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New FamilyRated Offer: The Sock Game

Posted by FamilyRated Team | Friday September 21, 201816 comments

What’s inside your sock? Put your sensory skills to the test with The Sock Game from Spin Master -- the hilarious fast-paced game where your fingers do the seeing! 

Each player starts with a sock and an assortment of the same objects; turn the spinner on the board and when it lands on an object, players reach into their socks and race to find the object first! The player who finds their object first wins a point, and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

We're seeking US families to test and review The Sock Game! So click the button below to apply by September 27, 2018 for your chance to be one of our advocates: 

Applications close at 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on September 27, 2018. Offer open to residents of USA only. Selected members will be contacted by email the week of September 28, 2018. Remember to add "[email protected]" to your email address book to ensure that you receive all future communications from us!

For extra consideration, help us share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #PlayTheSockGame.

Good luck!

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on November 07, 2018  LTC2018  10,580 said:

Great game for the family!

on October 12, 2018  Joeygaby  569 said:

great game for families #thesockgame

on October 11, 2018  hbkmom  987 said:

I do wish these were available for canadian family's I have three boys and would love to review these products

on October 02, 2018  Tiffanyx  685 said:

This sounds interesting did anyone play?

on September 26, 2018  OneSageMama  395 said:

This sounds like a great addition to Family Game Night! Good luck everyone.

on September 26, 2018  Reviewer Cass  757 said:

My oldest would absolutely LOVE this game...as would me and my husband! Fingers crossed! I will be checking my email regularly! ?

on September 24, 2018  Kaylaoliver50  825 said:

My four kids would love to play this game they love all baord games ?

on September 24, 2018  Jmma3227  632 said:

Ohhh i want this for the fam. #wishing

on September 21, 2018  Bobbijo312  2,003 said:

My daughter loves sensory games like this! She loves having us pick out figures and she has to guess what/who it is while her eyes are closed! Lol! This would be an awesome addition to our family game nights!

on September 21, 2018  Shastab997  588 said:

Would be a fun addition to family game night!

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