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Snacks Reviews

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

216 reviews

These taste great and are an easy addition to smoothies, salads, soups, sandwiches, and chilli. Eaten at almost every meal in my family and a great way to get some extra protein.
Two-Bite Brownies

183 reviews

These are a good snack to take on the go. i find they can be a little dry so make sure to have some sort of beverage on hand. kids really like them and good for lunches
Mentos Candy

91 reviews

The Mentos pure white sweet mint leaves your breathe feeling fresh all day and it whitens your teeth. You can grab this on the go or just leave it in the car and share with friends.
Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps

95 reviews

I tried these Snapea Crisps for the first time today. Wow! Really good. Almost like chips. Almost like rice cakes. Almost like popcorn. But not. Totally something different. And in this case different is good. Low fat. Low calorie. Great taste. Not too salty. And...
Kraft Jet-Puffed Miniature Marshmallows

76 reviews

You can not go wrong with kraft products. There mini marshmellows are soooo good. Really go for topping your hit chocolate and those sticky delicious rice crispie squares, I mean who dose not like thoses
McDonald's Baked Apple Pie

92 reviews

these are okay if you need a snack yo can go pick up. they are usually luke warm and the problem i find is there isnt enough filling versus dough ratio.
Mott's Apple Sauce Original

73 reviews

Whenever I crave applesauce I run and grab some motts. Its not too sweet but not bland like alot of other brands tend to be. Like the variety of flavors they have also.
Skittles Original

70 reviews

I love the flavour of skittles! They make the best snack weather it's going to the movies or a road trip. These are my go to snack. They taste great and never get sick of them!
Werther's Original Hard Candies

64 reviews

Ce caramel a la crème à bercer toute mon enfance sentir ce petit caramel fondre dans la bouche et garder son goût pendant plusieurs minute en bouche un délice
Sensible Portion Garden Veggie Straws Sea Salt

51 reviews

I really enjoy these as a healthy snack. I’m a big chip lover but chips make me gain a bunch of weight. So these veggie sticks help my chip carving without all the weight gain
Bolthouse Farms Baby-Cut Carrots

58 reviews

For organic carrots, I found the best price was at Walmart. I had purchased a few bags at half off and even at regular price they're only about $2. They're sweet and super easy as a snack. Highly recommend

55 reviews

this is a good for on the go snack. i also do not think its that messy so can be enjoyed on those long trips as well. comes in many flavours and lots per pack.
Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno

60 reviews

this is a good crunchy snack. it is also a good size for portion control and there is surprisingly a lot of chips per pack. i like taking these for road trips.
Humpty Dumpty Party Mix

40 reviews

My little family absolutely loves these chips. Once the bag is open, it’s hard to stop eating! We all have different favourite, so this is an easy and tasty way to satisfy us all.
Tootsie Roll Pops

40 reviews

these are my favortie lolly pops as the have a tootsie center instead of that awful gum that is usually in the center. i also like the variety of flavours.
Mott's Fruitsations +Veggies Unsweetened Peach Apple Carrot Sauce

31 reviews

The motts fruit sauce is a good way for kids who have issues with eating certain foods. My son has issues eating fruits and vegetables but I find it a good way to get his fruit intake.
Dare Bear Paws Banana Bread

37 reviews

These will always be one of my kids favourite snacks! They have a great taste, easy for kids to hold and eat at any age. Even the adults may sneak or or two!
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snacks

27 reviews

Amazingggg snack. The flavor is so tasty and a nice amount of spice! Goes perfect as a snack or with a sandwich. So happy you can find them in Canada now.
Rice Krispies squares Original

43 reviews

C’est utile dans avoir au bureau ou dans la voiture. C’est parfait pour les petites fringales. J’en apporte aussi en voyage à l’ocassion. Le seul bémol, n’est pas un choix très ecolo.
DORITOS® Ketchup Flavoured Tortilla Chips

37 reviews

i really enjoy ketchup chips and i didnt realize i preffered a certain type of chip to go with the ketchup flavour but i do. i find them to be too crunchy