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Tylenol Cold & Sinus Daytime

I have been having some cold and sinus symptoms such as fever, sinus pain, and congestion and came across Tylenol Cold and Sinus (Daytime) tablets. I needed some over the counter daytime sinus and cold medication because it’s non-drowsy. I took 2 daytime tablets as recommended...

Vaseline, Intensive Care, Dry Skin Repair

This product is amazing for both my hands and my feet. It rehydrates my skin and is very smoothing. It also has a very pleasant smell. For Dry Skin this is my definite go to.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Paw Patrol, 20 count (assorted sizes)

These Bandaid brand Paw Patrol Bandaids were a hit. We have purchased multiple boxes. Pros: My young kid loved that the paw patrol helped “protect” her owie and was super willing to let me wash the area and put it on! Of course these are the bandaid quality so they work...

Sephora face mask

This Sephora face mask is a really great quality product and awesome bang for your buck. I really enjoyed using it. It makes my skin glow and feel so refreshed.

Webber Naturals B12

I purchased this today at our local drug store - the bottle indicates 60 slashed out and indicating 80 pills are inside - Bonus 33% more is on the outside of the bottle. I share these with my husband and I counted out 40 pills for his container and there were only 20 pills...