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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

945 reviews

It's alternative to have a sugary snack or anything i am tempted to have when i feel my energy level low at the computer desk. I would not recommend to take this every day. But three or four in a week is not much in my experience and when i can't reach for a fruit snack or any...
Life Brand Epsom Salts

109 reviews

I always use Epsom Salts in my bath, I can't figure out why other brands charge an arm and a leg for a regular bag this size. it's the same thing. literally. There's no difference in quality, so I always buy Life brand.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

81 reviews

I have constant sinus blocks, and not being able to breathe through my nose gives me panic attacks and anxiety like you wouldn't believe. Sinus rincing is the easiest, safest way to take care of it. It feels weird, but it really does work.
Colouring Book for Adults

48 reviews

I used to love colouring as a child, and recently discovered this adult colouring book! I was super excited about it and now I can’t go a day without wanting to colour. It’s super satisfying, relaxing and I find it really helps me to let go and clear my mind! If you’re not...
DoTerra Essential Oils

36 reviews

Et bien moi jadoooore les huiles essentielles mais ceux doterra sont les meilleures.... J'en ai beaucoup beaucoup entendu parler et j'aimerais bien devenir conseillères un jour... Je sais que c'est naturel a 100 pour 100 et je n'ai que de bons commentaires....
saje peppermint essential oil

12 reviews

I love using the peppermint halo from saje when I have a headache! It takes away most of the pain and if used in combination with an oral medication your headache will be gone in a blink! Most of the time I use this oil alone at the first sign of headache pain and it doesn’t...
DoTerra Essential Oils

3 reviews

I love using this product the price is right and the smell last a long time .Ive had people come over and ask which product smells so nice .’Im happy to show them my Doterra product .
Westlab soothing sea salt

3 reviews

Great product for the price. You Most definitely don't sacrifice quality for a cheaper price with this product. Extremely easy to use add a few handfuls to your bath water mix get in a enjoy a relaxing bath. Your skin is left feeling super soft and moisterised after. The larger...
Natural factors stress-relax tranquil sleep

14 reviews

A friend told me about this brand years ago and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for help falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. I typically use this if I am feeling nervous before bedtime about 30 mins before I want to go to sleep. I have the...
Saje Natural Wellness Grapefruit 100% Essential Oil

1 review

Im an essential oil newbie, im pretty picky in my scents as i dont like overpowering strong scents. I was recommended the grapefruit scent bc i mentioned it was for my office- what an amazing suggestion! It gives my office a touch of freshness energy clean smell! I absolutly...
The works Deep sleep pillow spray

1 review

I've struggled to get a decent nights sleep over the years but then I tried the Deep sleep pillow spray. A few squirts at night and i seem to relax more then drift into a nice restful sleep.
Swiss natural valerian

1 review

I really enjoy the sleepy time tea but isn’t always strong enough. I don’t take melatonin as it can not be taken long term. I love Valerian as it is 100% natural and can be consumed as much as you want with no side affects. It is a plant root and a smelly one at that, thank...
youngliving theives oil

3 reviews

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil. since the first day Ive used it I haven't had a cough or headache. The smell is AMAZING and if you mix a drop with apple juice it tastes like apple cider, Delicious! I would recommend this for anyone with any ailments. I would buy lots for so you never...
Woolzies deep sleep collection essential oils

1 review

This deep sleep collection set of 3 essential oils is not only a stress relief it helps put us in a very calm state and to relax or have sweet dreams. Use this sleep inducing trio of essential oils to relax deeply. Three blends that compliment each other and can be combined or...
MidNite Natural health product with melatonin & herbs sleep aid

1 review

Been having a problem sleeping so my husband picked these sleeping tablets up for me, There Great ! You can chew or they dissolve ,they taste like cherry and come in an easy pop tablet out of package 5.99 at Atlantic superstore he got them.I sleep all night with these and have...
Bath and body works aromatherapy

1 review

Amazing product. Made with natural essential oils. Great for a nice relaxing bath or shower. Long lasting scent and theres a different kind for if you want to relax or have more energy.
Young Living Essential Lavendar Oil

28 reviews

I trust the brand, and love lavender. Not only is lavender one of my favourite smells but I love the healing properties. I put it on all cuts, scrapes, etc. I also love how it helps to calm me down. One of the best applications to me is mixing with and epson salt and having a...
Lion’s Mane liquid by HARMONIC ARTS botanical dispensary.

1 review

I’ve been using this Lion’s Mane product of over six months now. My memory has become considerably sharper and I can now recall things much faster. I recommend this product to anyone who is having a little trouble with there memory. It really works!
doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

23 reviews

Love my deep blue rub! Helps relax my muscles and keeps working for hours after application. Works great when I have a migraine, the scent helps with the relaxation.
Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salts

2 reviews

I used the Kneipp mineral bath salt Joint and musclefor my soar feet which also had a hang nail, my toe was swollen and I soaked it in warm water and the bath salts and it felt so much better it also had a pleasant aroma that lingered even after I washed the container out, Love...