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@JeanMalarkysnm Tell Penny we are here if she needs anything else! 😃

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@tuck737 Oh no. I'm sorry to tell you we discontinued the TunaTopia. We still have our PERFECT PORTIONS recipes. M… https://t.co/aIv14Byj2a

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Iams Reviews

Iams Pet Food
Iams Pet Food

24 reviews

We have three little dogs. They all love this wet food. There are different flavors to choose from, so they don't get tired of them. Chunks of meat with gravy......what could be better? Not much.

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Cat Food
This is one of the only cat foods that doesn't upset my cats stomachs and cause them to have diarrhea. They always have energy and are playful and they don't waste as much of the unwanted kibble.

Iams So Good
Iams So Good

2 reviews

Iams food for furbabies is a bit expensive. I buy it ever so often and my little Earnie loves it, as long as it's for the small or toy breed.