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Tea Reviews

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Tetley Super Green ANTIOX Tropical with Vitamin C

508 reviews

I really like the tropical flavour that this tea has.I tasted mostly the mango in it, chichis wonderful since I love mangoes. I enjoyed it very much. It also smells so good. I like the quality of this tea, it is great.
Tetley Super Herbal Tea IMMUNE Lemon & Echinacea with Zinc

497 reviews

This is a delicious cup of tea, perfect to get you relaxed. Citrusy And aromatic notes . You can really taste the lemon . Not to overpowering but just perfect. Great affordable price too.
Tetley Super Green BOOST Berry Burst with Vitamin B6

480 reviews

I absolutely love this tea brand- Tetley. I buy lots of their teas, but I've gotta say, this is by far my favorite one of them all!!! Such a great taste, not too sweet or over powering. I drink it without adding anything and it's just perfect! It's also got Vitamin B3 in there...
Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea

407 reviews

This is my favourite tea and my go to, I have at least 3 cups a day, I drink this tea so much I have to buy restaurant size boxes! Very good for on a cold day or just to relax with
Tetley Cold Infusions - Strawberry & Watermelon

349 reviews

I'm a huge fan of this brand. I love all of their flavours. I don't think the strawberry and watermelon is their strongest flavour, but its still tasty. The bags can actually be used twice, the flavour stays strong throughout. I love these as an alternative to boring water...
Tetley Cold Infusions - Raspberry & Cranberry

343 reviews

I have a hard time drinking plain water. These tea bags help me to get my daily water in. You have to let in sit in the water for about 10 mins to fully get the taste.
Tetley Cold Infusions - Mint, Lemon & Cucumber

350 reviews

I am not a fan of adding flavouring to water because I don't like the aftertaste. I Love Tetley warm teas though and plain water gets boring after a while so I decided to give this a try... and I am so glad I did! This cold infusion tastes delicious! It tastes like cucumber...
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

325 reviews

This tea is something I feel everyone needs especially if you are a tea drinker because it is easy to drink. Smooth and delicious without being too bitter, perfect morning tea!
teapigs Super Fruit Herbal Tea

265 reviews

If you are looking for a fruit flavour to your tea and not the ordinary herbal flavour, this is a product for you. It is a refreshing taste especially after you add ice to it once you've steeped it.
teapigs Rooibos Crème Caramel

183 reviews

I received this in my ChickAdvisor EcoBox. I'm a fan of teas (David's, local shops etc) and the flavour TeaPigs offers is SO GOOD. It's perfect if you're looking for a light dessert flavour without the calories.
Tazo Zen Green Tea

184 reviews

this is really good green tea. not my favourite (a little too minty) but it is pretty good, especially with milk and sweetener just to help make the mint less intense. if you like minty teas then you may enjoy this one.
Tazo Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea

186 reviews

My teenage daughter has been drinking my stash of camomile tea every day since the beginning of lock down. She makes a cup in the morning when she sits down to start her high school work and another after lunch when she sits down for her virtual classes. She adores it!
Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate

164 reviews

I really like the Tazo Chai Latte concentrate. I think it tastes much better than other brands of chai tea. However, I put waaaaay less concentrate than is recommended on the box because I find it too sugary. Overall, great product once you know your prefered concentrate...
teapigs english breakfast tea

174 reviews

First thing in the morning I need a cup of tea to get me going. I usually make one and head to bed to read for 15 mins. Tea Pigs is the elite tea bag company, the quality is great as you're not just getting the dust from tea leaves but actual flavour! Loved it!
Tazo Refresh Mint Herbal Tea

178 reviews

Tisane à la menthe est un incontournable et toujours rafraîchissant! Un délice à ne pas manquer! Je l’adore et je vous le recommande sans hésitation !
Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea

143 reviews

Yum! This has a nice spicy zing to it! I love the Tazo brand for their commitment to quality, taste, and affordability. I love the range of products, from the classics to unique blends. I added some candied orange into this tea, and it made for a perfect cup of tea on a cold...
Tazo Earl Grey Tea

151 reviews

I really enjoyed trying this earl grey tea! I'm usually not a fan of earl grey tea but this one has a great depth of flavor compared to other teas I've tried in the past. If you don't enjoy bergamot, I do not recommend it as it is pretty strong. I personally like this product.
Tazo Passion Herbal Tea

178 reviews

This tea is sooo tasty!!! it is great hot and cold!! I would highly recommend this flavour and brand to anyone. The prices are also great, especially when on sale.
Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags

166 reviews

it's a very good green tea!!! it's perfect for ice tea during hot days and perfect hot during cold night!!!! good taste, not to strong!!!! i recommand it to all tea lover
Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea

154 reviews

i love this herbal tea! it is refreshing, sweet and tangy. it is perfect for non-tea drinkers because it is easy to drink and if you are looking for something to enjoy in the afternoons/evenings.