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Vehicle Toys Reviews

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PAW Patrol Moto Pups Deluxe Pull Back Motorcycle Vehicle with Wheelie Feature and Figure

59 reviews

My son loves these toys! We have Chase, Marshall and Skye! The fact that they do pop up wheelies makes it more exciting for him. They include the character as well in their motto pup uniform!
Batman Bat-Tech Flyer with 4-inch Mr. Freeze and Batman Action Figures

42 reviews

This was such a fun toy for the little one he had a blast and was very easy to use and figure out it has 2 action figures plus a shooting item. It’s very well made and definitely would purchase another in future for my other nieces and nefews as they all love superhero stuff
Monster Jam Monster Size Grave Digger Truck

48 reviews

This product has brought so much joy to the special little people in my life I'm continuing to pass it on. Not only is the product an exact replica of original it truly sounds like it too am absolutely extricate about this toy
BATMAN Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

48 reviews

This toy packs lots of molded detail with some great play options. The gimmick of the back section becoming a bat-boat is a neat addition that is totally optional in case one just wants this for the batmobile itself. As far as other moving parts, the wheels spin and cockpit...
PAW Patrol Super PAWs 2-in-1 Transforming Mighty Pups Jet Command Center

45 reviews

My son LOVES paw patrol! We have all of the pups, dino pups, rescue knights, and mighty pups. Oh and the cat pack! This jet is large and used to be a little hard for him to fly around because its a little heavy. There is also a smaller jet that ejects from the larger jet. He...
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

37 reviews

This caught my sons eye in the store, luckily around the time of his birthday. He absolutely loves this thing. It is a bit noisy but he has so much fun playing with it.
The Batman Movie Batmobile Remote Control Car

27 reviews

My son had such a blast with this car! He enjoyed it so much, he brought it to his dad’s for his sister to see! The controls seem smooth and the controller feel is good, and the car itself is so detailed! Love it. Thank you for the opportunity
PAW Patrol Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller Transforming 2-in-1 Track Set

39 reviews

I didn't know this toy existed until I saw it on a mega sale during the holidays. I snagged it right away before even figuring out what it did. Such a unique toy! The True Metal vehicles all fit inside of the truck once it folds up which is a parent win for cleanup! The True...
PAW Patrol Transforming PAW Patroller with Dual Vehicle Launchers

26 reviews

First off - this toy is big! I wasn’t prepared for how big it would be. I find it hard for my 3 year old to use due to the size and heaviness of it. It’s fun that it stores all of the paw patrol cars so from that perspective, I find it useful. Its good quality - just the...
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure

31 reviews

My daughter loves suprises and loves paw patrol so I had to get her this she loves it!! She wants all the paw patrol dinosaurs!! Can’t wait to get them all for her!!
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Collectible True Metal Vehicle

37 reviews

My 4 year old son loves paw patrol but likes to break his toys by being curious. This is something he can't break. Very durable and small enough to take anywhere to play with.
The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile, Remote Control Car

21 reviews

We all loved this toy! Perfect deed, durable system the kick up action against the end was a fun surprise for me little ones, giggles everytime. We recommend this remote control car toy 👍
Batman Movie Batcycle 12 inch Figure

21 reviews

My 10 year old loves this set!! The figures are a great size and they adjust well for the bike. He loves that there is more than just batman with it!!
Batman Batcycle RC with Batman Rider Action Figure

21 reviews

My almost-4 year-old was thrilled we had been selected. Right out of the box, it looks exciting: there's nice attention to detail on Batman, and thr remote control adds another level of play that makes it a toy your kid can grow with. The only thing that might make it even more...
Monster Jam Zombie Digger Die-Cast Monster Truck 2-Pack, 1:64 Scale

22 reviews

Love the colours, they are bright and funky. My son loves how they look feel, he saies they are smooth and race amazing down his tracks. Perfect for little hand and big.
Batman Movie 4 inch Batman with Batcycle

22 reviews

I wish this was more interactive that just the batcycle and Batman. It seems as though it’s one of those toys which will get used a couple times and thrown into a toy box.
PAW Patrol Movie Transforming City PAW Patroller

20 reviews

I was not expecting this to be as big as it was! It looks so extravagant for its price. Perfect for all paw patrol loving kids. Got the kids fighting over this one, ha-ha.
PAW Patrol Rubble’s Deluxe Bulldozer

21 reviews

Paw patrol toys are always a hit for the littleones. Rubble is compact and on the go. He is able to walk up into his bulldozer and get to work. He is easily removable which is a bonus for the kids. Ruble is able to go off and play with his other paw patrol friends. Great toy to...
The Animal, The Ultimate Unboxing Truck

26 reviews

Unboxing this truck was half the fun for my kids! It comes with instructions that are easy to follow and very entertaining for kids(and adults)! You can save the box to “unbox” it again and again if you want to! It’s fun to play with as well and keeps my boys entertained...
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Deluxe Vehicle

33 reviews

My son loves anything Paw Patrol, but especially Chase. He loves this Chase figure with the adorable vehicle. He brings it with him everywhere we go and it's very durable and strong.