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Facial Tissue Reviews

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Kleenex Expressions by Isaac Mizrahi

254 reviews

To me, this product is best product as it is decent, affordable and ultra soft which makes you feel good while using it. I loved all the different designs; very unique and great thing to decor your room.
Kleenex Facial Tissue With Lotion

115 reviews

These were so nice for my daughter to use when she had a cold. Made a yucky situation a little better! We would definitely use again! & reccomend them!
kleenex ultra soft

42 reviews

Yes please as i have allergies so i am always having running noses and always always always blowing it all Year all day everyday. So this is very nice to have around as i hate to have a sore nose period
Scotties Premium 3 Ply Facial Tissue

24 reviews

My nose excretions are contained, even after expelling a lot... what can I say...Also no one else seemed to get sick from me...Oh, I also dab my eyes after drops. Very soft.So, good stuff
marcel lingette demaquillante

1 review

j'adore ce produit il nettoie vraiment bien . Il ne laisse pas de marques de maquillage sur la peau je l'aime beaucoup et il est super doux pour a peau
Tempo Tissues

1 review

I always buy Tempo tissues (generally only available on the internet these days) as they're strong and don't fall apart and shred like many other brands. I suffer from a lot of allergies so it's great to have something that won't disintegrate quickly. They're nice and soft on...
Kleenex soothing lotion

1 review

These tissues are really worth the extra spending. I have a sensitive nose/skin and I have to blow/wipe my nose quite often, and they really do not chap my skin.
Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

5 reviews

I got this as a gift for Christmas and I really loved how this made my skin feel after using it in the shower. It feels really clean and it actually has a pleasing scent. I actually need to get more soon!
Andrex moist wipes

1 review

I found the andrex wipes could have done with a bit more moisture to be more effective as i use them to remove my makeup at the end of my busy shift, the value is very good too as most £1 shops sell them and i would deffo recommend them as they do come in very handy i work on...
Frbreze fresh pressed apple

1 review

Nice and fresh scent with aromatic fragrance that fills the air with a welcoming and caring ambiance anytime to enjoy and share. We enjoy this nice product for entertaining or just a nice casual evening with loved ones. Very affordable and we'll worth the price and more! Highly...
Scotties Supreme 3 ply Tissues

1 review

Soft, Strong, 3 ply. Pampers my nose no matter how hard I blow. Well worth the price. Unscented and Large tissues. Scotties Supreme is the only facial tissue I purchase.
Whitch hazel toner

1 review

I use this after I shower & wash my face and it really makes me feel like I’m refreshed and ready for bed without fear of acne. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re wanting to try out a new toner!
Marcal Pro Tissues

1 review

I purchased these because I was able to save some money. However, the texture was rough and scratchy and when you are already hurting with a sinus infection - this is not the product you would want to feel. I would not buy these again.