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Toothpastes Reviews

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Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Charcoal + Ginger Oil

1 review

This the by far the best teeth whitening product from Crest. Honestly, I was a little hesitant about using this product because I never heard of ginger oil and Charcoal combination in toothpaste before but then I reminded myself about the benefits of ginger so I give it a try...
Arm & Hammer Pro Sensitive Freshening Toothpaste

1 review

ARM & HAMMER Pro Sensitive Freshening toothpaste provides me a effective relief in a low-abrasion formula that is gentler on enamel. Good cavity protection. Helps me for my sensitive teeth when i have problem with hot or cold drinks. Really effective on affordable price.
Jason Kids Only all natural toothpaste

1 review

My child is the pickiest when it comes to toothpaste! It’s either two mintyor some other taste that she doesn’t like. This strawberry flavour was perfect for her palate, and I like that it has no artificial colours or flavours
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action Daily Care Toothpaste

5 reviews

I first tried this about 20 years ago when it was provided in a sample size at a hotel where I spent the night. I fell in love with the foaming action and the fairly strong minty taste. Your mouth feels so fresh and clean. I immediately looked for it the next time I was...

1 review

My husband always complained about regular toothpaste. We tried oranurse toothpaste, the ingredients are clean and it is unflavored. It's a little pricey, but he loves it!

1 review

At first i tried the 3D charcoal one from these crest whitening ranges. Then I tried this. It is also good. Helps to whiten and fights for cavity as my personal points of view. Has a good enamel care and I felt a bit brighter teeth after brushing each time. Good experience with...
Colgate® Total® Original Toothpaste

1 review

Colgate® Total® Original Toothpaste Love how clean my teeth felt after brushing, my husband & daughtwr also loved the difference compaired with our usual brand
Colgate® Total® Advanced Enamel Health Toothpaste

2 reviews

This toothpaste has been my always product for the care of my smile I can say since I tried for the very first time I really love the fresh and the efficacy
hello charcoal toothpaste

11 reviews

Was looking for a whitening tooth paste and a friend recommended I try hello charcoal. Omg I’m in love. Not bad flavoring and doesn’t leave your teeth feeling chalky like some others I tried

4 reviews

Un dentifrice merveilleux. Je ne m’en passerais plus. Bonne au goût. J’ai vu une amélioration pour la Teinte de mes dents. Je la recommande fortement.
Coolgate toothpaste

1 review

One star because: price is jcheap Two stars because: always available at anywhere stores Three stars because: many variant for different oral care's concern
Crest optical white toothpaste

2 reviews

This product is great especially for people with sensitive teeth like me.the taste is good and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. It helps protect my teeth and whiten them. Will be buying again.
Crest Toothpaste Regular

21 reviews

This toothpaste we use in our household it’s affordable and do a really good job on our teeth leaving them clean and fresh. My daughter use the kids with fluoride she really like the toothpaste because it taste not to bad for her. In her term not yacky taste.
radius organic toothpaste

1 review

Radius Organic Toothpaste. I loved this toothpaste. The taste was better than other natural toothpastes that I have tried, but I did have to get used to it in the beginning. This product is made with organic rice powder to gently polish the teeth. The toothpaste left our...
Oral-B 3D White Therapy Enamel Toothpaste

1 review

My husband and I were actually shocked because we didn't expect it to work so well. He is a smoker and drinks coffee, I drink a lot of herbal teas that have stained my teeth. Within about 3/4 days we saw a drastic difference, most of the stains were gone and we looked so much...
Crest soothing mineral toothpaste

1 review

I bought this toothpaste and was eager to try it out. Unfortunately, it is a dud. It is very thick, and you cannot even get it to come out of the toothpaste tube! I am very disappointed, because it smells really nice and minty fresh, but I threw it in the garbage instead because...
Schmidt's Wondermint with Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

10 reviews

I Love this toothpaste it costs a little more then my regular stuff. But I find it is worth it. Even my kids who are 7 and 10 find its cool because it has charcoal and the mint is milder.
Aquafresh Kids Bubblemint Toothpaste

16 reviews

This is how the children love to wash their teeth! They are curious how the pump dispenser works then feel the mint taste which is not too strong and auto brush their teeth when I promise they can press the pump themselves lol... You must try!
Sensodyne Toothpaste

68 reviews

Everytime I use this product, my teeth feel healthier. It gives me confidence by having fresher breath. It takes care of the teeth and the gums as well.
Hello kids watermelon toothpaste

2 reviews

This is the first toothpaste I purchased for my 2-year-old triplets when I started brushing their teeth! They really enjoyed the watermelon flavor and they enjoy getting their teeth brushed!