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@caiti_marie We are so excited! 💜💚

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@kelseyg2010 Hi Kelsey! We are sorry to hear that you don't care for the scents offered through Scentsy Club. We wi… https://t.co/dMf7rbhv8e

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Scentsy Reviews

Scentsy Wickless Candles
I tried scentsy after visiting a friend's house and asking why it smelt so good and I am now a huge fan. I ordered a warmer and some wax bars, and I now have 5 warmers in my house! The range of scents are great and there is definitely something to please everyone. I have tried...

Scentsy Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar
Delicious smelling. Long lasting and so enjoyable. This scent will make your whole house smell like delicious blueberry cheesecake. This is by far the most popular scentsy bar.

Scentsy squeeze the day bar
I just love these products I definitely have to get more Hey do u have a scentsy rep yet they have wax and warmers cleaning products laundry products room sprays essential oils and diffusers https://kaylaperrin.scentsy.ca

Scentsy bar - blue berry cheesecake
I love that I can use scentsy wax with ease having kids running around daily. It only gets warm so you yourself could stick your finger in it and not get burnt. Instantly drys! And the scent is phenomenal and cover a very large area throughout your home.

scentsy bathroom cleaner
I'm loving this scentsy bathroom cleaner. I purchased Lemon Verbana and the scent is amazing. Nice and clean and perfect for a bathroom cleanser. No chemical smell and not harsh, does a great job of cleaning. The spray is nice and foamy and gets the job done.

Scentsy Bars
Scentsy Bars

11 reviews

As a previous Scentsy Consultant I feel that there are just way too many reps these days which make the business hard to succeed in. The products are great for those who enjoy smelly, perfumey scents. I used everything Scentsy until prices went up and I realized that the cause...

scentsy car warmer
I recently purchased some Scentsy car candles to try since I love everything else from Scentsy that I have bought. I don't remember which scent I purchased, but I did really like them and found that they worked well. I did think that they were a little pricey for what you are...

Banana Berry scentsy
I would recommend this scentsy scent if you like fruity and sweet, as it smells a bit like Cotton Candy and Bananas. I also suggest that you buy the bar package as it is cheaper in the long run.

Scentsy Laundry Liquid - Various Scents
I didnt know that my laundry could smell so good! It is pretty pricey so I just use it on my clothes and tide for the rest of the family. I love doing my laundry with this stuff!

Scentsy Caramel sugar cone
So the effectiveness is good, but the quality is not as it doesn't smell nothing like caramel or sugar cane so I wouldn't suggest it to anyone as it stinks.

Scentsy beach daisy
The new limited edition Beach Daisy fragrance of wax bar is awesome! Described as Honeydew melon, wild daisies and green apple make a bouquet of fresh-picked paradise. It’s fabulous!!

scentsy sea salt and avocado scent bar
This is probably one of my favourite scents ever! If anyone doesn't know what scentsy is, It is basically flameless candles. You have a warmer that you plug in and you can get wax bars that you melt. This specific bar is my favourite! I have it for my car, my room, my friends...

Scentsy clean
Scentsy clean

1 review

Scentsy Clean laundry products work amazingly well. I’m the scent of Scentsy Clean you will enjoy the freshest smell of clean laundry that lasts for days even weeks in storage. I use the laundry soap, washer whiffs and scent soft which is like a fabric softener and smells...

Scentsy bar cozy chai
I plugged in my warmer. It took a bit for the smell to fill the air. When it did, wow the aroma was intoxicating. It felt like warmth. Not only that but the aroma lasted a long time after I unplugged my warmer. I came home from work and as soon as I opened my door, I loved how...

scentsy mystery man bar
Ughhhh to die for! I feel in love with this scent right away. It smells like a real sexy man without the headaches of an actual man. Not an over powering scent like some are this is just perfect. I found it lasted a while before adding a new cube. Might make your boyfriend...