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Feminine Hygiene - Pads Reviews

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Always Infinity Pads

885 reviews

These are my favourite pads ever! It is really comfortable and it feels like I am not wearing anything, sometimes I forget it's even there and it absorbs a lot too!!
Always Radiant Infinity Pads

373 reviews

The only pads I will use if I need to use a pad. No other pad works like these ones, the texture is so soft and feels great against the body. They're not itchy or scratchy which can make wearing a pad uncomfortable. Absorbency is great and I recommend to all.
U by Kotex Clean Wear Regular Pads

118 reviews

They ran outta my brand at the store so I had to buy these very absorbent and easy to use. Will recommend to friends .and family.maybe if there on sale I'll.pick them up
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings

113 reviews

I love these. It is the only thing I will ever buy when it comes to feminine products. The absorption power is magnificent. Outstanding protection overnight, even at the heaviest flow. I love the fact that when you wear it, you dont really know you have it on. They are so...
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings

93 reviews

Use this product over any other. It’s right size, catches everything and love the wings. The only draw back is sometimes it’s sticks together and you can’t get them apart
Seventh Generation Free and Clear Regular Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

38 reviews

These are great! I love this brand and I keep these handy at work for all the ladies! They work great and you can't go wrong with chlorine free - definitely recommend
Always Infinity with Flex Foam

62 reviews

I always hated the time of the month. It was so uncomfortable and I was always scared of leaks. But I feel so protected when I'm using Always Infinity pads. Gone are the days where I used to get worried that a leak had come through. I've been using this pad for years and I'm so...
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Super Long Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

30 reviews

I received the Chlorine-Free Pads from Seventh Generation for free (#freeproduct, #gotitfree) from Chickadvisor in exchange for an honest review. These period-care products are sustainable, environmentally-friendly AND leak-proof!I love everything about these pads - the...
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Overnight Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

23 reviews

I am very impressed by the effectiveness of Seventh Generations new eco friendly liner. It does a great job balancing performance with sustainable benefits that make me feel good to purchase
Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow

26 reviews

These things are great for heavy periods/ days. You can wear them day or night and have no problem with leaking, even laying down. My go to for nighttime wear.
Equate pads overnight wings

1 review

This pads are amazing!… I have a heavy flow and this pads always safe my night sleep. it holds a lot of flow and doesn’t leak ,The price is amazing for the amount you get ; I’ll keep repurchasing.
Bodyform Ultra Goodnight with Wings

2 reviews

I buy these everytime. I feel fully protected from any leakage and they are comfortable too. I don't buy any other sanitary towel after many years using bodyform. I would definitely recommend these. They have a great range to suit any age/flow. They're good value for money a...
Always Radiance Teen Sanitary Pad

1 review

I wasn't sure where the source of sample pads I received from but it is a great improvement from Always brand. It was for heavy flow, the pad is slim and has good absorbency. Dry feeling throughout and hardly leaked for a longer protection. With the $1.00 off coupon, I...
Always radiant with flex foam Extra heavy flow/ light clean scent

5 reviews

I only buy these from the very beginning when I first started to use them.i feel quite easy with them. I prefer sanitary napkins over tampons and these are the ones I prefer for myself every month.
Tena intimates ultra thin pads

1 review

Tena ultra thin hygiene protections are really good and effective. Good for skin that does not make any skin irritation. Also very good absorbency. Very useful for my every use.
Always Maxi pads w/ wings, Regular Size 1

1 review

I have used many other pads in the past, but stick by Always Maxi Pads, Regular with wings, size 1. I used to use the ones without the wings. I discovered the winged addition and have been a fan ever since. The coverage is just right. The protection from wetness is...
Walgreens Overnight maxi

1 review

I am in absolute amazement with these overnight pads with wings. Usually when I get pads I absolutely hate the wings because it seems like they never seem to stay in place or are never long enough for me. That is not the case with this pads at all, they are honestly one of the...
Rael Organic Pads

2 reviews

I used to get bumps from the types of pads I used but now I can't even tell they exist! They don't chaffe or feel gross, and I know this product is so much better for my body!
Incognito - serviette hygiénique

4 reviews

Ce produit a toujours fait partie de mes choix pour une protection sûre et confortable. J'en ai toujours eu dans ma bourse, je n'ai jamais voyagé sans en avoir avec moi. Il est discret à porter, ce qui est très important pour moi.
Veeda Natural Cotton Pads

1 review

After finding these on sale at my local drug store I have started buying them every month when that time of the month comes. There contain no chemicals, synthetics, or dyes and I cannot say enough good things. These are the only pads I've ever used that DO NOT LEAK.