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Motrin Platinum Muscle and Body

I had such high expectations for this pain relief. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I am employed in a kindergarten classroom so there is too much bending over to teach my kindie kids properly. I am prone to back pain as I have osteoarthritis and herniated disc. It helps...

Carefree Acti-fresh Pantiliners

I had never bought these pantiliners before, and I had never been allergic to a pantiliner before. After a day or two, I noticed a horrible dryness, burning, itching, and swelling in my privates. The hair follicles in my private area also seemed to get clogged with something...

maybelline line curl bounce

This very pricey mascara was just a quick buy. it says it will leave a curl that will bounce but it does not do so. I give this product a thumbs down.

Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse

It has a minty taste that takes away bad breath along with gingivitis protection. The most professional out of all of our mouthwashes with the right price

Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening Toothpaste

Hello. I have always used Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste. You will be attracted to the low price. The taste of this toothpaste is very strong which is good and to boot it whitens your teeth just like it promises.