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Gum Reviews

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Doublemint gum

1 review

I live this gum so much and so do my kids! Not overly minty and the flavor lasts longer then most kinds I have tried. Great price for how much you get in the pack!

83 reviews

I got the bubblegum flavour. I love that it's aspartame free and vegan as well. The flavour is there right away, however flavour isn't very long lasting, not even 5 minutes.
Sour Candy Gum

43 reviews

I love this gum!! I know it doesn't last that long but the taste is so sour and yummy. sadly I can only find it in the quarter machines at the mall but I feel like I need like a pound of this just to snack on.
Trident Vibes Gum

4 reviews

The Trident Vibes gum is so good! The taste lasts and lasts, and the texture remains chewy, not hard like some gum gets after you've chewed it for a while. My two favorite flavors are Spearmint Rush and Peppermint Wave. They start off sweet and transform into minty flavors, and...
Watson's Mint Breathe Strips

1 review

Well for the price that is given is good minty and everything is just does not last long boo but its somewhat awesome Alright gum, it is not my top pick but it is a good amount of mint flavor
Dentyne Fire Gum

43 reviews

My favorite gum of all the time i love chewing gum and i love fire gum it feels like drinking very cold water i love that i can get rid of bad breath and i feel fresh after chewing it.

25 reviews

Excel White Bubblemint sugar-free gum does give other similar products a run for their money, though its great taste is short-lived. However, it does have the added benefit of removing stains and whitening teeth, so I do recommend this gum to my friends and family.
Farmers Garden Bread and Butter pickles

1 review

These pickles are very good in flavor. Sweet tasting with cucumbers thickly sliced, carrots, red peppers. The make a great compliment to any meal or a snack.
Mentos Gum Bubble Fresh

1 review

Super handy tub which I’ll keep and top-up! I have one in the car and one in the office. The flavour is Bubblegum and lasts longer than other leading brands in similar flavours.
Excel bubble mint gum

18 reviews

Quoi dire de plus que cette gomme est super bonne pas trop sucrer très bon goût de gomme balloune. Ne coûte pas cher comme produit. Ont peux ce le procurer pas mal dans presque toute les magasins et épiceries.
Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum

42 reviews

Some packets of these gum are hard and break into pieces before going soft and chewable. the taste also doesn’t really last a long time but that’s okay because it’s a good price and good taste
Excel Mints Spearmint

26 reviews

Use these everyday to freshen up my breath. They work and taste good, package is small enough to fit in pocket or purse. All you need is one and it does the trick.
Trident Vibes

6 reviews

I bought this gum to chew when I'm having a craving for something sweet. It works pretty well. The mango flavour reminds me of those sugary gums from when I was a kid but the flavour lasts alot longer. The peppermint one also has a taste to it like vanilla or something which...
Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

17 reviews

This gum is soo good, spearmint flavored, with green tea extract. Get 30 pieces in container. Very refreshing. Also it is sugar free. Comes in a larger round chicklet type. It also comes in one other flavor.
5 peppermint cobalt gum

2 reviews

Love this gum. The taste is great, the flavour lasts a long time. It is a bit pricier than, say Excel, but I prefer this gum 100%. I usually buy it from Costco or off Amazon, a pack of 10 for $20 isn’t so bad. I’ve tried a few other flavours but in terms of minty ones this...
Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Collisions Stawberry Watermellon Sugar Free Gum

1 review

My family really loves this gum. It leaves my breath feeling fresh while still having a yummy fruity taste. It is soft and easy to chewy with long lasting flavor. The packaging is easy to open holding 15 delicious sticks of gum.
orbit sweet mint gum

2 reviews

Ok so I love sweets, but i really need to cut back on snacking. This gum allows me to get the sweetness I crave without all the guilt. The mint isnt like peppermint and not like spearmint, but its amazing.
Wrigley's Extra Peppermint Gum

1 review

I like Wrigley's Extra Peppermint Gum it's taste good. The flavor of Peppermint last awhile which is a plus. It's one of the cheapest gums also which is also a plus since it's flavor last long. There's different flavors to choose from and also size packs. Wrigley's is my gum if...
Excel spearmint gum

9 reviews

A tried and trusted product! Tastes good and keeps your breath nice and fresh! I prefer the excel spearmint taste to any other brand of spearmint gum!
Neuro gum

1 review

This gum is incredibly minty. I felt like ice crystals would shoot out of my mouth if i blew air at someone. Too much for me. It did have a good texture and lasted about a half hour so that was nice. But all the claims about the vitamins and the boost of energy? I felt none of...