ Nikko Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition uniquеlу mаdе just fоr thе 60th commemoration of NIKKO! It iѕ tidу аnd ѕрrinklе соnfirmаtiоn, iѕ furniѕhеd with ѕuѕреnѕiоn and thе best ѕрееd оf undеr 15 km/h. 9.3MPH With 2.4 GHz...
Street Troopers Project-66

2 reviews

My 6 year old son received this for Christmas and loves it, and is still in his daily routines toys. This car is fun for everyone in the family it shoots rockets, and has held up to normal wear and tear that a 6 year old can put on a toy like this. My only complaint is the...
DJ1 Phantom 4 Pro v2.0

1 review

If you are into the newest high tech, then this is the drone for you. It has the highest camera resolution on the market shooting at 4k with built in features to keep your drone airborne including self stabilization. 30 minute flight time is amazing for the size of this...
Sky viper

1 review

Great drone for the price, just cut it as a starter drone but it’s worth it, has stabilizer for easy flight and one button stunts, goes pretty high about 100 ft and the camera quality is fair enough.