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Spin Master Reviews

DC Comics, The Flash Young Barry Action Figure 12-inch (style may vary)
Love the size of the boy. Easy to hold while playing. Also like that it does not have any small parts that would get lost quickly. Everything is paid ted nicely and looks realistic. It does have. An odd scent to it. Make sure kids don't put in in their mouth

DC Comics, Speed Force The Flash Action Figure 12-inch
My children love this toy! It is so posable! They love the lights and sound effects! All the voice clips are really great and now they are running around playing as The Flash!

DC Comics, The Flash Hero Set, Iconic Mask with Visor and Ring
My 5 year old loves this. It's simple, but an effective toy. It's lightweight, and the adjustable straps made it easy for her to take on and off without any difficulty. She loves being able to lift the visor and move the lightening bolts around, and the fact that it lights up is...

DC Comics, The Flash Speed Force Runner, Shin Guard, Lights and Sounds
We were given the opportunity to try this Flash Speed Force Runner. It’s an electronic shin guard that projects lights and sounds and activates every time your feet touch the ground! If you know my kid, you know she loves to dress up. She also loves superhero’s. She has...

Rubble and Crew Stuffed Animals, Charger, 4-Inch Cube-Shaped Plush Toy
My two year old son enjoyed using his imagination to playing with the Mix 4-Inch Cube-Shaped Plush Toy. The size and softness of the toy made it ideal for him to bring in the car and on various outings. However, my four year old son lost interest in the toy quickly, as he...

Monster Jam, Die-Cast Vehicle, 1:24 Scale (Styles May Vary)
I received this complimentary toy in exchange for my honest review for Butterly.com we have previously purchased a Monster Jam monster truck and the quality of the materials from the one before and from this one that I received, are very different. This new one feels cheaply...

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Rubble's Bulldozer
The Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Rubble's Bulldozer toy is a great little truck that is operational, and is a fun interactive toy for children. Kids love Paw Patrol, so it was nearly an instant win! Plus the moving pieces and little Rubble are great! Kids love it!

Gabby's Dollhouse Kitty Camera
When we received this meow-tastic gift from mail, my daughter made our house into a red carpet so she can put Gabby's Dollhouse Kitty Camera to test. She pretended to be paparazzi and had us walk around the red carpet with different poses. She had so much of cat-tastic fun...

HERSHEY’S S’mores Perfectly Toasted Game
This was such a fun game. We have played together many times! My 8 year old son loves when he burns everyone's marshmallows or gets to steal chocolate or graham crackers. He usually will not play family games with us.

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Charger & Wheeler
I am so thrilled to receive Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Charger & Wheeler build it pack. It is exciting as the new spin off series Rubble and Crew is going to be out in February 2023 and my kid loves Paw Patrol. He was very happy to get his hands on the latest pups Wheeler and...

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Charger's Crane Grabber
My girls opened Charger’s Crane Grabber and immediately started finding things to pick up with the crane grabber. As huge paw patrol fans they were so excited to receive this. It’s great that they can play with the Charger toy separately and it’s joined our Paw Patrol toy...

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Wheeler's Dump Truck
Thank you Butterly and spin master for another great entertainment for my kids. My kids love this new Rubble Crew PAW Patrol. This is a hard plastic toy. The colors are bright and very eye-catching for the kids.The truck moves the back part and the dog can sit on the front...

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Rubble & Mix
My son loves anything paw patrol and this toy is awesome it comes with the kinetic sand and a little roller to make cute paw prints in. Easy clean up as well.

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Mix's Cement Mixer Truck
Good quality and bigger than I thought! Perfect for my paw patrol obsessed toddler! My daughter loves it, rubble is her favourite pup! dresses up in workman’s clothes, hard hat and glow in the dark vest, and play for hours, gets so excited when he sees the real thing.

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Rubble Tool Belt
I received this product for testing purposes. My toddler (girl) loved holding these product pieces and playing with them. It breaks gender stereotypes with its adorable packaging and vibrant colours. It’s fun, has large, curved corners and ages for children over 1.5. I...