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Facial Tissue Reviews

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Kleenex Expressions by Isaac Mizrahi

254 reviews

To me, this product is best product as it is decent, affordable and ultra soft which makes you feel good while using it. I loved all the different designs; very unique and great thing to decor your room.
Kleenex Facial Tissue With Lotion

118 reviews

We primarily use Kleenex facial tissues with lotion in our house because when kids' noses get raw with allergies from blowing them so much, the Kleenex brand tissues help to soothe them with their softness. They have a perfect blend of softness and strength so you don't have to...
kleenex ultra soft

43 reviews

Avec l'hiver qui arrive c'est très importants d'avoir a la maison ou a la porter de la main des mouchoirs. Ils sont tellement doux et aucunement irritant pour le nez de mes enfants.
Scotties Premium 3 Ply Facial Tissue

27 reviews

These tissues are very soft and thick. They get the job done with just one sheet most of the time. They are reasonably priced. I send them to school with my daughter for her classroom.
Kleenex trusted care value pack

1 review

Genuinely trusted care tissue. Have been using for so many years. Very gentle, ultra soft and dependable strength no doubt. Has value pack, i try to stock up when get good deals on it. Really love it.
Tempo Tissues

1 review

I always buy Tempo tissues (generally only available on the internet these days) as they're strong and don't fall apart and shred like many other brands. I suffer from a lot of allergies so it's great to have something that won't disintegrate quickly. They're nice and soft on...
marcel lingette demaquillante

2 reviews

J’aime beaucoup les lingettes démaquillantes Marcel, elle ne laisse pas la peau grâce et elle enlève bien le maquillage. Je peux passer la lingette partout dans mon visage sans problème
Kleenex soothing lotion

1 review

These tissues are really worth the extra spending. I have a sensitive nose/skin and I have to blow/wipe my nose quite often, and they really do not chap my skin.
Andrex moist wipes

3 reviews

I am not a fan of these wipes at all,I got a pack for free to try,they fell apart when trying to remove from packet ,there like wet tissue, the smell is not bad,I would not recommend these wipes sorry.
Frbreze fresh pressed apple

1 review

Nice and fresh scent with aromatic fragrance that fills the air with a welcoming and caring ambiance anytime to enjoy and share. We enjoy this nice product for entertaining or just a nice casual evening with loved ones. Very affordable and we'll worth the price and more! Highly...
Scotties Supreme 3 ply Tissues

1 review

Soft, Strong, 3 ply. Pampers my nose no matter how hard I blow. Well worth the price. Unscented and Large tissues. Scotties Supreme is the only facial tissue I purchase.
Marcal Pro Tissues

1 review

I purchased these because I was able to save some money. However, the texture was rough and scratchy and when you are already hurting with a sinus infection - this is not the product you would want to feel. I would not buy these again.