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Feminine Hygiene - Pads Reviews

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Oi Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Pads with wings

1 review

Oi Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Pads with wings, wrapped individually, 1x Regular 10s + 1x Super 10s (2 Pk) by far are different I do like theses! My skin is very sensitive and I've looked around for sometime now, and I have found these! The wing and stickiness (adhesive works...
Tree Hugger Cloth Pads Organic Bamboo Night/Postpartum Pad

1 review

Then you should look into Tree Hugger Cloth Pads. I was interested in trying cloth pads for at night because I use a cup during the day and I stumbled across the Tree Hugger website. After reading all the information available on their website I settled on the Bamboo Night pad...
L. Organic Overnight pads

2 reviews

Once I did my research on all the chemicals pads and tampons contained I was mortified! I instantly gravitated to this brand because of their clean products and omg I’ve never looked back sense!! They might be a couple more dollars from the competitors but I’m telling you...
Schick Intuition f.a.b Razor

11 reviews

I thought the concept of shaving forward and backward was cool so I was excited to try it but I find that Going with the hair growth direction is ineffective and left strips where the hair was still there.
Easy Day méga absorbantes+ultra sec

1 review

Je fais des réactions allergiques a presque toutes les sorte de serviette hygiénique je les ai toute essayer ma peau viens rouge et t j'ai des boursoufflures ,et ça brûle comme du feu mais depuis que j'ai découvert easy Day wow plus rien je les adore en plus ces un...
Equate overnight maxi pads

2 reviews

I have used the Equate overnight maxi pads and was pleasantly surprised how effective they are. They compare to brand maxi pads and are cost effective. They come in a discreet small pad and are great when needed for travel.
Incognito maxi pads - extra long with wings

3 reviews

I’m really pleased to have found these. I’ve got a pretty heavy flow, and these are great. The length is perfect, and in my opinion, the only ones who aren’t “diaper feeling”. Unscented, unexpensive, they are great!
Stayfree Maxi Super Long With Wings

8 reviews

These things are a beast and let's face it, we need that some nights. It's nice to have if/when it's needed for extra security and peace of mind that you will be protected while sleeping.
Always Infinity Overnight With Flex-Wings

6 reviews

These are perfect for my needs. They are very thin, so much so that you wonder if they will work the first time you see them. They work great. Little to no leaks, moves well with you, and comfortable. Tend to be a bit expensive, but they are my preferred so I don't mind.
kotex fitness ultra thin

4 reviews

J’apprécie beaucoup ce produit, car sa minceur et sa flexibilité permettent de s’entraîner et de faire du sport en tout confort. J’oublie que je le porte et je ne ressens aucune gêne dans mes mouvements. Excellente performance!
Serviette hygienique lavable Öko

1 review

j'aime bien ses produits ils sont lavable avec un detergent a lessive naturelle et cela aide pour l'environnement en produisant moins de dechet , ses serviettes ne bouge pas trop dans le sous-vetement alors c'est tres bien Couleur: naturelle, non-blanchie, Composition:...
Always maxi pads

2 reviews

I've been using Always maxi pads since i joined the realm of women nearly thirty years ago. The product has changed as much as i have over the years, seeking to improve upon itself and keep its appeal to younger and more mature women with great success. The new flex-foam is a...
U by Kotex Fitness Pads

11 reviews

I like this product! It is actually my go-to pad, and prefer the extra long one for night time! I find them so comfortable and i don’t experience any itch or irritation! They absorb pretty well, haven’t experience any leakage so far! Will recommend this.
Always Infinity Extra Heavy Overnight Pads with Wings

10 reviews

I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and this has it!!! They are easy to use, and I enjoy that you are provided a size chart on the box. Made picking out the proper size much easier
Asana biowave woman's pads

1 review

These woman's pads are great ,I bought regular for my flow as it wasn't heavy .They came packaged individually in he box and have no scent to them and didn't make me itch like sme pads can ,they stayed in place and gave great protection.no shifting and absorbed very well for...
Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular with Wings

7 reviews

I have been using these pads after they discontinued the lighter version! Stayfree pads work great! They absorb quick and because of the material used, it helps keep everything a lot dryer compared to other pads. The value is also great and usually with a sale you can get this...
Stayfree Ultra Thin Light with wings

12 reviews

I like using this and I do not feel any kind of discomfort when using this. I always prefer to use pads that have wings to keep it in place as I am always on the go
U by Kotex AllNighter Overnight Pads with Wings

43 reviews

I used to buy another brand but this makes me feel like I am wearing nothing at all. Super light weight and feels very invisible. It holds much more than most brands.
mayim pads

1 review

Something unusual happened to me this month, I got my period right in the middle of the afternoon while I was out shopping! I know some of you are shaking your heads saying "thats not unusual" but for me it is, I normally get my period either first thing in the morning when I...
Hannah Pads

2 reviews

I love Hannah pads. They are well made, come in a variety of cute fabrics, are reasonably priced and they wash very well. They do not feel bulky when worn, even the heavy absorbency ones are not uncomfortable to wear. I like how these fold up neatly into little squares which is...