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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@crazyhonesty Thanks for reaching out. We're working hard to keep store shelves stocked. Just to clarify, are you t… https://t.co/WIcvwi6Lx3

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@andrea_arana_1 Hi Andrea, we'll pass your feedback on to the product team, thank you 💛

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@Josh_Summitt Hi Josh, sorry about that! Please let us make this right. Reach out to us at the following link and w… https://t.co/177jIi7RAA

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Lipton Reviews

Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea
It's by far the best tea ever. Lipton is the best tasting anyway. But cold brew makes it even better. It doesn't have as bitter of a taste. It's just all in all the best.

Lipton White Tea Peach and Mango Pyramid Tea Bags
Most fruit flavor teas just give a hint of flavor, this tea gives you a good punch of it. I love making an ice tea with this and for a special summer treat cut half of this iced tea with half a batch of lemonade.

Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags
I use these as a base for my sun tea. -For those who dont know what sun tea is, it's much better than machine brewed for iced tea. You take a glass jar, put in a handful of tea bags, and set it in the sun. An hour or two later bring it in and put it in the fridge.- Anyway, I...

Lipton Green Iced Tea Citrus Drink
Lipton tea has been around or years. Great products and would recommend these teas to anyone. I think the ice tea is one of the best they have brought out. Can hardly wait to try it.

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags
Lipton is a brand that my whole family trusted, we have been buying this brand for a long time. Tea tastes like tea and we love it. The price is right and affordable.

Lipton Refresh Iced Sweet Tea K-Cups
These are very convenient and work quite well just like the coffee K-Cups, but as for the sweet part, you may have to add more sugar to it.

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
Lipton chicken noodle soup has been eaten in my family forever. My grandma gave it to my mom and my mom gave it to me and my sisters growing up whenever we needed a hot soup. Staying home sick from school? Lipton chicken noodle Looking for something easy to make? Lipton...

Lipton Raspberry Tea
Raspberry is great tasting and good for you. It's the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle, with the light, clean taste of its tea and a touch of Raspberry

Lipton Onion Soup Mix
I love it's product! It is so full of flavor and is soo versitile. I've used it as french onion soup yo chip dips to gravy seasoning! It a must have in everyone's kitchen cabinet!

Lipton Pineapple Chamomile Herbal Tea
Love this tea! Would buy again and recommend! Always have some on hand for company and many guests love it as well! Can’t beat a good cup of tea on a bitterly cold Canadian day!

Lipton White Tea‎ Pyramid Tea Bags
this tea has white & green tea leaves with berry flavours. It looks ritzy because it's the piramid shaped bags. It smells & tastes really good. You don't even need to add sugar or honey.

Lipton Green Tea Honey Lemon
I love a nice cup of tea at the end of my day and I found this one was one of my favorites and it a little on the pricy side but I watch for it to go on sale.

Lipton Green Tea Mandarin Orange Pyramid Tea Bags
Je suis une grande buveuse de thé et j'aime particulièrement ce mélange de thé vert et orange. Le gout des deux ensemble est simplement divin. A racheter en grande quantitée

Lipton Black Tea English Breakfast Pyramid Tea Bags
I will not be buying this product again. i found that the store brand taste just as good and is alot cheaper. The pyramid bag works just the same as the usual shaped ones.

Lipton Lemon Iced Tea
this is perfect for a hot summer day, so refreshing and it does tastes like good lemon tea, i would buy it in a heart beat. it's not too expensive for the big bottle you get