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Feminine Hygiene - Pads Reviews

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Always Fresh Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings

32 reviews

My favourite brand. I love how they have different pads for when you are on different periods. They have wings that go to you’re under wear and they won’t move. So when you move in life. They won’t leave disappointed you.
Always Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings

15 reviews

These pads are the best that I've tried for periods. I tried many different pads over the years trying to find one that I actually wouldn't leak off of the sides or back! These were the only ones that I never leaked through, even on the heaviest day overnight, and even moving...
Equate Maxi Super Pads

2 reviews

Cheap works better then the known brands it protect and very good coverage on my heavier days, the overnight one are good to but overall a good product.
NatraCare Cool Comfort Regular Pads

2 reviews

All of their pads are amazing! They are soft and comfortable without causing irritation from plastic covers and chemical soaked materials. It also has nice adhesion to underwear, stays on and comes off when you need it to. The best part of all is that it has eco-friendly...
Stay free prima

1 review

It's so slim that you almost forget it. I would never buy another brand it's amazing and super absorbent too.
Stayfree Maxi Overnight with wings-scented

9 reviews

They are really soft and comfortable. I prefer these for overnight use. Comes with cover and a tape to wrap in. Protects from odour. Easy to carry in purse.
Stayfree Maxi Pad

15 reviews

I used this in my early teens and I have switched as this was my start up. I didn't really like the feel of it and it never really use to dissolve properly. my experience may not be the same like yours so i will still recommend it if you are tight on budget
U by Kotex Extra Maxi Pads

8 reviews

I use these when my I'm sleeping when my period is heavy & when I'm out of tampons. I've had no leakage when sleeping with this on. I like how colourful each pad is wrapped.
U by Kotex Tween

5 reviews

I recently used this pantyliner not because I bought it but because I had to beg one off a colleague at work and I can say I'm glad I didn't pay for them. The adhesive kept coming unstuck from my panties and sticking to my skin or itself so it became bunched up. At least it...
Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow

9 reviews

After having my 10 pound baby 8 months ago, I've recently had my period come back full force!! The heaviest of periods has been kicking my butt!! Im not talking a few blood clots...im talking a murder scene in my undies! These pads seem to be the biggest bulkiest ones to do the...

19 reviews

bought on sale.. didnt have great absorbancy
Lunapads (Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads)

6 reviews

I was so sick and tired of disposable pads. I actually started using these after the birth of my baby! They’ve been amazing and I will never go back to regular pads. I plan to buy more.
Kotex Natural Balance Feminine Napkins

10 reviews

Elle ne sont pas trop épaisse malgré quelle sont faites pour la nuit. Confortable pour le coucher et pour la soirée. J'aime les ailes qui couvre bien mes sous vêtements.
Kotex Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings

6 reviews

These deserve more than 5 stars! I suffer from endometriosis along with long and heavy periods. I tried everything before I found Kotex, and nothing compares. These protect me 100% of the time, day or night, although I only usually use these at night. When I first met my hubby...
U by Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads with Wings

14 reviews

This is the brand I always go for since trying these pads. They are lightweight and comfortable you don’t even realize you wear them. They have a great scent coverage with a dry protection technique which is nice when you have an extremely heavy flow like I do. I especially...
Kotex Maxi - Overnight

12 reviews

I use this product religiously. It's super absorbent and very good for sensitive skin. I have been using this for years and have never been disappointed.
Always Overnight Maxi With Flexi-Wings

8 reviews

I always buy the always maxi overnight. First because the quality of these maxi pads are the best. Other competitors doesn’t have much protection. Second is because i like to know my flow won’t over flow and leak out.
Always Long Super Ultra Thin

13 reviews

This is an excellent product. However I get rash on the skin where the pad touches. I have changed products but I would definitely recommend this for its quality and effectiveness.
Kotex Maxi - Regular

11 reviews

After receiving a sample pack via mail, I tried out this product. I am hands down a tampon lover, after being made to use the giant, bulky, pads through puberty. Nothing worse than being a teenager, feeling like you're wearing a diaper. These pads, however, are thin, no wings -...
Always Maxi Regular

6 reviews

I find these better then the infinity, when sleeping. I get better protection & no leaks.