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Doritos Bold BBQ Tortilla Chips Reviews

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    September 16, 2022

    Where did quality control go?

    These may be good, but your chance of hitting a bag that taste good is pretty slim. And the bag in front of me is so disgusting, that I will be crushing it and throwing it in the garbage after I am done with this review. Absolutely no BBQ flavor, only hot spices, and the whole bag is the same.
    I have issues when I eat spicy food, and actually don't like it alone, but with BBQ, I will put up with stomack issues, but this bag is totally disgusting.
    I use to eat a lot of these, and from my experience, only about 50% taste what they should taste, and that is a pretty poor average, specially when you have to dish out more then five dollars for a stupid bag.
    So, the bottom line, I am done with Doritos. If I could only do a good job 50% of the time, I think that I would be on social assistance, and that is where whoever is in charge of quality control at Frito Lay should be. And if Frito Lay can't enforce quality control better than that, I think they should close the doors.

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