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lipivir Reviews
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lipivir® is a drug-free cold sore innovation new to Canada that is tried, tested, and loved by cold sore sufferers across Europe. The over-the-counter product provides protection to reduce the frequency of cold sore outbreaks. The clear lip gel is applied daily and can be used on its own or easily incorporated into existing beauty routines. 

NOTE: lipivir has a mild lemon flavour when applied. This flavour will dissipate once the product has dried.
lipivir® est une nouvelle innovation au Canada sans médication pour les feux sauvages qui a été testée en Europe et grandement appréciée par les personnes souffrant d’éruptions de feux sauvages. Il est le premier produit de son genre en vente libre à fournir une protection quotidienne pour réduire la fréquence des éruptions. Ce gel à lèvres clair est appliqué quotidiennement et peut être utilisé seul ou incorporé à une routine quotidienne de beauté.

NOTE: lipivir a une saveur douce de citron lors de l'application. La saveur se dissipera une fois que le produit aura séché.

For more information, please visit lipivir.ca

Suggested retail price: $19.99 – $26.99

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    November 19, 2017
    Ontario, Canada

    Not for me personally

    I get cold sores, especially in the winter. So when I found out I would be receiving this complimentary/free for reviewing purposes, I was very excited. As a beauty blogger, I am wearing different makeup products daily, so I need something that is going to work into my daily routine flawlessly. This does work with some products, and not with others. For myself, this on its own is fine. Once paired with some products though it changes how they wear, which for me is a big issue. It caused some of my Longwear lipsticks to not wear as well, ball up or crack. The taste itself wasn't horrible, what I would expect from an "ointment type product. I would have preferred it in a balm stick for easier application, but it isn't too bad this way. I also don't like the idea of applying something all the time, for a cold sore I get maybe once every two months or so. I understand it's a preventative, and would be better maybe for someone that gets them more often maybe, but for myself I don't think it would be worth it in value for a "possible" break out.

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