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Lipton  Lipton Tea

Steep dreams 💤 https://t.co/JBDVPnnMG1

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@1treawyn215 @TcMacDesigns1 Hi Tracy, we sent you a direct message with where to buy the Stress Therapy Herbal Supp… https://t.co/MZnIyB1SWX

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Lipton Reviews

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
I love a good cup of soup with a sandwich, and sometimes I just want something simple. This soup is it! My kids and husband love it, and it couldn't be easier to make. Since it is often on sale, and lasts quite a while, we stock up when we get a good deal. It is great prepared...

Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags
it's a very good green tea!!! it's perfect for ice tea during hot days and perfect hot during cold night!!!! good taste, not to strong!!!! i recommand it to all tea lover

Lipton Summer Fruits Herbal Tea
I make this in the morning and at bedtime , so tasty and would recommend to any tea drinker. Best tea I have ever tried, you can taste all the fruits that are added!

Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags
I use these as a base for my sun tea. -For those who dont know what sun tea is, it's much better than machine brewed for iced tea. You take a glass jar, put in a handful of tea bags, and set it in the sun. An hour or two later bring it in and put it in the fridge.- Anyway, I...

Lipton Rejuvenate Green Tea
I have always enjoyed a good cup of tea anything throughout the day. This combination of tea is extremely delicious as well as great for your body inside and out. It is a great way to start the day and end it. I'm always excited when a new tea hits the shelves. I do though...

Lipton Serenity Herbal Tea
I am usually not a big fan of herbal teas as I find they taste completely different than I expect, but gave this one a try. I felt that this mixture of cinnamon, chamomile and lavender worked so well together! A cup of this tea is a perfect way to wind down your day, especially...

Lipton Peach Mango Herbal Tea
I was looking to purchase something new to try and came across this Peach Mango flavour. I really enjoyed it upon the first sip, it’s perfect to start my mornings in the Spring/Summer! The flavours meld together nicely and I don’t find it to be overpowering.

Lipton Green Tea Matcha Original
It was the first tine I have tried Match a tea and I really like how this Lipton Green Tea Match a tastes. Is strong and has rich aroma. I am going to buy it again.

Lipton Berry Hibiscus Herbal Tea K-Cup Packs
Lipton tea is so good! Myself and a couple of my kids really enjoy drinking tea. We have tried all sorts of flavors and they are all really delicious! Great price. Love the K-cups.

Lipton Green Tea Mandarin Orange 72ct
This is a very good green tea, with great value. I like to have it in the mornings either before or after having a Tetley tropical green tea + vitamin C. If I drink more than 2 green teas a day, I will toss and turn all night, so the fact that I choose this particular tea as one...

Lipton Mint Green Tea
I have bought this tea over and over again, my boyfriend and I love it so much! I wish they sold it in a bigger box! I use to mix a bag of peppermint tea and green tea together until I found this tea. I like to drink it hot before bed or iced during the day. If you make a big...

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags
Excellent product been using this for over 15 years plus and i like experimenting new teas but this has been my go to and I loved their taste until I decided to give red rose orange pekoe a try and im impressed by the 2 and I rate them to be almost the same for me.

Lipton Green Tea Lemon Ginseng Tea Bags
This tea is so smooth and good I love the taste of the honey and Ginger And Lemone I can sit and drink this all day every morning Tea is so good for the bones when it is cool out

Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea K-Cup Packs
If you fell bloated, this will be a great friend to have! The ginseng is a great partner for bloating and to help digestion. It fits with keurig dak up machine! Great way to have a good tea fast

Lipton Mandarin Orange Green Tea
I found this tea a while ago and was surprised with how great it tastes, it doesn’t need any sugar or sweetener, it tastes great on its own. Not overwhelmingly sweet with a great orange flavour. I’ve tried it iced as well and it’s awesome warm or iced.