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Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails Reviews

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    March 17, 2022

    These vitamins have really strengthened my nails!

    I absolutely love this vitamin/supplement for my nails! I've always had really weak nails and it's very frustrating. These have already made a difference in just a couple of months of constant use, and the tablets are small enough that I don't have any issue swallowing all three with breakfast in the morning. I know some people use the gummies, but I find that gummy products tend to be more expensive, and so I get these every other month on a subscription. There are 150 pills per container, and so one bottle lasts 50 days. I sometimes have to get a filler bottle for those extra 10 days every other month.

    These truly work, but you do have to take them regularly to see results. I tried them once in the past and they didn't help, but that was because I didn't take them very often. This time I'm taking them religiously, and the difference is obvious. I use a pill organizer that I keep on my desk so I remember to take them each morning :). You'll be glad you made the effort to take them as recommended.

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