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Weight Management Reviews

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Prevention Healthy Woman Magazine

3 reviews

I believe that this magazine should be made bigger, i hate that it comes in such a small size. I will personally subcribe to them when i can but it will take some convincing

6 reviews

LOVE THEM! I bought them, used them and it really does change the way you eat. Ask anybody who boaught them. portionpal.com
EatSmart Nutrition Scale - Calorie Counter

1 review

I absolutely love this product! So i bought this product because my sister is type II diabetic and I decided she wasn't tracking carbs as accurately as she could have been. After hearing her rave about its use I went out and bought one myself! Basically what it does is allows...
South Beach Diet Snack Bars - Chocolate

1 review

For a mom on the run (who'd like to lose, say 5 pounds), these South Beach snack bars are pretty good! I used to buy Quaker Granola bars, but in comparison I found them too sweet and not filling enough. The South Beach bars have a higher calorie count but also much more...

1 review

The diet pill DID make me loose weight but I had a poor and frightening reaction to it. I had no sugar or anything. Just a regular meal. I took the pill a few minutes before taking it and an hour later my hands were shaking, my heart was going a million miles an hour and I felt...
Weight Watchers Online

4 reviews

Everyone is so supportive in the online program. I do not feel that I am missing out on anything by not attending the meetings. The price is cheap (especially compared to the price of the meetings program). It is simple and quick to use. There is also 24/7 chat which is very...
Osolean by Mannatech

1 review

My husband has had a problem with the belly bulge for a number of years now even though he is quite fit & healthy. Within a few short weeks of taking this product (2xdaily before meals) there has been a noticeable improvement. He lost 2.2 inches from his waist & nearly 3 inches...
Nintendo Wii "My Fitness Coach"

2 reviews

I dont need to lose weight but i have a chronic illness and need to maintain exercise. This has helped me so much when i cant leave the house!! Nintendo Labo is next!

2 reviews

I have been hearing about these "diets" for years and decided to try it. What a big mistake. Firstly, the price is crazy. I know that we are getting actual food, but wow! that is a serious amount of money to pay out - especially since you STILL Have to pay for staples such...
Calorie King

2 reviews

I have a print copy of the calorie king's fat and carbohydrate counter and I love it! It has the nutritional stats for pretty much any possible food item you can think of, it is amazing. It also has a restaurant guide with popular picks from a ton of different places. It...
Ultimate Body Wraps

1 review

I tried this in March and "whoa" lost almost 8 inches after one application. It's a inch loss wrap. NOT a miracle, you still have to keep it off, but it dropped me down a dress size.
Tree Top Trim Juice Drink

1 review

I can of this juice drink has only 60 calorie, 3g fiber, 18mg chromium, 120 mg hydroxycitric acid, and 20mg L-Carnitine. Each can provides you with 1/2 cup of fruit!
Shirataki Noodles by House Foods

4 reviews

Best meal for anyone! Takes up any flavour or temperature, appropriate for all diets. Great in Asian cuisine! Not recommended for pets and children though
PGX Daily Dietary Supplement

11 reviews

I tried this product because a friend recommend that I try it. I was in a dieting slump and I needed help. The PGX Daily Dietary Supplement gave me the push to get the results that I needed to see results on the scale. I started taking the 1 tablet recommend 30 minutes before a...
Lose It! iTouch/iPhone App

7 reviews

This is the best weight loss app ever, I was using others apps until I Came across this one in the App Store and I’m so glad I did. I recommend this app.
Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

22 reviews

It's a great way for my son and I to keep track of our weight and we love to challenge each other with the exercise programs! It is great seeing my soon be interested in something like his BMI and he's more conscience of his eating habits as well.
Gold's Cardio Workout

1 review

I was hesitant on this game. I wasn't sure if I would like it. However, the workout is awesome! I couldn't move after day 1, which means it works! And you're boxing and punching, so it's great after a stressful day. I actually look forward to using this one!
South Beach Living Fiber Fit Bars in S'mores

1 review

I actually received this bar as a free sample. However it appears they run about $3.49 per box of 5. I think the price is 'okay' for the product - would be more apt to buy if I had a coupon or store was having a sale. However I really liked this product. The product...
Skechers Shape - Ups

9 reviews

They fit true to size, they are super comfortable and aren't expensive! You can wear them for anything, work, exercising, or just to run to the store. I have bought a pair for all of my family of 5.
It Works Ultimate Applicator

16 reviews

I fell for the hype. I even sold these products for a while. Heck to the no. These are a waste of money, they make you think they are working but they are junk. And they dry out so fast that if you don't use them up ASAP when you buy them, and try to use them later on, you've...