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Remote Control Toys Reviews

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Boxer the Interactive A.I. Robot

48 reviews

This is a very cool toy that we got as a present. My son loved it from second one we opened the box. It can talk, play soccer games, so fortune telling by answering yes or no. My sons favorite was doing the flips. My best part was that you can charge it with USB and it does not...
Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger Remote Control Monster Truck

39 reviews

My two boys are HUGE monster truck fans so of course we bought this Grave Digger remote control truck! The boys have really enjoyed it! In my experience remote control toys don’t last forever...this one has done well so far. It doesn’t seem as if the controls are as smooth...
Air Hogs Supernova, Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb

55 reviews

First off, the battery life is super short! A full charge only lasts a few minutes. You have to use indoors or the thing can just fly away on you! It’s pretty loud and can be super annoying! The concept is good, a drone you can control with your hands, it’s just really...
Air Hogs 2-in-1 Extreme Air Board

45 reviews

My children love it really fun to play with really easily how to work it never had any problems with it all really nice value and price is goes for my kids play with it mostly all the time just nice to see them enjoy it u can find these in a lot of toys stores really looks like...
Monster Jam Official Fire & Ice Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck

27 reviews

My nephew who is 5 years old have this toy and he loves it. He would always take it outside and run it around the block. His friends had a playtime with him and the next day they got the same toy. It has a very cool design
BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

25 reviews

Any Batman lover will appreciate this fun RC car! Super easy to set up and play with and has a neat feature with ejects batman! Super cool for any super hero fan!
Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Race Car

31 reviews

First I would like to say that my kids absolutley love this car. My 10 year old plays with this car everyday, and my 3 year old just watches him laughing. Idk what it is, but so far this has been my 10 year old favorite toy so far this year. He is really enjoying this car...
Monster Jam Official Megalodon STORM All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck

21 reviews

I got the monster jam Mefalodon storm. It is a monster jam but it is a shark. My son wanted to play with this soon as it arrived. He wanted to see if it works on dirt, rocks, snow and grass but we only have 3 except the snow. He went with it outside and it worked on all three...
Monster Jam Official El Toro Loco Remote Control Monster Truck

24 reviews

My son loves this. It keeps him busy for hours. His favorite thing is the remote control. He plays with that more than the toy itself. The price was very reasonable.
Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Remote Control Truck

21 reviews

When I say my 7 year old and my 4 year old boy are big fans of grave digger I mean big fans. Anything I ever see that is monster jam brand I buy. Majority of the time I end up finding grave digger. This is a great toy to buy for both of my boys to play around the house or...
Air Hogs Super Soft, Stunt Shot Vehicle

14 reviews

I expect this to be a hot toy for the holidays. The AirHogs Super Soft Stunt Shot RC is very new and different. It’s completely safe to play with indoors. The wheels are made with a soft foam and it’s very light weight making it super fast. We really enjoyed the crazy...

1 review

We've had plenty of Drones that have crashed and burned immediately. There was no control over its flight path and the camera hardly worked. This drone is AMAZING! Once you've downloaded the app for the drone to see the WiFi camera on the screen of your phone, the is a handy...
Sphero Mini

1 review

Sphero Mini is a remote control sphere shaped (hence the name) robotic toy you control through the app on the phone. My 5 and 7 year olds have been enjoying controlling with settings like drive and slingshot. They’ve set up mazes and obstacles to run the Sphero Mini through.
Full Proportion Monster Truck

1 review

Whats to say about this truck it's great my son loves it..He Loves to race his cars and Tracks..This one has high speed..It does great on the hills and rock climbing...
Terénní auto Crawler KING

1 review

my son is into racing a lot of his cars/trucks...He loves this one climbs the rocks good hills rolls back and at it again..through the mud grass up the driveway..it's a must have..

1 review

My son loves his Light Up DINOSAUR WALKER...He collects Dinosaurs..came with 2 cute dinosaur eggs to crack open. It walks really nicely, even on carpet and doesn't fall over easily. But our favorite part is the colors. Most dinosaur toys only come in generic dinosaur colors but...
VARIABLE MARS (Remote control Deformation Model)

1 review

My grandson has a few of the VARIABLE MARS (Remote control Deformation Model)..He likes where the car can transform into a robot..him and his grandfather likes to race them..
Pj mask

1 review

Easy use, my 3 year old loves if and can Maneuver it very easily. Only thing I don’t like is that the remote control in the car are two different batteries other than that everything is perfect.
New bright r/c

1 review

My daughter received this as a gift, so I can’t account for the cost of the item, but my father-in-law seemed very disappointed that this car wasn’t meant for driving on carpet, as our house is majority carpet. It has huge tires so I guessing he assumed it was all terrain...

2 reviews

Fun for the whole family. Best in dirt! Spent hrs playing out side. it didn't like the grass too much but it got through ok. My grandson didn't want to give up the controller for me to have a turn. He loves it.