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Vehicle Toys Reviews

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BATMAN Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

48 reviews

This toy packs lots of molded detail with some great play options. The gimmick of the back section becoming a bat-boat is a neat addition that is totally optional in case one just wants this for the batmobile itself. As far as other moving parts, the wheels spin and cockpit...
Monster Jam Monster Size Grave Digger Truck

46 reviews

My child loves this truck. It works so well! She has not put it down since receiving it. She is fascinated by the large wheels and the vibrant color. It is definitely built to last. She will enjoy this toy for years to come.
PAW Patrol Super PAWs 2-in-1 Transforming Mighty Pups Jet Command Center

41 reviews

My son got this as a gift for his birthday. He and his younger sister have so much fun playing with all of their characters in it and pretending to go on missions. It has held up very nicely from their vigorous play. It does come with small bullets that I had to put up due to...
PAW Patrol Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller Transforming 2-in-1 Track Set

38 reviews

My kids live their paw patroller. They play with almost daily. It is very well made and I think it will last a long time. The details look good. There is so much to do with this set kids could play for hours.
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Collectible True Metal Vehicle

37 reviews

My 4 year old son loves paw patrol but likes to break his toys by being curious. This is something he can't break. Very durable and small enough to take anywhere to play with.
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure

28 reviews

The cars that we have so far drive smoothly and seem to have a strong mechanism that propels them. My daughter wants to get all of them so they can race!
The Animal, The Ultimate Unboxing Truck

26 reviews

Unboxing this truck was half the fun for my kids! It comes with instructions that are easy to follow and very entertaining for kids(and adults)! You can save the box to “unbox” it again and again if you want to! It’s fun to play with as well and keeps my boys entertained...
PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Deluxe Vehicle

32 reviews

My son got this as a gift and he absolutely LOVES chase! We have had this toy for almost a year now and the battery still works for the lights and sounds so that is a big plus for me.
PAW Patrol Ride N Rescue 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

30 reviews

These are fun to drive to the scene and be a real paw patrol leader and rescue the animals. All the parts can be stored in the vehicle. This makes it great to travel with and not to lose any parts.
PAW Patrol Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Police Cruiser

20 reviews

This toy is so fun! It has lots of different compartments and fun ways to play. It's a big vehicle that comes with a helicopter, motorcycles and other attachments. All of these little vehicles go inside the big police cruiser. When the helicopter comes out of the big police...
Monster Jam Monster Dirt Starter Set

16 reviews

How fun are monster trucks?! My kids are obsessed! Kinetic Sand is SO fun! It doesn't dry out and doesn't need to stay in its container! It doesn't get stick in fur and hair and is easily wiped off of furniture! Such a great product! The truck drives well and the ramp is fun for...
PAW Patrol Off-Road True Metal Gift Pack

14 reviews

I am super impressed by these paw Patrol metal cars. They really will withstand my 5 year old. He breaks everything but there is no way he will be breaking these ones. The quality is just fantastic! The detail of each car and character is perfect. But by far the best part is the...
Monster Jam Dirt Squad Monster Truck

16 reviews

My son had a blast playing with this. He said it's really cool because he thinks it looks like a dragon. He had a great time using it to plow through his other monster trucks. You can lift the front of the plow up and down. He also really liked it for independent play. He drove...
PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

16 reviews

It’s a great toy! My son loves anything paw patrol and anything dinosaur so it was a perfect birthday gift. I love the all terrain feature, he loves bringing outside and playing down hill with this toy, what’s amazing about it is that all you need to do is press one button...
Paw patrol air patroller

26 reviews

My 5 year old loves it. It opens in the back and can fit multiple characters in it. Propellers don't move on its on. Makes sound. Window opens/closes.
PAW Patrol True Metal Dino Gift Pack, 6 Collectible Die-Cast Vehicles

14 reviews

We love our Paw Patrol Collectibles Dino Die Cast cars!!!!!! This product makes me the perfect gift for kids and adult collectors! The colors of the cars are absolutely gorgeous! The details on the cars are amazing! The cars are quality made and I'm so glad I got to try these...
Monster Jam Official 2-in-1 Transforming Hauler Playset with Exclusive El Toro Loco Monster Truck

14 reviews

I purchased the Monster Hauler Playset for my son’s birthday, and it was a big hit! He loves putting all of his trucks on it to drive them around, and the ramp is probably one of the best I’ve seen. There are so many different ways to play with this toy!
Hot Wheels Cars (Assorted)

19 reviews

We began buying hot wheels for our son as a potty training incentive. They’re affordable and durable. He spends hours a day playing with his cars. We love that they are so open-ended and he gets to use his imagination. Plus, they’re always coming out with new cars to buy!
Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Monster Truck and 5-inch Grim Action Figure Set

7 reviews

Any little boy that likes toy cars and action figures will love this. My son is also into spooky scary stuff so that was definitely a plus. Grave Digger and Grim are very well made with very durable materials.
Monster Jam Official Son-Uva Digger Monster Truck and 5-inch Scrap Action Figure

7 reviews

monster jam official son uva digger-monster truck and-5 inch scrap action figure is very sturdy made and the action figure is the best thing to come with the monster truck! We loved how the monster truck was designed/detailed and how scrap action figure is made very well and...