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Tea Reviews

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Tetley Super Green ANTIOX Tropical with Vitamin C

473 reviews

I received this product complimentary of Chick Advisor in exchange for a review. Of the three flavours I received, this flavour was my ultimate favourite. The mango and tropical tastes were amazing and strong and have become something I look forward to having each morning. I...
Tetley Super Green BOOST Berry Burst with Vitamin B6

468 reviews

I received this product complimentary of Chick Advisor in exchange for a review. Of the three flavours I received, this flavour was my second favourite. The fruity taste wasn't really my top choice as I don't typically enjoy fruit teas, but I still did enjoy this one and found...
Tetley Super Herbal IMMUNE Lemon & Echinacea with Zinc

469 reviews

I received this product complimentary of Chick Advisor in exchange for a review. Of the three flavours I received, this flavour was my second favourite. The lemon and floral taste wasn't really my top choice, but I still did enjoy it and found it a good way to change up my...
Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea

355 reviews

I have been drinking this tea since I was a small child, my mom or dad would put it in are little sippy cups and sit there drinking it. We would always ask for it but we only got it as a treat back then. I now drink it every morning when I get up to go to school in my thermos...
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

300 reviews

From the time I was a small child, my Nan would treat me with a warmed pot and a cup of Red Rose. After I became quadriplegic I wasn't able to trouble with making coffee anymore. Yet I could still warm a tea pot and steep some Red Rose in the morning. The almost zen like process...
teapigs english breakfast tea

168 reviews

I love all of the teas I have tried from Teapigs but this one is a great tasting breakfast tea that I don't mind drinking throughout the day. It is mild tasting, smooth and not at all bitter like other teas I've tried.The quality of the bags and the unique design are very...
Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags

162 reviews

My hubby loves his green tea, so when this Lipton went on sale for a great price I decided to to buy it for him instead of the normal Tetley ones. Let me tell you, right from the first tea bag my husband was having problems with them leaking the leaves everywhere. Some would...
Lipton Summer Fruits Herbal Tea

120 reviews

Love Lipton Tea. Sometimes it's hard to find where I shop. Have been using it for a year. I like to brew different flavors together. Can't get enough of it.
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Black Tea K-Cup Packs

141 reviews

Les k cups a la long revient tres cher pour moi qui est une personne qui boit seulement du thé. Mais j avoue que j'adore le gout qui n est pas battable a compare au marque maison. Si je veux me gater alors j en achetes une boite de temps a temps.
Red Rose Canadian Breakfast Tea Bags

128 reviews

It has been awhile since I really had Red Rose Tea and I mostly had it as a teenager and then stopped for a few uears Now, I am finding myself drinking it more and more. It tastes exactly like it did over 10 years ago and the fond memories are wonderful while sipping a hot or a...
Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla Loose Long Leaf

123 reviews

Love this tea blend. This is has a strong vanilla taste. Great with milk. This is a robust black tea that gives a good aphrodisiac result with the good dose of realistic flavour of vanilla. Love this a full loose tea and does not taste bitter like other cheap grocery store...
Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags

151 reviews

Lipton green tea is good it’s not as strong tasting like some of them it’s good for ice tea in the summer or before bed the price is good I would buy again
Lipton Serenity Herbal Tea

107 reviews

I am usually not a big fan of herbal teas as I find they taste completely different than I expect, but gave this one a try. I felt that this mixture of cinnamon, chamomile and lavender worked so well together! A cup of this tea is a perfect way to wind down your day, especially...
Pure Leaf Green Tea with Jasmine, pyramid bags

115 reviews

I've tried other pure leaf hot tea products in the past and enjoyed them. I usually find that they have superior quality ingredients, taste, and design. I found this product was disappointing. This tea is very expensive for how few bags of tea that you get. The flavour...
Pure Leaf Earl Grey Tea Loose Long Leaf

113 reviews

This was terrible. I thought I got a great deal and it was loose leaf! But no, I was horribly wrong. No bergamot flavour which is one main important flavour for earl grey. I drink earl grey every night. It’s my tea of choice and is my fav. It is super strong black tea flavour...
Lipton Rejuvenate Green Tea

107 reviews

This tea tasted more grapefruit vs dandelion. Usually the top notes of the tea are listed first but this surprise was good for me as I like grapefruit. In the summer this would be lovely as an iced tea because of the fruity taste. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this...
Pure Leaf Ginger with Orange Blossom pyramid tea bags

103 reviews

J'utilise ce thé de gingembre et orange au moment que je sens un mal de gorge qui débute ou autres symptômes de la grippe. Le gingembre m'aide à faire fuire la grippe et son bon goût et pas à négliger. Je vous recommande ce thé et découvrir les autres saveurs de Pure...
Pure Leaf Black Tea with Berries, pyramid bags

111 reviews

Tres bon thé , si vous etes un amateur de the je vous le recommande parcontre ce nest pas du "rapide" en pochette donc prenez soin de bien le preparer ! Le gout est super , j'en racheterai bientot
Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla, pyramid bags

115 reviews

I really enjoy this tea. I prepare two containers of tea and carry to work and I always enjoy drink Pure Leaf. It is tasty and pure as the word says. I just finish one container and going for the next. I only enjoy Pure leaf tea.
Lipton Green Tea Matcha Original

121 reviews

I enjoyed this tea. I liked that it gave the taste of matcha without being in the original powdered form. I found it was a nice light taste with the convenience of a pre packaged tea bag.