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Weight Management Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Decadent Fudge Nutriforme Bars

995 reviews

Très bon au goût et nourrissant en plus, c’est un bon dépanneur pour des dîners pressés ou comme une bonne collation en après-midi. C’est comme de manger un dessert comme repas
MyFitnessPal App

87 reviews

I love this app it is really helpful if your trying to lose weight. You are able to track your exercise, the amount of water you drink and it tracks the amount of calories you consume.
Fitbit Flex

76 reviews

My fit bit was amazing but after having it for under a year the battery became noticably worse until I am not at the point that it doesn't last a full day. I find it's charging more then I'm wearing it so it's not collecting the data I wanted to know for my health. Go with one...
Fitbit Charge

41 reviews

I bought this for my 10 year old son and he's really into tracking his steps and even asked to go on a walk the other night so he could get to his goal!
FitBit Alta HR

20 reviews

This was a really great buy for me especially since i am trying to be more active. With Fitbit, it shows how many steps you take in one day. It also shows your sleep pattern. I find it quite comfortable to wear even to sleep with. Would definitely recommend Fitbit to others.
Built Bar

1 review

I absolutely love my order of Built Bar protein bars. They taste like a real chocolate bar so curb my sugar cravings while keeping me full for hours. Price is competitive with other brands but the bars are so much better in my opinion. Only issue I had in ordering was the...
Xbox Kinect

49 reviews

Its fun if you have kids, and its fun if you want to sweat! Seriously!!! Best game every, I am not a child and I enjoy it just as much as the kids in the fam.. and you get a fun time and a good work out out of it! love it
Stay Fit Set

1 review

I purchased this set by the Body Factory. After continued use I noticed an improvement in my flexibility.What I love most about this set is the portability. I can take it anywhere as it comes in a handy bag. There are five resistance bands and core sliders. It has a 100% money...
ActiLabs silhouette capsules

1 review

I keep these handy for when I am having a treat or a cheat meal, this capsule absorbs some of the fat from the meal so you don't! I've noticed a difference using these! Love them!
Fitbit Charge 3

4 reviews

tonalin cla

1 review

I cannot believe I'm saying this because I'm usually a bit of a skeptic when it comes to pills but Tonalin CLA works!! My trainer suggested taking it and I was a bit apprehensive because I was concerned about side effects, drug interactions, etc. I eventually started taking it...
Purely inspired keto energy

1 review

Keto energy lemon lime flavor is great tasting. Mix in water and go. It has GoBHB ketones. Helps get you energized, maintains the balance of your electrolytes and helps with your muscle funtion. I love this stuff!
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

1 review

I had spent hundreds on trying to find the perfect watch that is a smart watch and fitness watch. The samsung galaxy watch gave me lots of options to customize it to my style along with giving me all the functions I needed for my busy life. Not only does it track my activities...
renpho digital scale

2 reviews

It connects to my phone really quickly and has a nice feature of saving different profiles, I don’t know how accurate the rest of the measurements are but the weight is accurate
Elite Weight Loss

1 review

I’ve taken my fair supplement here and there over the years and honestly I can say this is by far my favourite one. I absolutely love it! It gives me that extra boost with my workouts, stops my cravings.. ESPECIALLY around that time of the month.. which all ladies know is a...
Equate meal replacement shake

2 reviews

I’ve been using exante products for a month now and so glad I started! I’ve lost 23lbs so far. All of their products are really filling and tastes amazing. When starting the diet I was worried that I’d be hungry all the time and not enjoy the tastes but couldn’t be any...

23 reviews

Great weights! THey allow you to have a great grip on them so They are easy to hold in your hands, and they offer different weight sizes to allow you to use and make the most of your workout, wether you are a beginner with weight training or an advanced trainer.
Premier protein peaches and cream

1 review

I had the opportunity to purchase the Premier Protein Peaches and Cream drink last night and let me tell you boy did my taste buds do a 360. I had expected it to have the strong whey protein aftertaste but to my surprise I could not taste the protein what so ever.It had a...
Everlast TPE Premium Yoga Mat

2 reviews

J'adore mon nouveau tapis de Yoga , il est vraiment idéal pour mon utilisation quotidienne et offre une stabilité essentiel à ma pratique. En effet , il ne glisse pas du tout sur le plancher et me permet de me concentre à 100% sur ma pose . La texture est très agréable et...

1 review

I have tried many with loss pills, while there is no magic pill out there, you have to put in the work and watch your self. This is a pill that helps a lot with those. It really does cut douw on the hunger/ cravings. Helps you feel Fuller more soon as well as giving you a good...