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dyson Reviews

Dyson Big Ball™ Animal vacuum
I love cleaning products especially vacuums because I have two dogs and three kids and I need to clean my floors daily. I really wanted a dyson because of all the great reviews. I do like the vacuum but it is very bulky it has to be plugged in. I've started using my Bissell...

Dyson V8 Absolute
Cordless vacuum cleaners are one of the best invention. Dyson v8 has suction good enough that it doesn’t leave a trace of dirt behind unless it’s a stubborn one that sticks to the floor. Mine has started making a sharp creaky sound quite early on but apart from that, it’s...

Dyson V6 Cord-free Vacuum cleaner
I like this vacuum but like others said it does take multiple charges to get the job done and my place is not big at all. The vacuum gets incredibly hot while vacuuming and it takes forever to get a charge. It's suction is pretty good. I guess that's all I have to say that's...


6 reviews

I live in a basement apartment with no A/C, & as it's a basement it tends to get cold in the winter. This device has never ONCE let me down. It's extremely quiet, efficient & aesthetically pleasing. It warms the room well and keeps it that way, & when on the cool setting -...

Dyson V6 Slim Stick Vacuum
The Dyson V6 is a terrific vacuum for carpets and picking up pet hair. This gets into all corners and under furniture, The 2 speeds are great at switching back and forth.

Dyson DC46 Motorhead
The best vacuum I've ever owned hands down. The DC46 Motorhead is light and compact with incredible powerful suction. The ball technology makes it turn on the spot and it follows you easily anywhere around the house without any of the awkward moves and the motorhead effortlessly...

Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
I got this vaccum as I wanted something light weight and cordless and this model fulfills both these requirements. It has amazing suction as is expected from dyson products. I use it mostly for hardwood and tile and it's made cleaning so much easier.

Dyson V6 Cordless Animal Vacuum
Don't let the price of Dysons scare you away because the quality lives up to its reputation. It easily sucks up everything in its path, although it struggles with certain rugs because of its sheer sucking power (it's no joke). It's that much more satisfying to see the results of...

Dyson DC66 multi floor
After our old vacuum died I replaced it with the Dyson DC66 vacuum and I haven't looked back since. It's been almost three years and I still love it as much as the first day I got it! It works on every floor type from hardwood, to tile, to carpet with ease. I'm most impressed...

Dyson V6 Slim
Dyson V6 Slim

5 reviews

I was so excited to open my Christmas Gift to find I had a Dyson just waiting to be used! When first inboxing, the battery has to charge for 6 hours (which is fine) Upon using the Dyson, the battery died about half way through my 2,000 sq ft home because I had it on max power...

Dyson DC66 Animal Upright Vacuum
I loved this vacuum at first, but it has quickly become ineffective. The battery now only lasts 30 seconds and I have been waiting for a replacement from Dyson for over 6 months. When it worked properly, the vacuum was very good at picking up hair and dust, but could not handle...

The Dyson city dc 26 multi floor Vacume cleaner
I don't have this vacume but one of my client's does ! Does it ever work , it is the best vacume that I ever tried . It is compact so it does not take up alot of space . Does it ever have suction it picks up dirt , dust and pet hair like crazy , you would be suprised how fast...

dyson dc77
dyson dc77

1 review

I am in LOVE, I have always liked my Dyson Vacuums and have had 4 in total. For Christmas I decided to spoil myself and buy a new vacuum cleaner as I wanted to get a full size one this time. In the picture shown is my new vacuum (DC77-chrome one) and is next to my old one...

Dyson DC33 Vacuum
I love this vaccum! The best gift I received and still in pefect condition. Pulls amazing, picks up even soil with no smudges. I would definitely recommend buying this.

dyson dc29
dyson dc29

1 review

Not sure why I waited so long to buy a Dyson. Get one asap. They are amazing and pulled out dirt I never knew was there. Easy to use, great on floors and carpets. The extension wand takes a little to get used to, but it works well! Watch sales and go buy one.