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Vehicle Toys Reviews

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BATMAN Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

46 reviews

I have 3 boys, 8, 4 and 2. They all love this bat mobile! I wish it came with a Batman though! They found a Batman to use with it, but for the price a Batman included would have been nice.
Monster Jam Monster Size Grave Digger Truck

40 reviews

My little boy loves his toys! This is one of his favorites! Everytime he plays "race cars" This is his main truck! He has so much fun with this truck! It's his favorite colors, it's, affordable, and he loves it! If your kids love truck I highly recommend getting them this one!
PAW Patrol Super PAWs 2-in-1 Transforming Mighty Pups Jet Command Center

36 reviews

When my daughter first laid his eyes on the package, she told everyone she wanted it for Christmas! I was actually nervous she was going to get several of them! They really thought of everything when it comes to this Jet. We love how the front part detaches as a smaller vessel...
PAW Patrol Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller Transforming 2-in-1 Track Set

36 reviews

I had the pleasure of receiving this toy for my daughter to play with, it's so cool! In her words all them go together in some way, it just kept her entertained in so many ways!
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Collectible True Metal Vehicle

35 reviews

I love the paw patrol stuff, but this one was a little disappointing. The price was a little high for what it was and the toy ended up in the back of the closet. Maybe the next one will be a little better
PAW Patrol Ride N Rescue 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

29 reviews

My kiddos love this toy. It’s a lot of fun for them. They enjoy changing it from the truck to the playset. The characters that come with it are cute as well.
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Deluxe Vehicle

27 reviews

My kids love the Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Deluxe Vehicle! We personally purchased this car to add it on to our latest Paw Patrol Tower and it definitely adds some fun variation!
Paw patrol air patroller

25 reviews

This was an amazing addition to my son's paw patrol collection it has lights and sounds and provides hours of fun . A must have toy for paw patrol lovers
Hot Wheels Cars (Assorted)

17 reviews

We loved the 50 pack of cars. It had a really great mix of car types. It did have a few cars/trucks that don’t race well on the tracks but overall it was a 5 year olds dream to have that many new cars!
Paw Patrol Chase Ultimate Cruiser

12 reviews

My kids love this! Chase is one of the faves. My son will push this being the couch and pretend it is the garage until there is an “emergency” to help with. It’s durable and the price was reasonable. Wish I purchased a set
Mega Bloks Ride N' Chomp Croc

1 review

This little toy is genius. Considering it’s not super expensive, you get a ride-on toy for ages 1-3, a small selection of Mega-Bloks and a storage unit. The Ride and Chomp Croc 100% works to pick up blocks (at least on our hardwood floors) and it’s a fun way to encourage...
Hot wheels tracks

1 review

On a wim I grab a hot wheels 4 piece tracks. Man that was a few dollars well spent. It has provided hours of fun. It is simple and easy entertainment for my kid and has actually been able be used as an educational toy to learn concepts of fast and slow, long and short etc...
justice league collection

1 review

There is not to many toys where the girls and boys can play together with but this group of toys is that one on my sons loves superman and one of my sons like wonder woman. My other kids love the flash, green Lantern and aquaman and I like cyborg and black canary. We pretend...
Thomas and Friends super station

8 reviews

My son just got this for his 3rd birthday and omg! We LOVE it!! There are many different ways you can put the track together and you can store all the different trains on it. This is probably one of the best toys for your money. Beware though, this thing is HUGE.
Monster jam offical zombie madness

2 reviews

This is so cool! My son loves the Zombie monster jam truck so this was a no brainer. We bought it as soon as we saw it in the store. You put the truck on the ramp and smack the lever and it jumps and hits the zombie nose and the top of the head comes off. My 3yr old thinks...
Monster jam captains curse

1 review

My son absolutely loves monster trucks! He has too many! He loves grave digger and Captains curse! Always rolling them around his track carpet. I would recommend these toy trucks! The push very easy and look so cool! He has hours of fun!
Blaze and the monster machines trucks

2 reviews

My son and nephews love playing with this toy.I will definitely be buying these for my nephews for Christmas. Great price on this toy will be able to buy all 3 one.
Twister tracks

1 review

I bought this new product for my son call twister track it is amazing and has two cars that light up when you push the top one is an ambulance the other one is a fire truck. The track you can put in many different directions you turn off the lights and it lights up.
Moose Mountain Big Dig

1 review

From the moment our sweet 3.5 year old boy laid eyes on this toy he has been hooked! The Big Dig is durable, well thought out and easy to maneuver. He loves it and we are looking forward to adding more pieces to our collection. Great value for the price with endless hours of fun...
Hotwheel monster trucks

6 reviews

My almost 5 year old loves the hot wheel monster trucks! We have quite the collection. He will spend hours playing with them and pretending they’re doing stunts.