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Feminine Hygiene - Pads Reviews

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Always Infinity Pads

877 reviews

I have been using this product now for about 6 months. I have had no accidents, and feel like nothing is there. I’d recommend these highly. I would agree to step up one size.
Always Radiant Infinity Pads

363 reviews

I used these after I gave birth. I’m usually not a pad user, I have super sensitive skin and some pads materials and added fragrances irritate me. This pad was amazing! I never had a leak I never felt any irritation. The pad stayed in place all day or night!
U by Kotex Clean Wear Regular Pads

112 reviews

I was using another brand for years and finally tried these because i had a coupon from the company, i wish i had of tried them sooner, they are so much more effective comfortable and durable then what i was using! Thank you u by kotex for your awesome product, i would recommend...
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings

105 reviews

I have to wear these day and night. Im an over flow and i love how they fit. They fit in you pocket . The exorb a lot of liquids. I don't have to worry about leaks at overnight because they do the job.
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings

87 reviews

This is my go to brand and style. I get a heavy flow and these always work for me plus they are thin so they don't feel like you are wearing a diaper. I have tried multiple other brands and keep coming back to these. The only other kind that I have found even remotely comparable...
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Regular Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

31 reviews

Don't judge a book by its cover totally explains my experience with this product. I have always been an Always and recently a U by Kotex user. comparing this to those 2, there is a major difference. For one, this was super soft and comfortable. For some time, I had a skin...
Always Infinity with Flex Foam

51 reviews

As a woman who has periods that literally make me anemic (no I’m not kidding) I have always struggled with leaks and uncomfortable pads. I had to wear thick uncomfortable shifty pads that literally just let everything slide around before it would absorb in (sorry I know that...
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Super Long Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

25 reviews

Claims: "Free & Clear Ultra Thin Pads with Wings made without fragrances, deodorants, or chlorine processing Innovative PureFit design safely traps fluid away from the skin to deliver comfortable and reliable protection" Verdict: - feels comfortable, especially knowing that it...
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Overnight Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

21 reviews

I like it this liners with wings, it's effective for longer period the my current big name of company liners. I recommend to my friends and family members.
Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow

19 reviews

Always maxi pads is my go to for bedtime. I don’t have to worry about having a hoops in the morning. I even use it during my long flights so I don’t have to keep getting up to go to the lady’s room. During my flow each month l uses always for my feminine needs. I love the...
Walgreens Overnight maxi

1 review

I am in absolute amazement with these overnight pads with wings. Usually when I get pads I absolutely hate the wings because it seems like they never seem to stay in place or are never long enough for me. That is not the case with this pads at all, they are honestly one of the...
Veeda Natural Cotton Pads

1 review

After finding these on sale at my local drug store I have started buying them every month when that time of the month comes. There contain no chemicals, synthetics, or dyes and I cannot say enough good things. These are the only pads I've ever used that DO NOT LEAK.
Rael Organic Pads

1 review

Using products that are organic is extremely important to me so when I was given these Pads by Rael free to sample I was really excited to try them. They are completely organic and vegan as well as cruelty free. They are really absorbent and hold up well. The fit feels nice and...
Incognito - serviette hygiénique

3 reviews

J'imagine ne pas être la seule à être sensible de la flore, avec les serviettes hygiénique d'Incognito je n'est plus de problème "d'allergie". Puisqu'il son fait de Cotton je n'est plus d'irritation. Très doux et absorbant. Je ne jure que par cette marque !
Dove dry deodorant

13 reviews

Wouldn’t recommend this product for people who sweat a lot! I stress sweat and I used to use it but it isn’t very effective.. you would need to apply this product 4-5 times a day
Tree Hugger Cloth Pads Organic Bamboo Night/Postpartum Pad

1 review

Then you should look into Tree Hugger Cloth Pads. I was interested in trying cloth pads for at night because I use a cup during the day and I stumbled across the Tree Hugger website. After reading all the information available on their website I settled on the Bamboo Night pad...
Schick Intuition f.a.b Razor

10 reviews

I received a free sample of @Schick Intuition FAB ladies razor and I have been buying this razor ever since. I found it easy to hold and it gets in every area easily. It also give a nice close shave with no cuts or nicks. Effectively removes all my unwanted hair, leaves my legs...
L. Organic Overnight pads

1 review

I switched to L. Organics products 4 months ago and I will never go back! For heavy-heavy menstration chicks this product is delightful! You get the benefit of better ingredients plus full coverage! I recommend them all the time!
Easy Day méga absorbantes+ultra sec

1 review

Je fais des réactions allergiques a presque toutes les sorte de serviette hygiénique je les ai toute essayer ma peau viens rouge et t j'ai des boursoufflures ,et ça brûle comme du feu mais depuis que j'ai découvert easy Day wow plus rien je les adore en plus ces un...
Equate overnight maxi pads

1 review

I have found the GOLDEN GLOBE of maxi pads. Both my daughter and I have heavy cycles. So we have tried every pad out there,but Walmarts brand is super. We as women want something that is going to keep us fresh and feeling safe from accidents. The Equate overnight pads with wings...