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Fruit Snacks Reviews

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Mott's Fruitsations +Fibre Unsweetened Raspberry

3259 reviews

Needed something as a filler for my kids lunches and these are my go to the kids love the taste and they are priced good to! I love how they have different flavours as well
Mott's Fruitsations +Fibre Unsweetened Tropical

2878 reviews

Monts fruit sensations tropical is so good this is one of my favourite ones that they make. It just taste so delicious SS as a daily thing for my kids and I
Mott's Fruitsations +Fibre Unsweetened Mango Peach

2256 reviews

Every day one of this is must for my kids. They just like the peach flavor. Me and my husband also gets hand on their snacks but they don’t want to share. The nutrient level is also good which doesn’t makes me think that it’s unhealthy.
Mott's Fruitsations +Veggies Mixed Berry Carrot

320 reviews

I got these to try as I was out of my other gummies and I DO NOT recommend. Tastes oily and they're really sticky. Felt a cavity coming on from them. Not a fan
Mott's Fruitsations Fruit Rockets Unsweetened Strawberry-Kiwi

246 reviews

This is amazingly good. The texture makes your taste buds happy. Comes in great packaging that is appealing to the eye. They make great snack ideas for all the family.
Welch's Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit

106 reviews

My daughter is probably one of the pickiest eaters out there so it’s rare to find a snack that she likes. However these are a staple in our house! The “blue package” is our go-to snack. Easy to pop in a bag, not too sweet or messy and best of all she eats them!!! There’s...
Mott's Apple Sauce Original

94 reviews

I have 5 children and this applesauce is one of the few things that all my children eat. They absolutely love it and so do I. I also a very good price and I am glad because my children want it nearly everyday therefore I buy it several times a week...
Sun-Maid Raisins Mini Snacks

61 reviews

J'ai toujours mangé ces petits raisins secs d'aussi loin que je me souviens. Je les adore et ils sont offerts dans un format ultra pratiques pour les collations de mes Cocos. Un must à avoir dans son garde-manger!
Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Applesauce

42 reviews

I bought these for my kids to try hoping that they would like it. Well not only did they like it, we have added it to our snack/grocery list to repurchase. A great tasting apple sauce that is nutritious and love that it is made with real fruit and no preservatives!
Motts Fruitsations Apple Pomegranate Unsweetened

31 reviews

Ca goute comme de la puree de pomme mais avec un twist un peu surette mais quand meme bon au gout !! Je veux absolument gouter aux autres saveurs parce qu'avec les fibres contenues dans la puree et surtout moins de sucre, je pense que ce dessert est plus santé pour ma famille...
Motts fruit sensation pear flavored apple fruit snack

15 reviews

I love all Motts' products,they are a very trustworthy, reliable and wonderful brand, I think moms especially should buy these high-quality, natural fruit cups for their young kids. All flavors are good but pear is my soft spot.
Mott’s apple sauce

2 reviews

These are great snackS, whether it be breakfast, lunch or bedtime snacks. My kids love these, they are a hit in our house. They also go great for smoothies and for dipping fruit in.
Delmonte fruit & oats snacks

1 review

You are priced with 2 cups that are is loaded with oatmeal and apples with cinnamon. It can be used a snack or a quick meal with heating time of less than 1 minute. It can be find in the canned fruit section in your local grocery store.
Welch’s Fruit Snacks

14 reviews

This mixed fruit taste really good and perfect for snacks and treats! Our kids love this! The texture and softness of every piece is just right and so yummy! They are also gluten free!
Bear paws pure fruit

1 review

My 3 year old daughter loves Bear Paws pure fruit. Her favourite taste is apple and black current. I am having this in my bag when out and about. I make sure she has different tastes to try on the go and i am happy that she is taking some fruits in a funny way. Good for 12month+.
Kashi joy nut bar, pistachio fig and lemon

8 reviews

I really like the unique flavour of this bar. It's a bonus that the ingredients are natural and also that it does not contain a lot of sugar. A great bar to grab when you're on the go and want a quick snack.
Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips

1 review

We have been buying these chips from Costco for a while. The husband and kids love them. What I love is the ingredients list... Apples and Cinnamon! That’s it! Nothing more! Kids feel like they are getting a treat when they eat them. I am more than happy to keep buying...
Sahale Valdosta Glazed mix Pecan

1 review

this snacks are delicious, they have a very different and exotic spices which can be pretty addictive. However it’s a very small bag for almost 7dollars!… too overpriced for what you get. I suggest just to purchase if you have a coupon or when it’s on sale.
Izze Bursts clementine

1 review

Izzy clementine bursts I got these for free to try. Pretty excited as I never heard of this brand before and I do enjoy fruit snacks. So far I like the little packaging it feels quality leading me to hope they taste quality as well. So far I enjoy them. They do taste like a...
Del Monte Fruit Cocktail very cherry

5 reviews

My kids and I love this as a quick snack. It is always in my pantry. It is quick delicious and highly recommended if you love fruit like my family and I.