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Jamieson was started in 1922 and is Canada’s oldest and largest manufacturer and distributor of natural vitamins, minerals, concentrated food supplements, herbs and botanical medicines. Jamieson celebrates their 88th anniversary in 2011 from a position of strength, market leadership earned by consistently providing innovative products of the highest quality, purity and safety. Some of their popular products includes Zinc & Vitamin C Lozenges, and Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

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Jamieson Reviews

Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C in Natural Tangy Orange
Jamieson vitamin c chewable in orange I really like the them they taste really good I was kind of scary how it was going to taste the Lid is nice to when you’re in a rush

Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count
I stock up on these ! If you live in Canada Vitamin is a must have especially during the winter ! ... I take it every day ! Vitamin D is very important and these are perfect . Easy to swallow

Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D
good chocolate flavor. Easy to chew, provides a nice vitamin D boost. I take these as part of my supplement regimen especially in winter months to bring up my vitamin D levels

Jamieson Kelp
Jamieson Kelp

1 review

I have just purchased Jamieson Kelp tablets to help regulate my thyroid to speed up my metabolism. Kelp is a great source of minerals and Vitamins. I have a slow metabolism and this helps me to lose weight with no side effects. Kelp is a source of natural iodine. A few years ago...

Jamieson Natural Sources B12
There are a few things that I really enjoy about these Jamieson vitamin B12 tablets: 1. They are small and extremely easy to take- dissolve in your mouth in seconds. 2. Tablets have a pleasant taste- a slight berry flavor. 3. The price is decent as these vitamins typically go...

Jamieson Prenatal 100% Complete Multivitamin - Chewable
Low the chewable form so you are not left with a chalky after taste and it has all your prenatal vitamin needs without making you feel nauseous after taking it, as passed prenatals have

Jamieson Multi Gummies for Adults
I have been taking these for a long time now. I buy online 4 at a time when they are on sale. They are the only gummie vitamin that I have tried and liked. It’s a twice a day vitamin, without taking any other meds at the same time. They are delicious and I could easily eat a...

Jamieson Melatonin 5mg
Sleep is something I have been struggling with for the past few months so I decided to try Melatonin. I noticed a difference the first night I used it. I got the same amount of sleep that I normally get but I woke up feeling more refreshed & rested. I only woke up once during...

Jamieson Collagène Antirides
J'aime bien utiliser les produits naturels de Jamieson car ce sont des produits de qualité et efficaces. Celui-ci aide la peau et peut être indiqué pour atténuer les rides. Je l'ai surtout acheté car le collagène est une nourriture de la peau et aide grandement nos...

jamieson calcium and d3 french caramel cream
These vitamins are chewable and the best part is that they do not even taste like vitamins. I always buy these and I would recommend it to my family and friends.

Jamieson Hair Skin Nails
My nails were in desperate need of some help as they were always splitting and couldn't grow out long. Within a week of taking it, I noticed my nails were 100 times better! They can now grow out to basically look like a french manicure. Even after having nail polish on for a...

Jamieson Gummies C
I purchased these chewable orange vitamin C gummies when I was feeling a bit under the weather.They each have 250 mg of vitamin C per serving. They taste awesome for a vitamin - no weird aftertaste. If I didn't know they were a vitamin, I would eat them like candy! I definitely...

Jamieson Effervescent Magnesium Tablets
These are 200 mg tablets that dissolve in water and taste citrusy. I don’t absorb pills so I need other options and these fit the bill perfectly! We all know you need magnesium to support your bones and muscles so why not enjoy it? These will definitely be on my daily do’s

Jamieson Omega 3-6-9 No Fishy Aftertaste
the doctor told me that Omega will help improve my dry skin, nails an hair, its being a year I being using this product, 2 month and then I rest one month. I find that it really help me, I find my skin more bright, and my nails start growing again, I know that Omegas also helps...

Jamieson 100% Complete Multivitamins
I have to say that these are my go-to for multivitamins. I like the cost, the taste, the fact they come in chewable tablets (YAAAS), their effectiveness...pretty much everything about them! Jamieson is a very trusted brand and I will always look through their vitamins and...