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Mabel's Labels

Whether you need to label your kids’ clothes or your kitchen canisters, Mabel’s Labels has all of your needs covered. Our labels are perfect for school, camp, daycare, and home.

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Mabel's Labels Twitter

mabelhood  mabelhood

Our #LabelDay Weekend plans are shaping up. So far about 40 prize packs confirmed to give away to y'all!

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mabelhood  mabelhood

How cute! https://t.co/IOlNBD8CRi

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Mabel's Labels Reviews

Mabel's Labels Back-To-School Label Packs
The colours are amazing on the page. I like giving these to my children to play with. They last a long time and the pictures they draw are really colourful.

Mabel's Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack
I love these labels. They stick well to many different items and are versatile as well. they come in many decisions and are vibrantly colored too. They are price concious and long lasting.

Mabel's Labels
Mabel's Labels

56 reviews

These labels are a must for any parent of a school-age child. They stay on really well and survive the dishwasher, washer and dryer time and time again! The designs are adorable and the price is good (even better when you catch a sale!). I have three kids and always come back to...

Mabel's Labels Baby Label Pack
these are great quality labels. they are durable and stick well even after being washed. multiple times. the colors are extremely vibrant and dont wear off