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Feminine Hygiene Reviews

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Always Infinity Pads

864 reviews

These pads have great absorbency. They feel much more comfortable than the other always pads. They do cost more than but they are worth the extra money.
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons

443 reviews

I don't usually buy this but thought I would try it out. In my opinion, I did not care for product. It was not the best and I personally will not buy it again.
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths

361 reviews

Takes a whole new experience to the washroom! I feel so much cleaner and fresh when I use this product. Easily flushes and breaks down so you don't have to worry about clogging the toilet! Would highly recommend this product.
Always Radiant Infinity Pads

354 reviews

Over the years I’ve tried ever single brand of pads.. they leak, they tear, they don’t stick right... so many problems and so many years searching for that perfect pad... then finally infinity came! I bought these (frugal so had to wait until they were on sale) and I loved...
U by Kotex Click Tampon

377 reviews

Love U by Kotex products, The colours are fun and vibrant, easy to insert due to the plastic covering (cardboard ones are horrible) and are an amazing price ! 10/10.
The DivaCup

281 reviews

No more buying tampons, no more leaking and no more worrying about TTS! I Love the fact that I can save money every month buy using this product and how it’s easy to insert and clean. I also like how this product makes me feel more clean and free
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners

285 reviews

This liner is a bit more expensive than other brands but it totally worth the price. It is thin and made of comfortable materials which doesn't irritate my skin. Will definitely buy it again.
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads

245 reviews

I have tried a couple different brands of incognitive pads and Poise is all I buy now. Tena and Always are not as comfortable and absorbent as Poise pads.
O.B. Tampons

244 reviews

Descret (fits in the smallest pockets) and effective! I have used many different brands but since trying this is the protection that I can trust no matter what.
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash

145 reviews

Ce produit me convient parfaitement. Il mousse en douceur et mon pH se balance parfaitement. Pas de sensation irritables par la suite. C'est rassurant de savoir qu'un tel produit intime nous va parfaitement.
Playtex Sport Tampons

148 reviews

These are my favourite tampons. You don’t even feel like you are wearing anything. The super lasts a long time without panicking about a leak. I’ve recommended this to many of my friends who also love it. The price is also very affordable. I can’t imagine using anything...
Poise Liners

129 reviews

I have tried a lot of panty liners in the past. I find a lot of them don't work the best for me but Poise is has become my only brand. They are comfortable, control odor and leave me feeling confidant throughout the day.
Tampax Pearl Regular

145 reviews

I love the ease of insertion with the plastic applicator. It's so much nicer than cardboard, making it very easy to use. It's also compact enough in its packaging that I can throw a few into my purse and not feel self conscious about it. This is the only brand I buy, though the...
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

74 reviews

My skin is very sensitive and this is the only antiperspirant that doesn't make me itch, I have tried others but keep going back to Dove! I love it! It's very smooth on my skin and doesn't have a heavy fragrance which I like!
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings

101 reviews

Unlike the traditional pads with the plastic covering that are always sticking to me theses are so amazing to wear nothing sticks to me hardly know I'm wearing it keeps wetness away and sticks well to my underwear and actually stays put.. love this product!
Always Flexi-Style Liners

86 reviews

I like that these liners are super thin and convenient to use for daily use. I also take this in the to-go bag while i'm at the gym. They provide great protection to every day.
dove deodorant fresh

43 reviews

I buy this product all the time. It’s great. I seem to always be leaning towards the Dove products because I find that they are the most useful and last the longest
Poise Hourglass Pads

85 reviews

I am happy to have tried these pads. While they are much thicker than the liners, they do help create even more confidence. The pads are very soft and comfortable to wear seated in a car or desk for hours. After any leaks, the pad absorbs it so there is no feeling of wetness and...
Canesten ComforTAB

71 reviews

Pour avoir eu à utiliser ce type de produit à quelques reprises je trouve vraiment que le traitement tablette 1 jour combipack avec la crème est vraiment LE meilleur produit de la gamme Canesten. Simple et efficace!
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings

83 reviews

These pads are perfect for your light to medium flow days. They are thin, so they're super comfortable, but they will not be suitable if you are bleeding a lot. I like that they have wings so that they stay in place and blood can't leak out the sides of the pad.