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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner (Almond)

25 reviews

I love this floor cleaner. We don’t have any carpet in the house, it’s all hardwood bamboo flooring and it’s just easy peezy squirt & mop like the name suggests! I don’t mind the smell either and I appreciate that it doesn’t make my floors greasy or slippery or...
Lysol Wipes Lavender

36 reviews

Discovered these Chlorox Lavender scented wipes last year in Florida, and bought the largest multi-pack I could find to bring back to Canada. With the pandemic in full-swing, I am now down to my last container, and am sparing those along as best I can. I am hoping to find this...
Windex Multi Surface Touch Up Cleaner

54 reviews

Wasn’t sure what to think I new widex touch-up was good so I bought this tried I buy them once a month works beautiful must try I’m sceptical about buy new products like must it’s worth the buy
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Peony Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

9 reviews

I am so pleased to have switched to Mrs Meyer's cleaning products. No more are those chemical-scented cleaners leaving my house smelling unbearable. The have a variety of devine smelling scents. Highly recommend!
Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

21 reviews

I loved this hard wood floor cleaner. I used it with my flat mop and it works great. It actually picks up more dirt than with the swifter alone. It leaves floors shiny and streak free.
Lysol Advanced Lingettes

4 reviews

Dans cette periode ou lon doit désinfecter plus que jamais j'apprécie beaucoup cest petite lingette avec les quels on peut nettoyé presque tout et en plus elle sente bon
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

5 reviews

Mrs. Meyers Multi-Purpose Concentrate does an amazing job on dirty floors, grease stains, bathrooms and windows! Finally one cleaner that works so well and no need for all those other single use ones and the Smell is just fresh lemons, no chemical smell
Mr Clean Multi Surface Disinfecting Liquid

13 reviews

I love this cleaner! I like the lemon cleaner more than the other cleaners as it leaves a nice scent behind after mopping. You don’t need much but I would recommend adding it to the bucket first than adding hot water on top.
Pine-Sol Lavendar Clean All Purpose cleaner

22 reviews

A little goes a long way. I use it in all my household cleaning routines. I clean everything from my walls, baseboards, kitchen cabinets and wood to tile floors. Everything looks clean and the smell is so refreshing without being over powering.
Mr. Clean Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist  lemon zest

2 reviews

Hubby brought this home for me to try, and I love it! Breaks down tough messes easily, so I can wipe it away. Lemon is my favourite scent for cleaning, makes everything smell fresh, and makes it feel extra clean.
Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser

5 reviews

This is the absolute best cleanser for your sink, kitchen appliances, and bathroom! It leaves everything sparkling clean and gets rid of the gross grease and grime. It’s better than any other cleaner I’ve used!
Pine-sol lavender clean 4x

36 reviews

Tried a lot of different cleaning products For my floors and I found that the lavender pine-sol was my favourite !! Leaves a wonderful smell behind ! Love pine-sol
Dove dish liquid

9 reviews

This product is amazing I use to have to buy soap all the time but with this one it lags so much longer. It cleans my dishes super good and leaves no spots or food. It takes hard stuck on food right off.
Bissell professional pet spot and stain

1 review

Bought a house with gross carpets and tried out this cleaner. I couldnt believe the filth it helped lift out of the carpets. They are noticably cleaner, will be using again!
Attitude Sensitive Skin Bathroom Cleaner

1 review

So, this stuff is perfect. It gets through all the bathroom cleaning jobs without issue. It contains no fragrance or harsh chemicals and it contains colloidal oatmeal. So, not only do I feel safer breathing this stuff in as I clean, but I also notice my hands aren't dry or itchy...
Attitude All Purpose Cleaner - Lavender

1 review

So the lavender scent is something else - this is the best smelling household cleaner I've ever tried! I got this online during a sale, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It is non-toxic and safe to use around my toddler, which gives me peace of mind - plus it's cruelty-free! I am...
Attitude Toy & Surface Cleaner

1 review

I never knew I needed this Toy & Surface Cleaner before I got it. I find myself using it all the time on my daughter's toys, her little Ikea table/chairs, and her highchair. Hard to imagine not having this around now that I've tried it! Excellent for kids in the mouthing stage...
Palmolive fresh green apple dish liquid

33 reviews

Not our favourite by far. It’s definitely gentle on the hands, but I find I need to use A LOT of it to get my dishes clean. Sometimes I even need to do a second wash to get the grease off my plastic ware. I’ll stick to my Dawn.
Aunt Fannie's Cleaning Vinegar

1 review

I try and use as much natural products for cleaning as I can for the health and safety of my family. That being said it has been a lot of trial and error to find one that not only does what I want but also is safe! I adore all of the Aunt Fannie’s products I have to date and...
Pine-Sol Lavender Clean

28 reviews

Exceptional clean and beautiful smell. Cleans well on my hardwood and laminate floors. Leaves the air smelling clean and fresh. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to others