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Topical Treatment Reviews

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POLYSPORIN® TRIPLE Antibiotic Ointment

235 reviews

I am an accident prone person. I always have been and probably always will be. I was lucky to receive this product for free from the trial open. I've never used the ointment before but I found it helped to heal my knuckle fast after I shredded it in the cheese grater. I will for...
Voltaren Emulgel

366 reviews

I was given a sample of this product by the company, and it has sense become a staple item in my medicine cabinet! It is perfect for those days when you come home from the gym and all those pulled muscles and aches that come with it! I do not like the smell, but it comes with...
POLYSPORIN® for Kids Relief Cream

23 reviews

My son loves it he says cause it doesn't burn like some other creams and it doesnt stink. Helps heal cuts and scrapes pretty quickly. The packaging is super cute and the colours help it pop more.
Rub A535 Ice Spray

2 reviews

This is a very fast acting product and makes you feel better by reducing the pain. It is a must have in your medicine cabinet
Polysporin Original Antibiotic Heal-Fast Formula

87 reviews

I’ve bought this product for a minor pan burnt and wow, it really works. This antibiotic cream is enriched with Vitamins and helps preventing infection, scarring and it speeds healing. As soon as you apply it onto your skin you can feel a cooling and calming sensation. If you...
Rub A535 Natural Source Arnica Gel Cream

11 reviews

Un de mes produit préféré pour combattre les bleus ! Les résultats sont rapides et vraiment efficaces. Après une utilisation les bleus sont moins visibles ( deux garçons casse coup à la maison)
POLYSPORIN® Complete Antibiotic Ointment Heal-Fast Formula

51 reviews

This product is a must have in every house. A reasonable price for such effectiveness is what i love about this product along with many other features. Many people swear by this product and i didn’t know what they are talking about until i used it. I can see why it’s famous...
Rub A535 Extra Strength Cream

44 reviews

I struggle with constant back pain. This cream makes it better almost instantly. I used this daily, worth it to get the large bottle if you use it often. Theres a burning sensation when applied that some people may find uncomfortable (hubby cant stand using it for that reason)...
Voltaren Emulgel® Extra Strength

72 reviews

My family's top choice for muscle relief gel. It alleviates the muscle pain after application. It doesn't leave any unpleasant sensation. It's something you can conveniently bring with you when you're travelling.
Rub A535 Regular Strength Heating Cream

19 reviews

I have found myself using this product for most of my aches and pains. The immediate heating effect makes muscles start to feel better right away. I don't even mind the smell.
Rub A535 Dual Action

11 reviews

My eyes were burning from the fumes. My bedroom smelt for hours.and honestly very unconfortable the cold but hot . Tried washing it off and still had a numbness ice cold feeling for hours but did nothing for my aches.... would not reccomend. If you must . Be sure to be well...
Rub A535 Antiphlogistine Ice Gel Cold Penetrating Relief

4 reviews

This stuff works decently well for the price. It takes a but after applying before you can feel it activate, but once it does, there is a nice tingly warmth to it.
POLYSPORIN® Plus Pain Relief Cream

14 reviews

Parfais pour ma fillette de 5ans avec ses bobos j’adore polysporin je n’achete rien d’autre que sa sa creme super bien sur la peau le tube dure longtemps pas cher
Rub A535 Natural Source Arnica Gel-Cream Maximum Strength

5 reviews

This product was not effective( to me) when I had lower back pain. I couldn't tell I had it on besides smelling it. It brought no relief:( I would not purchase again.
Voltaren Emulgel Back and Muscle

21 reviews

This may be only me but I was hoping for a little more tingle from this product when applied. It didn’t really seem to ease the pain for me as much as other products. The scent wasn’t irritating and it was easy to use.
J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Vapor Rub

1 review

I was introduced to this product by my mother-in-law. She gave it to me when I had a really bad cold and couldn’t sleep due to being congested. It worked like a dream to help clear the congestion and allow me to sleep. My entire family uses this product when we are sick...
J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Bath Soak

1 review

This is an amazing product. I pour some in my sons bath when he is sick and congestion to help relive some of it. It really helps to clear him up. I follow it with a rub of the vapor cream and he is good for the night!

1 review

Absolutely love this product. Dr. Numb is my go to when I need a little pain relief to help out with some of my tattoos and piercings. I have many but some are alot more painful then others. It's very compact and easy to apply and works instantly. I highly recommend this product...
Poya Coconut Carrier Oil

1 review

Purchased this to blend with my essential oils for topical treatment. Does the job well, is very smooth and has great moisturizing properties. Very little to no scent. A little expensive, but not too bad.
Equate Beauty Ultra Therapy Dry Skin Lotion with Rich Moisturizers

3 reviews

I purchased this after receiving positive feedback from my friends and this product is not bad. The quality is pretty good and effective. Will test it for longer to decide if I'd recommend it.