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Best Feline Friend (B.F.F.) Reviews

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    January 14, 2020
    Ontario, Canada

    No go with my cat

    My cat eats an expensive brand of wet food. Each month I like to sneak in another brand of wet food. I tried the can and also the pouch from this brand and my fur baby just took one lick and walked away. I am sure other cats enjoy this brand but for my cat, it was a big NO.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 26, 2015

    B.F.F cat food is grain and BPA-free, which is very important when selecting a high-quality wet food for cats. They are dolphin safe and wild caught, which is environmentally responsible and safe. There are canned and pouch versions of this food. I find that the pouch is more watery and less meaty than the canned.

    In delicious flavours like "Tuna Duck Devour Me" and "Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya", my cats LOVE this brand. It's nutritional and (apparently) super tasty - the both of best worlds! I have noticed an increase of shine in their coats with this brand, and that they are less hungry. In the wild, cats get most of their hydration from their prey, so this brand has a perfect amount of broth in order to quench the cat's thirst. Perfect for any cat.

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