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@JohnZam54746895 Hi John, An email has been sent to your j.zamora1984@yahoo.com email address. Thank you!

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@JohnZam54746895 Hi there,  We are sorry to hear that your son broke the remote controller of his Monster Jam Mega… https://t.co/xqzBKD9ZHs

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ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Applications for our 2023 Future of Play Scholarship program are NOW OPEN! Learn more abo… https://t.co/50XZ0Jjj4L

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Spin Master Reviews

Bakugan Evolutions Dragonoid Brawler Pack
My son thought this was the coolest toy ever! He enjoyed playing with and showing his friends. He is very into Bakugan so this worked out well for him. If you have kids who like Bakugan definitely buy this, they will love it!

Firebuds Core Bo and Flash
Overall my son enjoyed that Bo & Flash, would we buy it again? Probably not. However, I really want to give appreciation to the fact that the packaging is minimal and in a manner that seems more friendly for the enviroment.

Paw Patrol All Paws Gift Set
Thanks to @thisisbutterly and @spinmaster for the chance to play with these cuties for free! Both girls were so excited to play with them (surprisely the oldest too 🥰 still my baby yaay 😍) because they were very interactive! The heads can turn and some wheels turn! We have...

What the Fluff Interactive Pink Kitty Toy
Got the opportunity to review “what the fluff” toy for free for an honest review. The kids were really intrigued at first at “the fluff. Got so excited when “the fluff” came “alive” and became “purr ‘n fluff”. Great interactive toy ( you can snuggle it, pet...

PAW Patrol Aqua Pups Rubble and Hammerhead Action Figures Set
The product I received was a little bit in the young side for my daughter but she still tried her best to play with it, but she was extremely underwhelmed. She felt as though even a younger child would be bored very quickly with this toy because it doesn’t really do...

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle
This caught my sons eye in the store, luckily around the time of his birthday. He absolutely loves this thing. It is a bit noisy but he has so much fun playing with it.

Boxer the Interactive A.I. Robot
This is a very cool toy that we got as a present. My son loved it from second one we opened the box. It can talk, play soccer games, so fortune telling by answering yes or no. My sons favorite was doing the flips. My best part was that you can charge it with USB and it does not...

Kinetic Sand Scents, Ice Cream Station Playset
My young nieces LOVED this kinetic sand set! The yummy scents, the feel of the “sand” and of course, making the ice creams and other toy treats. They literally had hours of fun with it! For parents and guardians, the sand isn’t a hassle to clean up. It mostly...

Pixobitz Studio Set
The Pixobitz Studio is fantastic. My neice made her own avatar and that was the highlight of her week. The possibilities are endless in regards to 3D and 2D pixel art creations and I think this toy is very innovative and unique. At first I though it was going to be difficult but...

Less is More Board Game
This game is such a great game to play over the summer to keep up with learning but making it fun. This word game was a bit confusing at first but after one round we were hooked. Can't wait to play with friends and family.

Orbeez Glow In The Dark Kit
My son already loved orbeez, but these were out of this world! The glow in the dark feature worked really well, but as always, I wonder what to ACTUALLY do with the orbeez after the initial thrill wears off. Well, I had an idea to toss them in the pool and since they glow in the...

Wizarding World Harry Potter Magical Minis - Diagon Alley
I received this awesome set from FamilyRatedClub and spinmaster for free in return for a honest review. It really is a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan -big or small. We had a lot of fun building this set and its such a good size! It includes minis of the characters ,owls...

Gabby's Dollhouse Craft Deluxe Room Playset
My daughter was so excited when this arrived in the mail. She loves that it came with two recognizable characters. The little Ferris wheel thing is fun for her as well. It was easy to set up and I love that you can get more rooms to attach to it.It would be nice if the pieces...

PAW Patrol Cat Pack, Leo’s Transforming Toy Car
My son enjoying playing this PAW Patrol Cat Pack, Leo’s Transforming Toy Car. He play it every day with his friends. He would share it with his friends and they all enjoy it. I had recommended this to the other parents.

PAW Patrol, Aqua Pups Rocky and Sawfish Action Figures Set
Aqua pups Rocky 🐾 Thanks to @spinmaster and @thisisbutterly for such a cool pup set. My son loves paw patrol and he loved this new addition to his collection. It is a very nice return gift idea for kids birthday parties.