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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

394 reviews

I have repeatedly bought this product. Good value, lots of vitamins and my whole family loves them! If you are looking for a multivitamin, buy this one!
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Super Orange

270 reviews

Every morning I have my Emergen-C and I LOVE it! Maybe it just gets me to drink a full glass of water in the morning and like it...and well, that's okay because drinking plenty of water is good for you as well.
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable in Orange

74 reviews

Jamieson vitamin c chewable in orange I really like the them they taste really good I was kind of scary how it was going to taste the Lid is nice to when you’re in a rush
Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

40 reviews

I bought these gummies on a whim as they were BOGO and I wanted to try the new orange flavor and to see if they really work . They do!! My hair and nails have grown since I started taking these and the flavors are yummy!!
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

74 reviews

The one a day woman’s vitamins are a great choice, the size of them are a little off putting and hard to swallow so I did end up going to the gummy form, but these are awesome !
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

58 reviews

I love this product works well when you have that dry throat and cough due to allergies.cant seem to find it anymore. They had a pineapple flavour as well that is no more . Why?please bring both back
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins

35 reviews

j'adore vraiment ses vitamines je les donne a mon garçon de 4 ans et demi et il les adore il croit que c'est des bonbons tellement que leur goûts est savoureux. En lissant la liste des ingrédients on voit bien qu'elle sont vraiment complètes ses vitamines. Je vois la...
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

27 reviews

Been using this product for awhile for my low Vit D and its working very well. I highly recommend this to everyone who has low vit d. its part of my day to day life
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D

30 reviews

So like a lot of people I get melancholic in the winter months. Seasonal depression from lack of sunlight. I've been reccomended Vitamin D supplements begore but was always kind of doubtful of their effectiveness. Boy was I wrong! Afyer giving in and buying this product (the...
Hariborange softies

1 review

My two children ages 6 & 3 were consistently run down during winter months. Since having 1 each per day of the Hariborange Softies, both have remained healthierand with reduced illness. My son used to get dark bags under his eye which have also now gone. I will continue with...
Emergenc-C Immune+

4 reviews

I have tried other no name or similar brands/ types of drink mix supplement. the taste and consistency is fantastic the Raspberry is my favorite i mix Fresh lemon with it for a healthy tasty drink. Great way to get your vitamins and great way to make drinking your recommended...
Amazing Grass organic protein & kale

2 reviews

Filling and tasty protein shake mix. I like the fact it has greens in it so I don’t have to worry about adding them to my smoothie. Vanilla flavour is quite nice and blends well with no clumps. No strong aftertaste.
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

1 review

I find this product really.I have no trouble taking it it doesn't make me feel nauseous it's easy to swallow coating helps it go down better. I love the fact that it has minerals as well as vitamins us ladies need Ur iron. I noticed a difference after a week of taking them I...
natrol gummy

1 review

there is nothing better then to take a gummy bear ever day for your health i love them because my hair is filling in betterthen a pill they tast so good also yummy yummy lol
Cvshealth vitamin d3

1 review

They taste like fruit snacks; very juicy,but full of vitamin D! I had a deficiency, and I don't anymore now that I take this with a multivitamin daily.
Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator [Berry flavor]

2 reviews

I really love this product. My preference is to get the single use packets and put them in my purse and travel bags and in the grand kids sports bags. They are quick and easy to add to your water and they taste good. I have an immune disorder that means I am often on...
U Cubes Children’s Vitamin C Gummies

1 review

I use U Cubes to support my children’s immune system. I give them to them during cold and flu season. My kids request them as well and like the taste.
Equate Vitamin C

1 review

We switched over from Jamieson vitamins and this is a great price for the amount of vitamins you get! I take it daily, and it has helped me a great deal!
Jamison fast dissolving strips B12

1 review

I hate taking vitamins but I love taking these B12 strips! They are fast acting and dissolve on my tongue. They have a minty taste that is really enjoyable. I don’t have to worry about swallowing huge pills. These make taking my vitamins easy!
solgar multivitamins

1 review

The Solgar brand VM75 multivitamin is a great vitamin for total nutrition. Just looking at the side of the bottle, compared with other multivitamins on the shelf, confirms that the VM75 has more rams per pill of neccessary nutritional supplement. And it's allergen free, for...