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Pain Relief Reviews

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Advil Liqui-Gels

365 reviews

Advil liquidgels are easy to swallow and fast acting pain relief, which is extremely important when in pain. I've used it for headaches, cramps, and sore throat.
Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels

184 reviews

This pain reliever is the best I use for my chronic migraines, it doesn’t cause the side effects of most stronger pain relievers while working quickly and very effectively
MOTRIN Liquid Gels Super Strength

73 reviews

This is a one stop medicine in our house. My hus, mom and me, everyone develops one or other pain once in a while and this is fastest pain reliever compared to other tablets I have used so far.
Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels

66 reviews

Advil nighttime is a life saver when you need it. As someone who always has aches and pains, this product helps me sleep. I have tried similar products, but hands down Advil is the best
MotriMAX 12 hour

40 reviews

I purchased this product a few times for knee pain and it really seem to help. But now I cannot find it in any of the pharmacy in my area. They still have them on their site so it must still be available?
TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets

81 reviews

This sits the first pain reliever I have found that works for me. I can no take Ibuprofen and have not found acetaminophen overly helpful until now. These work great for every ache and pain from arthritis in my back to shoulder pain and even headaches. I often only need to take...
Aleve Liquid Gel Capsules

18 reviews

I absolutely love Aleve Liquid Gels. I find they are the best pain reliever for headaches, body aches and cramps. I will ALWAYS have some of these in my medicine cabinet.
Advil 12 hour

22 reviews

I love Advil its all I take for all my aches and pains. It always works and lasts for 12 hrs so I can go about my day and not worry if I forget to bring any with me great product and will cont8nue to buy in the future
Kirkland Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules

16 reviews

I find these ibuprofen pills work just as great and the brand name pills. Whenever at Costco I typically stock up due to how effective they are and for the quantity and price you truly cant go wrong. I'd highly recommend.
Tylenol Extra Stength

23 reviews

C’est sur qu’habituer son corps aux anti douleurs en forte dose n’est pas une bonne chose. Mais si on en conserve une boite à la maison et au bureau, ça peut sauver des journées/soirées... ça m’aide surtout au bureau si je pogne un méchant mal de tête, c’est...
Tylenol Nightime Extra Strength Sleep Aid & Pain Reliever

23 reviews

This is a great product to use at night if ur suffering from pain. It acts fast and helps u fall asleep faster. It doesn't leave a weird after taste or make u feel weird in the morning.

24 reviews

After my twins, I had my tubes tied. From that point on my periods were unbearable! Cramps, headaches, backaches....it was as if I was 14 again! Then I tried Maxidol. It was a life saver with 4 children under 4! I was able to do my ‘Mom’ duties without feeling like death!
MOTRIN Liquid Gels Regular Strength

46 reviews

I struggle with migraine headaches frequently. I always took Advil and although it dulled it, the ache never truly would leave. Friend told me to try Motrin and man, it works great. Within ten minutes I'm back to feeling good and able to focus throughout my day better.
Advil PM Caplets

8 reviews

I am a CNA and work long shifts. When I come home at night I take the Advil PM and it eases my pains and helps me sleep. I like that I don't wake up with a cloudy head or anything too ..
Absorbine Extra- Strength Patch

1 review

I found this gem at the dollar store of all places. The package contains 2 medicated square patches, that you apply on an area of your body that is achy, stiff or sore. I've used them on my back, neck and most recently my shoulder. After about 5 minutes I start to notice...
Saje Peppermint Halo Wand

5 reviews

Saje Peppermint Halo headache remedy is very fresh and minty smelling. The tingly aftermath is quite soothing and cooling. Just roll it on your temple and even behind your neck and it will help make the headache pain subside.
Young living Panaway

3 reviews

There is an oil for everything. This is one of my top picks for pain relief. A little oil goes a long way. You don’t need a lot. And this brand is amazing. No fillers in it. No added things to it. Just a pure blend of essential oils that helps me live with out taking...
CBD Daily

1 review

What an awesome natural product . I use the serum just massage into your aches and pain, definitely effective . Smells really nice not to earthy or medicated.

1 review

I absolutely love my bean bags. They have been a lifesaver more than once. They're even better now because they've made them slightly bigger with more beans in them so that they do hold their shape even better than they did it before! I know people say you can make your own at...
tylnol body and muscle night

1 review

I have tried lots of different brands of pain relievers. I have arthritis and fibremyalgia, many over the counter pain relievers either didn't work at all or not as long as they claimed it would. This product actually helped for approximatly 4 hours like they claimed it does. i...