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Bolthouse Farms

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Bolthouse Farms Reviews

Bolthouse Farms Baby-Cut Carrots
Bolthouse farm baby cut carrots are good my family loves them easy to grab and go they hey still fresh love throwing them in to soups and stews or just for lunches

Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie
Bolthouse has really great smoothies and this is one of their best ones. It's always a classic and it's very easy to make one flavour overwhelming but Bolthouse does a good job of combining them evenly.

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Smoothie
Love this smoothie. Kind of expensive at $5.00/bottle but, the larger size is about $8.00. Seems a better idea to get the larger one and have it last longer. I usually have one of these every couple of weeks to get more green vegetables in my diet. I love the flavour of this...

Bolthouse farms organic carrot juice
We bought this from Walmart, found it to be slightly pricey. But after we tasted it we realized how natural this is. We have extracted fresh carrot juice in the past and know how much carrot goes in to get a litre. So even if this is pricey it is worth it , we buy one every...

bolthouse raspberry blood orange
Another great bolthouse juice! im used to the blue goodness which is quite sweet and this one is a little more tart but i love it. you can definitely taste the pomegranate! Again a little price but worth it!

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie
I enjoy having a BOLTHOUSE FARMS BERRY BOOST SMOOTHIE as a treat and especially when traveling. I am unable to drink pop or many other beverages and sometimes want something other than water. It does have a lot of sugar in it but it's nice to sip this smoothie over a couple of...

Bolthouse Farms carrot juice
I usually hate carrot juice, its never sweet, it just tastes unpleasant. This juice took me by surprise. This juice tastes amazing, its sweet. Not like other carrot juices where its not sweet enough. Moreover, the only ingredient in this juice is carrot so that makes me feel...

Bolthouse Blue Goodness Smoothie
I love these drinks. They are so amazing. Its a great way to get my kids to get their vitamins. When i start felling sick i just get some of these, and i start to get better.

Bolthouse Farms Blueberry Banana Almondmilk Smoothie
This is a great dairy free option and its low in fat. Its flavourful and healthy. It sweety and creamy and its a refreshing drink . It is a good part of breakfast.

Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea Perfectly Protein Tea & Soy Beverage
Has the thickness of real milk, a little on the sweet side. This is my go to drink if I want a little bit a protein with my caffeine. I drink this most morning on my way into work.

Bolthouse Farms Red Goodness Smoothie
Very sweet product , you would not want to chug this or if you are super thirsty , It is more of a sipping drink that has all the nutrients you can ask for !

Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard
I had never had anything from this brand before, so i sent for a coupon to try them out. This one here is my fav, so fresh and yummy tasting. I really like the creaminess, and the texture as well. For sure I'll continue you use this brand.

Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch Yogurt Dressing
This is an alright salad dressing that takes getting use to. I first tried it on a chicken ceasar salad and it was okay. It took a few bites for me to get use to it, you can taste the yogurt flavor in it. It's not too spicy but has a little kick to it.

Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino Perfectly Protein
I absolutely love the Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino beverage. I only wish that it came in a larger bottle because I finish it way too fast! It has a nice mocha taste and the coffee is not overpowering at all. I would not even know that this is a coffee beverage since it...

Bolthouse Farms Mango Lemonade Smoothie
Tried this when they had a sampling. Flavours are really good and yummy. You can definitely taste both flavours and they are not overpowering!