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Toothpastes Reviews

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Colgate 2 in1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash

97 reviews

I personally didn't find this toothpaste to be that great. It wasn't bad it just wasn't anything special for the asking price. Just regular toothpaste.
Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Fresh Wave

78 reviews

I have sensitive teeth, and this is my favorite toothpaste. I love all the Sensodyne products I've tried, but this is the one I typically buy. It takes away my teeth sensitivity, and now I can eat cold foods.
Sensodyne Instant Relief toothpaste

35 reviews

This toothpaste gave me very quick relief from hot/cold sensitivity. I thought I would have to visit the dentist but 3 days of using this toothpaste alleviated my symptoms completely. I have continued using it for 6 months now and my sensitivity has not returned in that time.
Toms Toothpaste (Fluoride Free)

43 reviews

My hubby found this toothpast after going on a search for a non fluoride toothpast and came across this brand. The flavors are great and we even got the kids one for our youngest who loves it as well (we had tried a number of other brands which she did not like)
Sensodyne Multi-Action Plus Whitening Toothpaste

34 reviews

Excellent au goût,ce dentifrice est doux pour les muqueuses il ne me donne pas cette sensation de brûlure dans la bouche il nettoie parfaitement bien, donne une sensation d'haleine fraîche et de propreté. Il fait partie de notre routine d’hygiène dentaire quotidien
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste

44 reviews

One of the best toothpaste by Colgate. Does the job and does not have a bad taste. My teeth always feel clean and fresh after using this product. It also is great at protecting your teeth
Sensodyne Daily Care Original Mint Toothpaste

16 reviews

This stuff almost numbs my gums so there is no pain after I brush and it doesn’t burn like other toothpaste it also makes my breath taste smell good and mouth feels clean
Colgate Optic White Renewal

12 reviews

My husband noticed that my teeth Were whiter And he asked me if I was using the crest strips. I said the only thing I changed is to change to the optic white toothpaste. He was impressed that in a week or two there’s a difference in the shade. Definitely will buy again.
Crest Gum Sensitivity & Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

10 reviews

I've recently switched as I have teeth sensitivity due to a dental procedure. I'M SO GLAD I SWITCHED. It tastes good and does exactly as it says. It has helped my sensitive teeth cope with both hot and cold food/drinks and I've noticed a difference in my gums already. Definitely...
Sensodyne complete protection

5 reviews

Dentist recommended for sensitive teeth. I could see the difference with regular use of the same. Great taste and results. It definitely help my teeth be less sensitive to hot and cold
Crest Pro Health Advanced Gum Protection Toothpaste

28 reviews

This toothpaste leaves teeth feeling clean and breath fresh. The paste removes plaque and ensure teeth are free of residue and food after rinsing. Highly recommended.
ORAL B Gum sensitivity and calm

5 reviews

I have been using this toothpaste for a few weeks now and It has really calmed my gums and tooth sensitivity. Things like cold drinks or foods like ice cream/lollies would really set my teeth off and would be painful so I had to stop having them, now after using this I can enjoy...
Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Toothpaste

3 reviews

I would give this tooth paste 5 stars hands down. When it comes to tooth paste no compromise. I have used several brands in the past but now I just buy sensodyne due to the fact it has helped my sensitivity alot and I have no complains now. I have suffered from gigivities for...
Burts bees children’s toothpaste

2 reviews

I got this for my son because it was on clearance and I trust the burts bees brand. My son likes it good enough but doesn’t love it. I like that it’s clear so no added dyes. It’s a good first toothpaste.

1 review

I love this toothpaste, it really works wonders with sensitive gums. I can now drink any temperature beverages as my gums are not sensitive any longer. Teeth feel very clean and leaves a wonderful fresh taste afterwards.
Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Rebuild

4 reviews

I got this toothpaste for a free trial, and I find it great at relieving teeth sensitivity. Its consistency is a bit on a liquid side, and the taste is interesting, but it works well nevertheless. I can always rely on Colgate to solve my sensitivity problems!
Arm and Hammer Sensitive Teeth & Gums™ Toothpaste

5 reviews

A lot of people do not like the taste of these toothpastes. My husband finds this his favorite. He likes the taste and likes that it keep his mouth fresh all day. Likes that it is always available and affordable at our local Walmart
Sensodyne ProNamel Children Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, 75ml

4 reviews

Purchased this as a recommendation from dentist and kiddo loves it. Mint flavour is not too strong (no burning while brushing). Fluoride included to heal and protect teeth. Easy to open cap for little fingers.
Colgate maxfresh charcoal

2 reviews

Love it! I’ve tried many different toothpastes and always return to my lifetime favourite brand/flavour. I tried the Colgate MaxFresh + Charcoal and I’m switching. My teeth and mouth felt so clean and fresh!
Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal

23 reviews

It’s the only toothpaste that I’ve been using lately I’ve tried so many other brands and so many other types including whitening toothpaste. The problem with the whitening toothpaste is that it peels your skin in your mouth in your cheeks and this one does not and it’s...