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Baked Goods Reviews

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Good & Simple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins

176 reviews

My family loves Good and Simple muffins. All of the flavors are absolutely delicious! They taste great and are made with awesome ingredients. Great snack for school or work.
Good & Simple Banana Bran Muffins

160 reviews

Good and simple banana bran muffins. Délicieuse s'est muffin au bananes, elles ne sont pas sèche comme certaines marque j' ai essayer .Super bon goût. Il faut les essayer , ne perdez pas de temps.
Good & Simple Fruit + Fibre Muffins

164 reviews

I finally got to use my coupons for the Good and Simple muffins. I had only one choice, as all other kinds were sold out. We all enjoyed these muffins. They were soft and light, not too dense as bran can make them. Both of my kids liked them and I liked that I would be able to...
Good & Simple Cranberry Orange + Flax Bars

152 reviews

sooooo good I ate them all in one night.going to buy more and keep them in the deepfresse for when ever my snack attact comes ..They taste like I baked them my self..yummie
Good & Simple Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

146 reviews

It took a while but I was able to find these and use my coupons to purchase them. We thought they were very tasty bars, packaged individually so they were great for everyone's lunches. They made a good mid day snack and were perfect for a quick snack while at work. As with the...
Good & Simple Walnut + Grains Bars

145 reviews

I was skeptical about these, but received a coupon to try them. I chose one package of muffins & one package of bars. The bars had a denser texture and didn't crumble like the muffins. Although the bars are smaller and weight less they are priced the same. These walnut ones had...
Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla

34 reviews

The Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla has a new recipe with more filling, although i haven't tried it before this, so I don't have anything to compare it to. My family and I all got to try one as there is 6 in a box and there are 6 of us. Everybody liked it and we are a sweet treat...
Vachon The Original Swiss Rolls Cakes

24 reviews

Tellement bon ses petit gâteau que encore là nuit je me réveille pour les déguster ses pas trop sucre juste bien dosé. C est petit gâteau on peu en mettre dans nos sac à lunch dans les pche de mane au et même dans notre sac à main.Essayer ses petit délice et vous aller...
Hostess Twinkies Golden Cakes

39 reviews

The taste and texture is amazing. The twinkies were nice and fresh. They are very visually appealing. My kids loved that they were individually package so they could take them to school for lunches. A quick easy snack while on the way to dance or basketball
Hostess King Dons Cakes

20 reviews

I had a hard time finding this product but was very excited to be able to try it for free. After alot of searching I was able to track it down. Well worth the struggle! It is delicious, almost too sweet for my liking but my children loved it!
Vachon Passion Flakie 3 Fruit Flaky Pastries

38 reviews

I love how these are not overly sweet. I love the taste of the berries. These are a nice little treat to have. They are individually wrapped and are very convenient for an on the go snack.
Sara Lee Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins

21 reviews

I started buying g these about 2 months ago for snacks for my son. He loves them. They are perfect size for little hands and they aren't too messy. They are great for an on the go snack.
Vachon Mille Feuilles Flaky Pastries

22 reviews

I was offered to try this vachon product and leave an honest review I was a little hesitant to try these since I can't remember ever having them as a child. I was delightfully surprised! They are the perfect pair or taste and texture. It's not a heavy snack and I didn't feel...
Sara Lee Little Bites Blueberry Muffins

26 reviews

It's is a moist tasty snack. Perfect for school snack or at and time of the day. Love that it's packs of two and the blueberry sweet taste is awesome. My whole family really enjoyed these and I have bought them since we ran out. Have to try the next flavor also.
Vachon 1/2 Moon Chocolate

19 reviews

Trying this little cake from a free coupon that I received made my day. This little cake was moist and creamy from the center. It's a little sweet to the taste which is absolutely fine considering its size. It's moist but not overly cakey. I can't wait to purchase again as the...
Vachon Granny's Sugar Tarts

21 reviews

Our whole family loved this treat. They were perfect paired with a coffee for adults. My husband loved warming his and putting a little ice cream on top. We would recommend this product!!
Vachon Ah Caramel The Original Cakes

60 reviews

These used to be my favorites when I was younger! My mom put those in our lunch boxes as a dessert and I remember it tasting amazing! I recently bought a box and it had the same great taste and fluffiness! I will definitely be buying those again, no doubts!
Vachon Granny's Lemon Tarts

19 reviews

my kids and i love these tarts got them for christmas day and the kids had them gone in ten mins would recommend these tarts to anyone that likes the lemon tarts but all there tart probucts are really good
Vachon Jelly Log Sponge Cakes

19 reviews

I’m seriously addicted to these, my family goes through a box every couple days. It’s a good thing they’re pretty cheap. I love the coconut to jelly ratio, and obviously they’re not as good as home made, but they’re a really close second.
Vachon Passion Flakie Caramel Flaky Pastries

17 reviews

They are SO GOOD. The caramel was a little oily but I have a feeling that is because they sit at room temp. If you put them in the fridge they are amazing with vanilla icecream!!!