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Chocolate Reviews

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie

5 reviews

I love this bar it has the same crunchie pieces that's in the original crunchie bar covered in milk chocolate I bought it at Walmart and ate it as soon as I got back home from doing my shopping
Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate

43 reviews

My 10yr old son LOVES these! Whenever we go to the store he is always asking for "pomegranates." They are a little pricey for my frugal self but are a delicious indulgence.

44 reviews

I'm a fatty and I love chocolate. Any kind any where. You can eat it when your happy or when your sad. You can bake it in a cake or have it as ice-cream. The things you can do with chocolate are endless. Come on into the wonderful world of chocolate
Tim Hortons Oreo Donut

10 reviews

My favourite donut from Tim Hortons. Perfect balance of pastry and frosting.would definitely recommend for any one who has a sweet tooth and is craving donuts.
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Dark Chocolate

3 reviews

Like it but not my favorite! Its just not my taste !
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles

68 reviews

The first time I tried these milk chocolate truffles, I was hooked. The milk chocolate is so smooth and the inside filling is velvety. I enjoy allowing the the chocolate to melt in my mouth so I can savor the taste. Also, my allowing the chocolate to melt, eventually the...
Laura Secord chocolate bar

4 reviews

If you want a good chocolate bar, Laura Secord is the one to get. There is always a good special when you go. Very good chocolate quality and i have worked there and truely beleive it is worth the money.
Zero Dark Chocolate Bar

6 reviews

Sooo good. Just like those icy squares I used to get in my Christmas stocking. A very smooth and lightly minty chocolate. Best afternoon snack for a long afternoon at work.
Nestlé Smarties Candy Coated Milk Chocolate

142 reviews

My kids love it. It has nice colours good taste. It's very good for parties and for lote bags. Good price and good size. Can get it easily. It's good to use to decorate cake or cupcakes too my kids love to do that.
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bar

235 reviews

I think by far this is the best one out there if you want an alternative to the chocolate one. The Lemon Crisp Kit Kat should stay as a regular option.
Nestlé Aero Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar

107 reviews

I really enjoyed eating this chocolate, it was very smooth and airy. It tasted so nice and just melted on the tongue. I will be trying the other flavours soon.
Nestlé Mirage Chocolate Bar

11 reviews

the nestle mirage is yummy chocolate bar and i love how soft it is when you bite, its like it melt in your mouth in every bite and i love it. will buy it again.
Nestlé Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar

71 reviews

Coffee crisp is the best chocolate bar around. They are so yummy and tasty and I could definitely eat a dozen of them if given the chance. Would definitely buy for ever
Brookside Crunchy Clusters Dark Chocolate & Berry Medley

59 reviews

This is a multi-grain cluster combined with a soft jelly fruit candy covered in a coat of dark chocolate. These clusters are great for those who like to savour the taste by letting it melt in your mouth, the chocolate is rich and smooth. The toasty grain and added tartness of...
Soma Chocolatemaker Milk Chocolate with Maldon

1 review

While a bit pricey, the best milk chocolate with sea salt I have ever had! Totally worth the $8 a bar.
Sweets From The Earth Peppermint Nanaimo Bars

1 review

A twist on the traditional Nanaimo bar... these peppermint nanaimo bars are dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free and perfect for anyone with any of these dietary concerns. All natural, all organic and GMO-free ... and trust me, they don't skimp on the taste. My husband fell head...
Neilson Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar

10 reviews

I purchased a 4 pk.(4x45g) of the Jersey Milk chocolate bars. On opening the pack I found there was only about half a bar in each package the rest was air.I keep them in the fridge so they won't melt so that is not the problem.These have always been my favorite bars so I will...
Kit Kat White & Milk Chocolate Sticks

32 reviews

I love Kit Kat’s, and always look to try new ones that I see. This one is perfect because it combines both white and milk chocolates. It’s not overly sweet as a result, and has a different flavour because of the combination of the two. The mini size is great too for portion...
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

18 reviews

these are the better tasting version of an Aero! so bubbly and milky and delicious. If you like milk chocolate and bubbles, there's no doubt in my mind you'll love these!
Hershey's Miniatures

9 reviews

These are something we purchase fairly often. I love the variety included. Each member of my family has a favourite in the bag, so we divide them up as soon as we get them, and everyone gets what they want. There are bars with crispy rice inside, bars with peanut bits inside...