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Toothpastes Reviews

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Crush & Brush- Toothpaste Tabs

1 review

The worst experience I think my poor mouth has ever had ! Chunks of hard black stuff stuck in my teeth, the horrible odor of yesterdays foods still lingering in my mouth, For sure not my favorite. i imagine this could be good for camping or for people out in the bush.
Schmidts activated charcoal tooth paste "wonder mint"

1 review

I really enjoyed other product made in this line, unfortunately this just wasn't for myself or my husband. We had a very hard time getting past the chalky, coal like taste. It did not leave teeth feeling very clean or refreshed.
AP 24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

6 reviews

This toothpaste is extraordinary! I didn't tell my dentist I was using it and he asked, "What are you doing different? Your teeth are whiter and your gums are in great shape!" Now my whole family uses it! All you do is dry brush your teeth with a small amount of toothpaste for 3...
Tom's of Maine Luminous White Clean Mint Toothpaste

1 review

Slow whitening, but it is a good natural whitening product. I find Tom’s does a good job with the taste of their natural toothpaste overall and this isn’t an exception. I find it to be more of a vanilla/ice cream type flavour as opposed to minty. I definitely prefer a minty...
Crest baking soda & peroxide whitening toothpaste

13 reviews

Me and my husband love this toothpaste, it makes your mouth minty fresh, the baking soda and peroxide in the toothpaste helps whiten your teeth and make them feel smooth
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Smart White Toothpaste

17 reviews

Dental hygiene and the way my teeth look has always always been a priority for me. For years I had to choose between a product that kept my smile bright and white or a product that was able to combat the severe sensitivity that I get. Due to sensitivity teeth whitening is a no...
Nelson Naturals Collidial Silver Toothpaste

1 review

I actually love this product. It does a great job of whitening your teeth. You do have to get used to the salty taste. I liked that it is not too harsh but it is a natural product. Environmentally friendly and price conscious.
Zendium Dentifrice Protection Complete

1 review

Bonjour, Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler du dentifrice "Complete Protection" de la marque Zendium (de plus merci pour le produit). Il est parfait, gout idéal, dents blanches, clean et odeur très bonne. Pour la présentation; le "toucher" est trop trop trop bien et les...
Crest Cavity Protection

51 reviews

Nous on est très satisfait on s'en sert à tout les et on en achètera encore pour le rapport qualité prix qui est excellent jvous le recommande sans esiter!
Viva Naturals Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

1 review

This is one for the natural nerds! While I can’t say that I loved this toothpaste, it’s a quality product that does the job. However, I find myself preferring regular toothpaste overall. If you’re the kind of person who wants or needs a super natural product that doesn’t...

3 reviews

I bought this toothpaste after it was recommended by my dentist. I had some sensitivity between two molars as a result of fillings, so he suggested I see if it helps. It definitely did, and now I only use this brand.
White now gold nouvelle formule

1 review

Depuis un moment je teste divers produits tels que le dentifrice et celui m a vraiment beaucoup plus et je le racheterais sa c est sur. Il donne de suite en vous rinçant la bouche une fraicheur intense. Pour ma part et je pense comme la plupart des personnes, je me brosse en...
NOW Xyliwhite Neem and Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel, 181g

1 review

I totally agree with the NOW difference which is: -quality -family owned and operated -sustainable -gives to charity They offer a natural toothpaste without fluoride which I love, although not the best I've used to be honest. Was not sure how this one would taste but I quite...
Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health

4 reviews

After using colgate Total I have noticed an all round improvement with my teeth and gums. I always know when I have brushed my teeth as my mouth tingles and breath is fresh. Not as good as previous toothpastes I have used for whitening your teeth but definately worth giving a...
Crest Complete Extra White Scope Outlast Toothpaste

7 reviews

I bought Crest scope for my son as he loves the spearmint flavour one day I ran out of mine and used his I was impressed with the smoothness in the texture and it left my breath smelling and tasting spearmint long after will continue to use
Paradontax toothpaste

1 review

I love this. Actually works for removing plaque and whitening. Removes stains from tea, coffee, smoking, ect. I used for 1month and seen a major difference. I highly recommend this product
Creat 3D white

12 reviews

I would by this product again and I will tell all my friends how AWESOME it is. I am surprised how great the taste is there is not any chemical taste at all. The results are as great if not better than the expensive gel brands, without the mess. I noticed a brighter smile after...
Colgate dentifrice pour enfant aux fraises

1 review

Ma fille adore la saveur de ce dentifrice. Par conséquent, l’heure du brossage de dent n’est jamais un suplice pour elle, ce que maman apprécie grandement! J’aime aussi le format de ce dentifrice
Colgate Hydris Dry Mouth Toothpaste

1 review

This is not the first product that I've used for dry mouth and Hydris doesn't compare. I've been using it for a month and can't tell that there is a significant difference compared to regular toothpaste. Save your money and pass on this.
Zendium complete protection

1 review

Bought this toothpaste to use as I've very sensitive teeth and gums. This did not agree with me whatsoever. I'll probably just have to stick to my own brand which is sensodyne .