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Ziploc Reviews

Ziploc Freezer Bags
I use these bags for everything. Keeps things separate, it’s see thru and labelled. Obviously we use bags to store food >Dry Goods, Freezer Goods. Storage bags are great to organize and separate chargers, small kid toys, first aid bag, overnight / getaway toiletries bag...

Ziploc Perfect Portions Freezer Bags
Creates even more plastic waste to put in our landfills than using just 1 bag (which I would not recommend either). I only used these because I was given them for free. There was still freezer burn on my chicken even after using. Do not recommend.

First Year's Ziploc Spill-Proof Cups
I received these as a gift while I was pregnant and didn't use them until my daughter was just under 1 year old. They do leak. A lot. They also feel pretty flimsy and cheap. I now use them for smoothies sometimes and stick a straw in but I don't let my daughter walk around with...