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Ryan's World SlimySand Reviews

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    November 13, 2020
    Florida, United States

    Surprise eggs may contain repeat colors

    My son who just turned 6 was very excited about this set, because he is a fan of the Combo Panda character from Ryan's World. He played with it for about an hour when he first got it. The SlimySand has a unique texture that is a lot of fun, and the molds are good quality although a bit on the small side.

    This set comes with 3 packages (Featuring Gus, Combo and Red Titan) filled with SlimySand and then 3 suprise eggs, which also contain SlimySand. I thought the surprise eggs would contain a small toy, but they don't. I guess the surprise is supposed to be that these are special types of sand that may be scented or special colors. One of the eggs we received had a pretty beige color with a glittery effect, but the other two contained colors that were already included in the set. One seemed to have some scent to it, but no idea what was supposed to be special about the other one. So, the surprise egg element of this set was disappointing. The amount of sand in this set is also a bit disappointing. I think it is probably about a pound, and other SlimySand sets are advertised as 2-3 pounds.

    This set isn't the best value and could definitely be improved on, but my son did enjoy it. He loves mixing colors, and he pretended that Red Titan and Combo were battling a color monster that was eating all the colors. So, all the sand ended up the same dull blue green color, and it's not as interesting to him for future play. But, it is a neat sensory experience and is good for pretend play.

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