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Ziploc Reviews

Ziploc Freezer Bags
I use ziploc all the time. It's the best invention ever. From storing food to any small objects. I definitely recommend this. Only down side is that it's not envitonmentally-friendly so I try to reuse as much as possible.

Ziploc Perfect Portions Freezer Bags
Since I work at the local grocery store I often get deals on expiring meat. And what better way to stock up too. The perfect portion freezer bags make it so easy to separate family pack potions into smaller ones and I can freeze it right away. Often I load them up into an extra...

First Year's Ziploc Spill-Proof Cups
I received these as a gift while I was pregnant and didn't use them until my daughter was just under 1 year old. They do leak. A lot. They also feel pretty flimsy and cheap. I now use them for smoothies sometimes and stick a straw in but I don't let my daughter walk around with...