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Natural Therapies Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Super Energex

943 reviews

Ce produit m'aide beaucoup à garder mon énergie durant la journée. Par contre, le goût n'est pas très appétissant et chaque fois que j'appuie sur la capsule pour l'ouvrir, elle "splash" sur moi en cassant. Sinon je trouve le rapport qualité prix assez bon.
Epsom Salts

99 reviews

je met ce produit tous les soirs dans mon bain et je sens une grande différence. Son prix est vraiment alléchant et ce produit fait un bien fou au corps. Je le recommande vivement à tous ceux qui veulent se détendre :)
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

76 reviews

I starting using this sinus rinse bottle when I got pregnant with my first child which was over 6 years ago. Sometimes I feel like it works better than any sinus meds. I tried the original neti-pot but this is quicker and stronger. No chemicals too which is awesome!
Colouring Book for Adults

45 reviews

After a long day, sometimes I find myself unable to unwind from a stressful day at work. The solution? Adult colouring books. I try to use sharpies (although expensive) they give the best ability and colour aside from pencil crayons. Available in all sorts, they're definitely...
DoTerra Essential Oils

31 reviews

I love doterra oils. There really is a oil for every remedy out there. I like to use them in my diffuser or even put a few drops in my water. They are very good for you.
Natural factors stress-relax tranquil sleep

13 reviews

I am occasionally plagued with sleepless night for various reasons - stress, pain, too much caffeine! I really love this product, especially the chewable version because it dissolves quickly and does not take long to work. I find it to be gentle, effective, with no side...
Loreal paris clay mask

13 reviews

Très bon produit mais difficile a enlever complètement lors du rinçage. Par contre, il est très efficace contre les impuretés et laisse un parfum délicat sur le visage. Me donne un air radieux. Je le recommande.
Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion Lavender

5 reviews

This is another amazing product that has lavender in it to help you calm down and relax. After using the body wash i dry off and apply the lotion before crawling into my comfy bed...ughhh
Young Living Essential Lavendar Oil

27 reviews

It only takes a drop or two to diffuse beautiful lavender smell into the room. Great for relaxing and bedtime. Safe for people of all ages. Classic oil for every home.
DoTerra Slim & Sassy Esential Oil

2 reviews

i love love love doterra and have been using this product for a couple years. I like to put it in water, tea or smoothies. I like the taste & don't feel like I'm craving snacks throughout the day
Align Advanced probiotic caplets 21 days

1 review

I was skeptical watching all the comercials for align on tv but i was sick of my IBS. So i broke down and bought it and wow! What a difference! I feel like i can eat again and i have a bm every single day!! Thats never happened before!!
White Gables Island Face & Hand cream

1 review

White Gables Island Potato Face& Hand Cream is a wonderful moisturizer that is hands made in Prince Edward Island. Made with 70% certified organic potato juice, it's a perfect, natural moisturizer for your face hands to sooth dry, thirsty skin. It's a must have...my...
Flower to fragrance- Pillow spray

1 review

I absolutely love this product! I use it every night - 2-3 sprays on my pillow & I am sleeping within 20 minutes. if you have a hard time falling asleep at night, I HIGHLY recommend trying this product!
Saje lemon essential oil

1 review

When I found out that Saje had a Lemon essential oil for the diffuser, I was quite excited as I love the citrus scents. Upon purchasing it, I used it right away and found that it leaves a refreshing lemon scent in the room. This is a definite must for anyone who loves lemon...
saje peppermint essential oil

1 review

Saje Peppermint essential oil is one of my favourite diffuser blends. The minty fresh scent is very uplifting and energizing. I love how the scent smells and recommend it to everyone.
Bath and body works stress relief

1 review

Bath and Body Works has the best line of stress relief! It is all natural and smells amazing!!! In comes in a variety of different forms! - candles, hand sanitizer, bedding sprays, room plug in, roll on. It helps when I am stressed, when I have a headache coming on! Just in all...
Plantonic bath bombs

1 review

These are individually wrapped and would make wonderful stocking stuffers! They are small but powerful. Quality is lovely—they smell great and left my skin smooth! Also, they were here2 days after I ordered and I ordered on a Saturday! Wow
Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

1 review

I just recently found out about these oils & I have to say so far I am loving them ! We live in cold Alberta & suffer from many colds during flu season 😞 So far this oil has helped tremendously !! You can use it in a diffuser or apply it topically from a roller ball !
Brandless body butter

1 review

I was hesitant about buying from a company named "Brandless", but looked at some of the products and thought "why not give it a try". All of their products are all natural and just $3. When my order arrived in less than a week I was pleasantly surprised. The coconut body butter...
Gurunanda Oil Diffuser

2 reviews

I have heard the hype about using the oil humidifier diffusers. I love aromatherapy and burn oils in water burner via candle. But I have always been reluctant to try it this way. A few of my friends have gone ahead and bought them. The other day I was shopping at Rexall and saw...