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Pain Relief Reviews

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TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gelcaps Extra Strength

481 reviews

C'est vers ce produit qu'on se tourne quand on recherche un soulagement rapide mais surtout durable. Produit facile à prendre, le format est intéressant. Moi c'est un détail que je regarde, puisque j'ai de la difficulté avec les format strop volumineux. Toujours dans ma...
Advil Liqui-Gels

399 reviews

I suffer from headaches and this is a lifesaver for me, get rid of my headaches right away. You can find them on sale quite often at a good price to be a little more cost effective.
Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels

222 reviews

I often get severe migraines and Advil Extra Strength gelcaps are the best medicine I have tried to help in these times. I have these in my house, car, purse, my husbands lunch bag. Within 15 minutes every time, I start feeling relief and I am so thankful for them.
MOTRIN Super Strength Liquid Gels

102 reviews

Works amazing on my headaches and the odd time when I get a migraine. Easy to swallow and no funky taste. Great value and my go-to for pain and discomfort.
Robax Platinum

118 reviews

Can he’ll the minor aches and pains. I use it with other pain medications and sometimes it works to take the edge off and make it more bearable. Follow the directions
TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets

96 reviews

I have arthritis and I find this product is the best out there. Moved the wrong way the other day took 2 tablets and within a day I could move freely again. It was recommended by my Doctor and I now know why.
Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels

70 reviews

Advil Nighttime not only help with pain but also helps you fall asleep. It’s great ti finally find a product that works. My son also swears by them. A bit pricey but well worth the money.
MotriMAX 12 hour

41 reviews

My doctor recommended that I take Naproxen to help treat inflammation as I cannot take Ibuprofen. MotrinMax works a treat and does not cause me any gutt issues. MotrinMax is very reliable and since taking MotrinMax I was able to resume my active schedule without pain.
Advil 12 Hour Tablets

32 reviews

I have migraines and muscles pain and this helps with some of the pain ! It’s great for my back pain and my knees I’ve stocked up on this product for future use!
Kirkland Ibuprofen Liquid Capsules

29 reviews

This is exactly the same as Advil. Works the exact same way there is no difference in this than there is the real Advil and it's half the cost of the real stuff. I would totally suggest buying the Kirkland brand over the real brand any day of the week
Aleve Liquid Gel Capsules

25 reviews

Aleve is my go-to pill for aches and pains. I love that it lasts 12 hours instead of 6 because I hate having to take that many pills in one day! Definitely effective, especially the liquid version
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Wand Headache Remedy

16 reviews

i love saje products and this is a great item to have in my purse for work etc. the only downfall for it i find is the tip is too hard! they should make it a bit softer, otherwise its a great product
MOTRIN Liquid Gels Regular Strength

53 reviews

Great for quick pain relief I keep this in my purse and my desk I love the easy to swallow gel caps. I recommend this to all my friends and family finally something that actually works
Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

11 reviews

This is a really good alternative to taking painkillers. If you're already taking meds for something else and need pain relief, Salonpas is the thing for you. They are very flexible so won't come off when you move around. Really good for shoulders and back pain. Marvellous...
Tylenol Extra Stength

27 reviews

After a bad fall my surgeon and doctor both recommended I use Tylenol Extra Strength. Really helps with soar mussels. I like that I only have to take this!
Advil Liquid Gels

3 reviews

Advil Liquid Gels are very effective in helping me manage my migraines. Due to weather changes I suffer with 2-5 migraines a week. I always gave some on hand at home and with me when I'm out.
BC Powder

1 review

The taste isn't the best. But I have found BC Powder to relieve my most intense headaches. It last me for at least 6 hours!! It helps me with body aches as well.

1 review

I don't go anywhere without this ointment. It's a small tube and only requires a dime size for a good relief on a painful area, such as neck or back. Very fast acting too!
mortine gel caps

1 review

I've tried other products the only one that works for me is Mortin gel caps. espically for my migrane headaches. I would tell family members too.it is not expensive either. easy to swallow too
Biofreeze - roll on

2 reviews

This has helped even more than hydrotherapy! I used this after I broke my ac joint and it was a miracle worker! Also used this on my sore back when another driver hit my car