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Pain Relief Reviews

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Advil Liqui-Gels

385 reviews

He really liked this brand (Advil) and also the effectiveness of the product. Because it is gel, the effect is faster and the pain goes away. I recommend!
TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gelcaps Extra Strength

371 reviews

When i got this product I was very excited to try it and I'm glad I did. The sample came packaged in a nice box and inside was a full box of tylenol rapid release capsules they are easy to swollow and not overly to large. The colors on the pills is a nice touch to distinguish...
Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels

204 reviews

Advil is our go to for headache relief, we always have 1-2 bottles in our house so we never run out. My spouse has headaches all the time from past sport concusions and advil is basically his best friend.
MOTRIN Liquid Gels Super Strength

80 reviews

I like this medication and use it for occasional pain relief It relives the pain effectively and does not give me stomach upset like some other medications do
Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels

66 reviews

Advil nighttime is a life saver when you need it. As someone who always has aches and pains, this product helps me sleep. I have tried similar products, but hands down Advil is the best
TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets

88 reviews

I broke my arm as a young child and once it healed I forgot about it. A few years ago I started getting pain in my arm which increasingly became worse. The doctor told me that I had developed arthritis and I probably developed it because of my injury. I tried several over the...
MotriMAX 12 hour

41 reviews

My doctor recommended that I take Naproxen to help treat inflammation as I cannot take Ibuprofen. MotrinMax works a treat and does not cause me any gutt issues. MotrinMax is very reliable and since taking MotrinMax I was able to resume my active schedule without pain.
Advil 12 hour

27 reviews

I never used to buy advil unless it was liquid gel and i tend to get headaches quite often. This is a live saver pill. I really like the fact that it will last legit all day! definite buy
Aleve Liquid Gel Capsules

23 reviews

Aleve is an excellent pain medication for mild aches and discomforts, but it takes awhile to kick in. I think i prefer the liquid gels over the tablets because it seems to work a little more rapidly. I Love it!
Tylenol Extra Stength

26 reviews

Tylenol extra strength works instantly. I could not live without having this in my medicine cabinet. Surprisingly it has a good taste so it doesn't leave a bitter medication aftertaste once you swallow.
Kirkland Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules

18 reviews

Ive been using this for awhile Now .. I definetly would again and again . Works awesome better than a better brand i usually buy the stronger ones and you get a few less but its still so worth it to me And you get alot more in this box than any store brand box and the price is...
Advil cold and sinus

4 reviews

This type of advil is honestly god sent, it is the perfect medicine for me when i have my yearly sinus cold. it clears it up so fast and really works wonders
Voltaren Emulgel Back and Muscle

4 reviews

I have been using this for years and it works great for me. I use Voltaren Gel for pain in my arm..so bad I can't sleep. I rub on before bed. And wow I can sleep.
Saje Peppermint Halo Wand

10 reviews

Peppermint Halo was the first Saje product I tried and I’ve Been hooked ever since. I love the idea of using natural remedies versus taking medication. This product works magic on all headaches. It also leaves a cool sensation on your skin. I am never without it!
MOTRIN Liquid Gels Regular Strength

48 reviews

This product works really well for back pain, tooth aches. One capsule last for hours. Easy to swallow and fast acting. Would highly recommend to others.
Tylenol Nightime Extra Strength Sleep Aid & Pain Reliever

23 reviews

This is a great product to use at night if ur suffering from pain. It acts fast and helps u fall asleep faster. It doesn't leave a weird after taste or make u feel weird in the morning.
Tylenol Extra Strength Coated Tablets

3 reviews

I like these tablets, they make a great addition to Tylenol brand although i do not currently take them. I tried these last year and they are definitely gentler on the stomach because of the coating.
Cepacol Instamax Sore throat Lozenges

2 reviews

Just finished having a killer sore throat, the kind that feels you are swallowing broken glass!! These lozenges helped me get through and reduced the suffering that went with it..Totally recommend!
Midol PMS

2 reviews

This is one product that I can not live without. I use midol pms for those days when my cramps are unbearable. It is easy on my stomach lining and easy to swallow. I even use them whenever I get a migraine. Cramps and back pain during my flow and I reach for my Midol.
Personelle acetaminophen 500 mg

1 review

We usually depend on Personelle brand to relieve the occasional headache, migraine or muscular pains. We find it very effective and haven't experienced any side-effects whatsoever over the many years that we've been using it.