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Lotions Reviews

Baby's skin is very sensitive, so when a little extra moisturization is called for, reach for a lotion specifically formulated for this tender new skin.  Baby lotions should go easy on fragrances, dyes, and extra additives - no need to mask Baby's natural heady scent!  Read the label carefully and take note of expiry dates, especially if you buy a product that is preservative-free.

For new moms and moms-to-be, plain ol' body lotion doesn't always satisfy our maternity or postpartum needs.  Reach for targeted stretch mark creams and soothing products designed specifically for your special time.

Popular brands on ChickAdvisor include Aveeno and The Body Shop for Baby's skin, Palmer's and Mama Mio for Mom.

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Johnson's® Cottontouch™ Newborn Face & Body Lotion

372 reviews

First tried this with my son who had a bit of eczema as a newborn and really dry skin, he also seemed to break out frequently if the wrong soap or lotion was used. Someone recommended this to me and we ended up loving it. Havent used anything different since!
Johnson's Baby Lotion

381 reviews

I’ve tried other lotions but I’ve always come back to Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion. It moisturizes without making my skin feel greasy and doesn’t dry out 15-30 minutes later like the other brands.
Babyganics Daily Moisturizer, Fragrance Free

333 reviews

I have been using this lotion for my little ones for years. Never had any rashes or reactions. The moisturizer is very hydrating but not greasy. The fact that is fragrance free is an awesome bonus!
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Lotion

345 reviews

Johnson’s bedtime range really does make baby’s bedtime that bit easier! My girls are must older now but I did use the bedtime lotion as part of our bedtime routine. The lotion along with baby massage was a complete hit! A must have for every mum/baby.
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion

262 reviews

LOVE it! This lotion is above all praise, really moisturizes the skin very well. My baby has grown up but I still use this lotion for my hands and feet, it moisturizes fantastic!
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion

256 reviews

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has a child. It is soft and supple and they don’t smell with perfume. Very mild and very soft. Definitely recommend to.
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion

172 reviews

Very nice, gentle lotion for sensitive skin. It’s hard to find a decent lotion for your kids that doesn’t have fragrance and other things that will irritate the skin. This works!
Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender and Vanilla

167 reviews

This is by far the best babu lotion to use on baby and young kids. Not only does it moisturize but it also helps the baby sleep at night. I also use some at night because I find the smell of lavender helps you fall asleep faster.
Live Clean (baby) Moisturizing Lotion

150 reviews

Lightly scented but made with natural ingredients. Absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving baby moisturized and soft. A relaxing must for ever bedtime routine.
Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

110 reviews

Its extremely effective on dry skin. I generally use it soon after bath time.This is the only cream i trust to use on my baby . Its also fragrance free.
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

109 reviews

My son had eczema as a baby and this lotion really helped his flare-ups. It is very moisturizing but does not feel greasy. We continue to use this lotion 2 years later.
Baby Dove Night Time Lotion

48 reviews

This is just lovely after your baby/toddlers bath. A little goes a long way, everyone likes this on there skin in my family. Soft to touch and sinks I to theskkn lovely.
AVEENO® BABY® Eczema Care Nighttime Balm

62 reviews

We tried many many creams and lotions and found this to be one of our favourites for treating our daughter's eczema. It is thick and greasy which makes it perfect for keeping the skin moisturized. Expensive but worth it.
Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack

81 reviews

We used this pack at first because we received it as a gift for the newest member of the family. Then we bought it as it is a great idea for travelling .
Child’s Farm Moisturiser

24 reviews

When my son was born I swore to using this brand because of all the good claims and reviews I had researched and I was not disappointed. Although this particular brand can be a bit costly (I tend to find out where it is on offer) the quality is just outstanding. I use it on...
Burts bees baby bee skin nourishing lotion original

43 reviews

My daughter’s skin reacted to this product harshly. She got acne / eczema all over her body after using it. For the price and all natural ingredients it didn’t do the job! Quite dissatisfied!
Johnson & Johnson newborn cotton touch body and face lotion

17 reviews

Works great, keeps my new born calm, no sensitivity. Have no issues with it. Will continue to buy and use in the future. Packaging is nice and simple, and it is easy to distribute when bathing a new born.
Aveeno Baby soothing hydration moisture cream

3 reviews

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream packs a moisturizing punch but doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky after application. It's an unscented product and very gentle on sensitive skin. would purchase this product again in the future.
Cetaphil baby eczema calming lotion

8 reviews

My baby girl has sensitive skin condition and she is very irritated with rashes this product is smooth and soft on the skin . It doesn’t dry the skin and good skin cares about it
Johnson & johnson baby lotion

15 reviews

i use the johnson & johnson baby lotion every day, it soaks into the skin fast and it is moisturizing not to mention it smells so so good! i buy the large bottle to refill my travel sized bottles so i can always have one in my purse and car(: