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Fantastik Reviews

Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles with Bleach
I found this product and all fantastic products work excellent, but found the bleach smell in this a bit over powering. I am going back to the regular one cause I still love this product and how it seems to eat the dirt.

Fantastik® All Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant
This is by far my favorite disinfectant spray out there. I think it smells amazing, and this stuff will not only clean your entire house, it's also great for killing SPIDERS!!! (Seriously, works like a charm)

Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach
I specifically use this in the bathroom. I love that it is bleach in a spray bottle, but is also tough on stains. It has a powerful smell so I recommend using it sparingly in small spaces where ventilation is not an option.