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Frozen Desserts Reviews

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Popsicle Firecracker

80 reviews

I know it’s summer when the firecrackers are around! Popsicles are a summer time essentials for sure and I love being able to enjoy a slice of my childhood each time summer rolls around.
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Carrot Cake

72 reviews

It is difficult to find in stores. But finally, I found it at Metro. The cake looks smaller than other cakes of this type. There is a small amount of real carrot inside. But it doesn't feel as raw carrot and feels good
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cookies & Cream Pie

93 reviews

Sa goûte vraiment le ciel, C'est tellement bon sucré mais pas trop Léger ! WOW J'adore vraiment un vrai dessert d'été il est difficile de s'arrêter je le recommande à tous !
Breyers Creamery Style Maple Walnut Frozen Dessert

69 reviews

Breyers is not greedy with their portions of walnuts that's for sure. I love the very creamy taste and walnut crunch. It's great as a dessert or a quick simple snack.
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Cherry Vanilla Frozen Dessert

68 reviews

It’s easy to impress summer guests with this richly flavoured ice cream. My famous ice cream sandwiches are always filled with Breyers. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to an adult milkshake with coconut rum. I also make a summer punch with ice cream balls that I...
Breyers Double Churn Vanilla Frozen Dessert

86 reviews

I dont typically purchase ice cream for home however No Frills had Breyers ice cream on for a blowout price, i picked up a flavour i havent tried, heavenly hash...pleasantly tasteful!!
Breyers Double Churn Banana Cream Pie Frozen Dessert

78 reviews

Smooth, creamy, not hard I’ve cream. Freezes to the perfect creaminess so that it feels like soft serve! Such a rich, authentic banana taste. Reminds me of a banana cream pie with graham cracker crust.
Creamsicle Supersicle Cream Ice Bars

45 reviews

we really love this product to the moon n back my favorite 2 flavors are the red n the blue its a tie breaker!!!! really enjoy the variety pack. keep up the great work!!!
Halo Top Birthday Cake

34 reviews

Mmmm!! Delicious! I've enjoyed several products from the #HaloTop #icecream brand and I'm so impressed! The #birthdaycake flavour is great and tastes ALMOST as good as the cake itself! It's definitely worth a try! The downsides are the cost of the product, particularly for the...
Breyers Gelato Indulgences Vanilla Caramel

23 reviews

Wow, it's called indulgences for a reason! It is so creamy and delicicous! I love the vanilla, as you can taste the bean and the caramel makes it very indulgent. I would like it if it was a touch less sweet, but otherwise excellent.
Halo Top Pancakes & Waffles

33 reviews

I tried the pancake and waffles halo top ice cream . I liked that there was chucks of waffle in the ice cream making it very interesting and delicious . I liked that it has less sugar and little calorie compared to other ice creams . The only downside is the price . It is...
Dairy Queen Oreo Ice Cream Cake

24 reviews

If you have never had a dairy queen oreo cake omg your so missing out. It's a must have for every occasion. So yummy every layer. The oreo crumbs mixed with the ice cream gives it that perfect balance. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate ice cream but when you bite into this cake an...
PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

1 review

OMG this is truly an indulgence! Delicious served cold or warm with vanilla ice cream. It's the perfect combination of everything and it is just like eating a stuffed chocolate chip cooke!
No Name Club Pack Fudge Bars

1 review

These are the most delicious ice cream bars. They are at No Frills for 7.50 plus tax. They are in a club pack of 30. The box has vanilla ice cream with an assortment of root beer, cola and cream soda coating. Highly recommended. Also only 3 weight watchers points.
Nick’s Swedish-Style light Ice Cream Birthdäg Cake

1 review

My family loves ice cream. But it’s hard being on a diet and still eating ice cream. Until I found nicks Swedish style light ice cream. My favorite flavor is Birthdäg Cake. It is a cake flavored ice cream with sprinkles. I can eat the whole container for only 230 calories...
Halo Top Oatmeal Cookie

18 reviews

I can eat the whole thing in a sitting and not feel guilty. It’s great for someone on keto with a sweet tooth: the flavour is amazing. Wish more stores carried them. Beside me is only Walmart and they are always out of stock. Other down side is the size is pretty small for...
Blue Ribbon Classics Strawberry Shortcake Bars

1 review

These are so yummy. We always have them in the freezer for hot day snacks and for basically anytime of the day. They taste like eating actual strawberry shortcake. Blue Ribbon for the win!
PC Original Cheesecake-Style Dessert

1 review

I truly love this cheesecake. I'm really impressed with the fact that it's made with lima bean, rather than something like tofu or cashew. As someone who cannot eat nuts, I also really appreciate the fact that the crust is nut-free. The texture is very good for a vegan product...
Kit Kat Frozen Dessert Bars

1 review

I always look for new things while at Costco and came across these Kit Kat ice cream bars and decided to try them. They were around $15 for 25 of them. They're on a stick, two different kinds of ice cream covered in chocolate and bits of waffer I believe. They're really...
Dairy Queen Royal Cheesecake Blizzard

13 reviews

The royal cheesecake blizzard is the best blizzard in DQ. It is so fill of cheesecake pieces, the icecream is so rich and creamy. Every spoonful totally delights your taste buds.