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Weight Management Reviews

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Adrien Gagnon Decadent Fudge Nutriforme Bars

993 reviews

I thought the treated horrible. The flavor is off and chalky. I would not buy these again. I ended up throwing three box away. I would rather drink a protein shake.
MyFitnessPal App

85 reviews

This app has been a huge eye opener for me. I've always been the person who could eat whatever I wanted and never gained a pound. As I get closer to my 30's this has changed hahah. I've gained a good 40 pounds and I'm trying really hard to loose some of it. Using this app is...
Fitbit Flex

75 reviews

I started to be become aware of how inactive I was at my office job when a friend of mine said let's start tracking our steps thru our Health app on our Iphones. It was a pain keeping an accurate account this way because if you weren't always carrying your phone it wouldn't...
Fitbit Charge

41 reviews

I bought this for my 10 year old son and he's really into tracking his steps and even asked to go on a walk the other night so he could get to his goal!
Xbox Kinect

49 reviews

Its fun if you have kids, and its fun if you want to sweat! Seriously!!! Best game every, I am not a child and I enjoy it just as much as the kids in the fam.. and you get a fun time and a good work out out of it! love it
Dove bar soap with moisture

6 reviews

It is excellent to prevent dry winter skin especially on the hands and face but is great for your whole body. It gives ultra snooth skin and gets rid of dry, itchy hands.
FitBit Alta HR

14 reviews

I just updated to the HR version and I love it! It’s still a very basic tracker band but it’s all that I wanted for my needs. It was a little expensive but I got it on sale and for a birthday present. I found my old Alta to be very long lasting and the battery lasted about a...
Elite Weight Loss

1 review

I’ve taken my fair supplement here and there over the years and honestly I can say this is by far my favourite one. I absolutely love it! It gives me that extra boost with my workouts, stops my cravings.. ESPECIALLY around that time of the month.. which all ladies know is a...
renpho digital scale

1 review

I'd 100% buy this scale again. The battery life is fantastic, it turns on when you step on it so no waiting game, and it measures pretty accurately. If you download the app and connect it, it will give you your weight, BMI, body fat %, lean muscle mass, water weight, and all...
Fitbit Charge 3

1 review

I love all of the features of this watch. Its better than the charge 2 as it has more functionality as well as being waterproof. It's also easier to switch bands to match your style any day :) that being said I still loved my charge 2 right up until it died in the pool in Cuba...

23 reviews

Great weights! THey allow you to have a great grip on them so They are easy to hold in your hands, and they offer different weight sizes to allow you to use and make the most of your workout, wether you are a beginner with weight training or an advanced trainer.
Premier protein peaches and cream

1 review

I had the opportunity to purchase the Premier Protein Peaches and Cream drink last night and let me tell you boy did my taste buds do a 360. I had expected it to have the strong whey protein aftertaste but to my surprise I could not taste the protein what so ever.It had a...
Everlast TPE Premium Yoga Mat

1 review

I've gone through a few yoga mats, and of all the different options out there, I found that this mat has just enough stretch to be forgiving if you slip up, but enough resistance to keep you steady. The grip is also amazing. I found that once I started to sweat, my hands and...

1 review

I have tried many with loss pills, while there is no magic pill out there, you have to put in the work and watch your self. This is a pill that helps a lot with those. It really does cut douw on the hunger/ cravings. Helps you feel Fuller more soon as well as giving you a good...
TruVision Health Weightloss Products

1 review

I took TruVision Health before I became pregnant and lost almost 100lbs! I LOVE this product! It also helped me to get pregnant by fixing my hormones. I am a Try believer all the way! Once you get past the detox stage it Truly works! Look up my lady Shelly Glover from Troy, MO...
Smart Weigh Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

1 review

Smart Weigh 400lb / 180kg Electronic Bathroom Scale with Tempered Glass Balance Platform and Advanced Step-On Technology, Digital Weight Scale has Large Easy Read Backlit LCD Display]] This is my HONEST opinion. I received this smart scale several days ago and I use it every...
Equate meal replacement shake

1 review

The product tastes pretty good other than the fact it has a vitamin after taste. I have been drinking the equate replacement shake for a week and have already lost two pounds. It is only 4.88 for six shakes so a very affordable way to lose weight.

1 review

My outlook on the importance of making physical activities fun is absolutely congruent with OgoSports’ emphasis on how if you make exercise more fun and creative, then both kids and adults are more apt to get involved. If we can make burning calories and obtaining physical...
MUEUSS Jump Rope

1 review

I'm not the world's most fit person (far from it), but overall I liked this jump rope and feel it's pretty good given the pretty low price (12 bucks at time of writing). Let's start with the negative; for me, the biggest negative for this was the wire does have a tendency to get...
AUPCON Speed Jump Rope

1 review

This jump rope is pretty good, though there's a few things you'll need to pay attention to and decide if it's right for you. Firstly, there's no stopper of any kind, so the handles will slide up and down the wire, I did find this a little annoying. Secondly, there is no texture...