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Stuffed Toys Reviews

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Gabby’s Dollhouse 8-inch Purr-ific Plush Toy

55 reviews

So soft and cute. My girls just loved this little cupcake kitty friend! Sweet little face and so squishy. It is now a permanent fixture on their bed.
PAW Patrol Cat Pack Plush

30 reviews

My daughter is so excited by her new Cat Pack toy. She loves the shiny outfit, and she is excited to learn more about the Cat Pack. She has always loved cats more than dogs so she is really drawn to the new characters!
Gabby's Dollhouse Cakey Cat Huggable Plush

23 reviews

Well it was a nice Hello Kitty Stuffed animal, the interaction level only lasted about a half an hour. Then she went back to play with her other toys. It makes for a good pillow on the bed as a decoration
PAW Patrol, Talking Chase 12-Inch-Tall Interactive Plush Toy

23 reviews

My son totally love this paw patrol chase so cute it’s like a company for him he seems to be best friends day and night he hugs chase and he was happy with the sounds and having a great time listening playing with chase he said he had a best friend
PAW Patrol 24-inch Classic Chase or Skye Jumbo Plush

33 reviews

Our little guy just got the 24-Inch Chase for Valentine’s Day and this is such a cute toy! He’s so big and cuddly and our little one loved him so much. This chase dog is for any Paw Patrol fans and our little one loved playing with chase for hours! He sleeps next to our...
Gabby's Dollhouse Pandy Paws, 13-inch Talking Plush Toy

25 reviews

My daughter has the ears and now PANDY! Now she will be singing "A pinch on my left and a pinch on my right, grab pandys hand and hold on TIIIIIIGHHHTTT!"
Gabby's Dollhouse Hamster Kitties

21 reviews

Kids will love this cute toy. It allows them to be creative with 4 unique characters and they are very well made. My daughter just adores how cute the characters are and she likes to play with them.
Gabby’s Dollhouse 15-inch Tall Jumbo Plush Toy

23 reviews

My girl loves it , she sleep with her and take her to places . She is big and my 3 yr love that. I don’t love the fish tale how it’s position, but I get that the way it was made it for her to look like she it’s sitting. Mercat is very colorful and I really like that about...
PAW Patrol Movie Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, 8-inch

23 reviews

I have chase and rubbe at home from this series of plush toys and i love them and they are so cute I would recommend them to anyone who loves paw patrol like my son I also like the quality of them and the value
PAW Patrol Plush Toy (8-inch)

21 reviews

Few years ago I brought them at Walmart and I enjoyed it as I love them and they are cool but I moved out and I don't have it anymore that was 2018 and now I'm an adult but I still like plush toys since they are cute
PAW Patrol 5-Inch Mini Plush Pup

22 reviews

The plush toy I own which a a chase and marshall and Zuma plush were so soft that I sleeped with them all night one day and also I would recommend this to anyone who likes plushies
Rubble and Crew Stuffed Animals, Charger, 4-Inch Cube-Shaped Plush Toy

21 reviews

My two year old son enjoyed using his imagination to playing with the Mix 4-Inch Cube-Shaped Plush Toy. The size and softness of the toy made it ideal for him to bring in the car and on various outings. However, my four year old son lost interest in the toy quickly, as he...
Peek-A-Roo, Interactive Panda-Roo Plush Toy

16 reviews

When we opened the packaging and took the bear out it was really soft to the touch. You push the button on the foot and it starts to play music and the tummy starts moving around etc. I only have boys so they weren't overly interested in the product n their attention span for it...
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue 8-Inch Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

17 reviews

Adorable Plush! Perfect size for my two year old! easy to hold and to play with. The moment she saw it she gave it a huge hug and hasn’t put it down since! Would love to buy the whole set!
Paw Patrol Snuggle Up Pup

1 review

My kids are OBSESSED with these. My 5 yo has Chase, my 2.5 yo has Marshall, and they can't go to bed without them. They love the music they play. The only change I think I would make would be to play only music (these also talk), since they're supposed to be snuggly, and a child...

2 reviews

Every child adult will simple fall in love with these cuddle toy squishy soft there so adorable kids can't get enough of these little guys or the big ones as well..
Leap frog speak and Learn puppy

1 review

I received the Leapfrog Speak & Learn puppy in exchange for my honest opinion. My son (soon to be 3) was more fascinated with the speak & Learn puppy (Cody) than my 22months old. Here goes my honest review Pro 1. I like that the battery place is well secured so no matter how...
build-a-bear workshop

20 reviews

I remember going to Build a Bear as a child, and now as an adult, I enjoy taking my kids there. It’s definitely a pricier place, but like others have mentioned, they do run promotions. My favourite part about Build a Bear (other than the kids being able to stuff their own...
Zuru Booty Shakin’ Llama

3 reviews

This thing is absolutely adorable!! I love the colors and soft plush fabric. I also love that it sings and dances. Its head twirls and it shakes its booty!!! Everything about this toy is awesome. I bought it for my daughter because she loves llamas. We sat at the table for...
Cuddle + kind

3 reviews

We love our cuddle+kind stuffed animals for so many reasons! They’re so sweet and aesthetically pleasing. They support a great cause! AND my girl looooves them. It’s a win all the way around. We have 5 and I’m sure we’ll add more soon!