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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch

1155 reviews

I tried this product hoping it could cover the sore and not have to worry about it at least for a few hours. Once I put it on, it irritated the cold sore, became pain full and the the sore became 5 times its size. This was a VERY painful experience. Would never try again.
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment

382 reviews

Vicks is always in our medicine cabinet. It's the first thing I use when my children or when I start coughing. Place on the chest and bottoms of your feet and I guarantee you will be feeling better!
Voltaren Emulgel

324 reviews

I have tried almost every cream on the market for muscle and joint pain. I was a little sceptical when I opened it and it didn't have a potent smell to it. Give it a moment and the relief is there. Bonus that you can put it on and not knock everyone out by the smell.
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula

210 reviews

I absolutely love this stuff. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I tend to injure myself ALL the time, and since I’m diabetic I’m prone to infection. When I get a cut or scrape, I always make sure to put this on it, followed by a bandaid. It prevents me from getting an infection...
Mentholatum No Mess Roll On Vapourizing Rub

141 reviews

I received a free bottle of Mentholatum No Mess Vapourizing Rub to review. I really like Mentholatum products, and have used them for years for more than just colds. In our home, we use them at allergy time or any time we want to breathe a little easier, we also use it for stiff...
Breathe Right Nasal Strips

199 reviews

These strips weren't working as promised when I tried them. I did not get the effect that I was hoping for, unfortunately. I had a set of three strips and none of them provided a relief that Vick's would
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup

119 reviews

Je ne vais pas le racheter parce que ça goute vraiment mauvais. Je sais que c’esr Sensée pas être trop bon mais c’est méchant au goût et c’est pas vrai que ça l’arrête automatiquement. Moi je préfère prendre autre chose comme des rhumes et sinus.
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy

87 reviews

I get crazy headaches from time to time and the one thing that stops them before they get extreme is this product. I’m happy to admit that I use Tylenol a lot less and I feel great knowing that I’m applying a natural product.
Vicks BabyRub

110 reviews

I recently purchased Vicks BabyRub for my little ones who needed a little break from their coughs. I loved the smell and loved that it was a safe and effective way to help soothe them to sleep.
Robax Platinum

99 reviews

I like this product with ibuprofen so much more than the ones that contain acetaminophen - it works faster and has less side effects. When I seem to ache all over, this is the one product that soothes and helps me get a restful sleep
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges

100 reviews

I've tried them all, and a lot of lozenges are good hard candies, but don't do too much to help relieve problems. Fisherman's friend work like a charm. My husband is a singer and always has a pack handy because he swears by them. They don't taste like candy - cause they're not!...

97 reviews

Cold sores are horrible!! That little tingly feeling you get, then a day later it feels like you have a huge growth on your lip that everyone can see!! At the 1st sign of a cold sore, I start using Abreva. Dries out my cold sores within a day or two and speeds the healing...

83 reviews

My family is very active. We are always on the go between school, football, and cheerleading. Gatorade is perfect for us! It gives us just enough flavor but still healthy!
Benadryl Caplets

85 reviews

I mean come on this is everyone's go to from adults to children whenever anyone has a allergic reaction to something or even just when fall or spring is coming in and your allergies are killing you.

54 reviews

I received this product to try for free and I love it! I don't get cold sores too often, but when they come (especially during the colder months) they're bad. This was so easy to use and didn't have a strange smell. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who also...
Voltaren Emulgel® Extra Strength

52 reviews

My husband had a bit of an accident and strained his back. It had been hurting him for a few days and finally we tried this product. It has really helped to give him relief. It is easy to apply, not sticky and no odor. I would recommend this product!
Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets

64 reviews

This is the only antihistamine that has ever worked for me. I have environmental allergies and as soon as I start to feel an allergy attack coming on, I take one tablet and it works to stop the reaction quickly. I always have a pack of these on hand and even keep a few in my...

47 reviews

This stuff taste horrible!!! Ive tried it a couple times thinking maybe it was because I was so sick, but no it just doesnt taste good. I much prefer the homemade remedies from grandma!
Pepto Bismol

36 reviews

I have acid reflux and this works the best for me in managing my sick belly. I actually do enjoy the taste tw, reminds me of a pink candy my grandma used to give me lol.
Aleve Caplets

68 reviews

I take over the counter painkillers for the odd headache. I normally use Advil liquid-gels and have for years but for some reason I thought I'd try Aleve. I did not find the Aleve nearly as effective as my old standby Advil. Will finish the bottle but will not repurchase.