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New FamilyRated Offer: Twinkle Clay Princess Studio

Posted by FamilyRated Team | Monday September 24, 201822 comments

Make beautiful creations fit for a princess with Spin Master's Twinkle Clay Princess Studio!

Twinkle Clay's soft and sparkly texture makes it easy for little hands to shape and mould -- and create anything their little hearts desire! With three colors of clay to choose from, decorate your masterpiece using the Princess Studio to roll, stamp, and shape your clay, or add some extra sparkle to your art with the addition of some glittery gems. Once you're finished, let your creations dry for 30 minutes in the air-dryer and your princess creations are ready for play! 
We're seeking US families to test and review the Twinkle Clay Princess Studio so click below to apply by September 30, 2018 for your chance to be one of our advocates: 

Applications close at 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on September 30, 2018. Offer open to residents of USA only. Selected members will be contacted by email on October 1, 2018. Remember to add "[email protected]" to your email address book to ensure that you receive all future communications from us!

For extra consideration, help us share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #DiscoverTwinkleClay.

Good luck!

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on December 20, 2018  QueenLisa2019  349 said:

I so would have loved to participate in this....

on October 07, 2018  AprilKat  865 said:

I can't wait to read the reviews for this one I am excited to see what people think of it. It will make it or break it for Christmas for the oldest two girls this year!

on October 03, 2018  JulieShelton  403 said:

My daughter would absolutely love this !! She loves crafts!!

on October 02, 2018  Stephsweeting83  447 said:

This looks so cool! My daughters would play for hours with this. Its definitely funny on my Christmas list.

on October 02, 2018  Tiffanyx  685 said:

Oh this looks fun my kids would of had a hayday!!

on September 27, 2018  Meanroel  549 said:

This looks like a lot of fun for young artists!

on September 27, 2018  Mara83  2,288 said:

Great opportunity!

on September 26, 2018  Babygirl78  158 said:

My daughter would love this?

on September 26, 2018  OneSageMama  395 said:

My daughter would flip! She loves arts and crafts (almost as much as I do). *fingers crossed*

on September 26, 2018  Reviewer Cass  757 said:

Is it wrong that I would be even more excited about this then my kids?!? We love doing crafts like this and would be super excited to review this!!

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