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Sunlight Reviews

Sunlight Dish Soap
Sunlight Dish Soap

260 reviews

This product is my favorite. It smells nice and is great for doing the dishes, wiping the counters/any high touch areas, windows and it's great for washing your hands. Way better then store brands!

Sunlight® OxiAction Power Pacs Lemon Fresh
I was extremely happy with the Sunlight dishwasher tabs. I really wanted to test them out so I didn't prewash any of my dishes. They all came out sparkling, no need for rewashing (even dishes that had been sitting out overnight) No residue either! This is now my go too...

Sunlight Deep Clean Laundry Detergent
For regular laundry, no scrubbing or soaking! Cleans on its own with cold water! Clean, fresh smell! Will keep buying as I can depend on it to clean my clothes

Sunlight Laundry Soap Bars
I was only introduced to this gem a few weeks ago. I was at work and noticed a greasy type stain at the bottom of my newly washed shirt and a co-worker over heard me talking about it to another. She recommended this bar and the rest is history. I did have a hard time finding it...

Sunlight Triple Clean Pacs
I buy these laundry pacs from time to time. They fairly effective in removing stains, and having your clothes come out clean. I have had a few pacs leave the casing in my washer, which I caught before transferring to the dryer. Overall, I think they work pretty well.

Sunlight Laundry Soap Oxi Action
This brand has been so over looked I feel! With all the other competitors Sunlight has been left and forgotten. This laundry soap smells so fresh and clean, and does not irritate my skin what so ever. Was skeptical on this brand at first because I was one of "them" but honestly...

Sunlight Green Clean Laundry Detergent
Clothes smell awesome.... We have a busy house so I do lots of laundry..... This is really great stuff.... My clothes always smell good coming out of the wash and it's our go to for laundry.

Sunlight Ultra Liquid Extra Dishwashing Liquid with Soy Extract
This stuff made my hands so itchy and left a slippery film over the dishes I ended up breaking a plate. Smells disgusting too