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Play Circle by Battat - Home Vacuum Set Reviews
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    August 22, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Nicely made but suction feels gimmicky and pointless

    Not my favourite Battat toy, but it’s ok. I found the suction to be underwhelming to the point that it might as well not be there. Granted, I used heavier ‘tissue’ as opposed to ‘tissue paper’, but I feel like the light suction is a bit gimmicky. I was also disappointed that the balls barely move, only in the middle where the air comes out, the balls at the edge are static. So I think less balls, or lighter balls would have a better effect.

    I’m not really into this style of toy. If you want to do the vacuuming like mum (or dad, let’s be real it’s 2019) then just give them a real vacuum. I helped my mum by doing dishes when I was a kid! At the younger age of 3, this might not be realistic, but older kids can use a lightweight vacuum for sure. I get the feeling I’m sounding like an evil stepmother now, so I’ll move on!

    In terms of looks, it’s cute and well-molded. The detachable ‘portable’ section is cute and the fact that you can take out the dust tray, but mostly kids just prefer to use it as one piece. They do use the portable vacuum, but never really remove the dust tray. It also makes a noise, that to me sounds exactly like a vacuum. The wheels are great and don’t drag on the floor or get stuck and it has a cute little hose to use too (without suction).

    It takes 3xC alkaline batteries, which are not included and actually shockingly expensive. Even at the dollar store, 4 of these batteries (comes in packs of 2) set me back $6, so getting rechargeables might be a good plan if your child will use it a lot.

    Not really my kind of toy, but if you’re looking for a faux vacuum that makes noise, it’s an ok one, especially if you get it on sale, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

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