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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

10 reviews

I use this cleaner all the time and absolutely love it! The basil one is my favorite one of all the Meyer's scents. Smells fresh, clean, and reminds me of eucalyptus a bit!
Lysol Wipes Lavender

38 reviews

I loved these scent of Lysol wipes. They were moist and the scent was amazing. They did not leave any residue and were easy to pull out. Will definitely buy again.
Fabulosa Disinfectant

4 reviews

I like the idea of this spray and the fragrances it comes in but find that no matter how little you use it leaves a very wet residue. It's fine for toilets etc but not for soft furnishings in my opinion
Lenor unstoppables

13 reviews

Absolutely love these, great you can just chuck a cap full into your machine and away you go. As a runner my tops tend to get a little smelly after a while but a cap fill of these beauties and the horrid stale sweaty smell vanishes. Brilliant when used for washing duvet covers...
Glad garbage bag samples

1 review

GLAD sent out 3 samples of their bags in an effort to encourage Canadians to clean up their communities by encouraging proper waste diversion. They provided a large compost, garbage and recycling bag as part of their program. Families and friend were encouraged to participate...
Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10X Power Original Scent

1 review

I received this product for free to review it. I was pretty excited to try this. I used it for a few days before writing this. I’ve done laundry using tide for my children’s clothes, my own, the hubby’s but... after washing my husband’s work clothes, I can definitely...
Dr. Bronner’s sal suds

1 review

Finally decided to buy after a few months of eyeing it and wish I had bought sooner! It's extremely concentrated, I only need about 1 tablespoon diluted to clean my entire studio apartment so the bottle will probably last me over a year. I love that i can use it on everything -...
No Name all-purpose reusable cloths

1 review

These reusable cloths are better than sponges because they don't retain odors after using them. They can be used right up until they start to fall apart. They are great for washing dishes or wiping down counteracts well. You could even use them on your face instead of a...
Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

23 reviews

This product is well worth the money you pay for it. It is the only hardwood floor product I have used that does. It leave a film on my floors. I will definitely keep buying this product.
Zoflora Rose Noir Concentrated Disinfectant

1 review

Zoflora has to be the best scented disinfectant around - if you hate the clinical smell of some disinfectants that don’t add fragrance, you’ll love the range of floral, fruity and tropical scented disinfectants from Zoflora. They put the joy back into cleaning and you can...
Better Life kitchen and bath scrubber

1 review

If you love natural products then you'll love this one. No gross scents or concerns with chemicals. Cleans like a dream in both the kitchen and bathroom.
Vim Refill EcoPack Power & Shine antibacterial multi purpose

1 review

I received this #freeproduct from Vim in exchange for my honest review! I have been using Vim products for a many years and always happy to try their new products! Vim Refill EcoPack Power and Shine Anti Bacterial Multi Purpose is 10x concentrated cleaner in a bottle that allows...
Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner (Almond)

25 reviews

I love this floor cleaner. We don’t have any carpet in the house, it’s all hardwood bamboo flooring and it’s just easy peezy squirt & mop like the name suggests! I don’t mind the smell either and I appreciate that it doesn’t make my floors greasy or slippery or...
Mr Clean Multi Surface Disinfecting Liquid

14 reviews

This stuff is great, it is concentrated so I dilute it with water and put it in a spray bottle that I keep in my shower, I spritz everything down after I am ready in the morning, blast the shower head to rinse everything off quickly and boom - tub is clean. I will do a deep...
Flash all purpose cleaner

2 reviews

Having tiled flooring we go through alot of floor cleaners. One capful is plenty to one full kettle of boiled water or even two. Then we mop the whole home. We have pets and it doesn't bother then like other floor cleaners we try. I think for the price, again in Poundland it's a...
Windex Multi Surface Touch Up Cleaner

54 reviews

Wasn’t sure what to think I new widex touch-up was good so I bought this tried I buy them once a month works beautiful must try I’m sceptical about buy new products like must it’s worth the buy
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

6 reviews

This multi-purpose cleaning spray is definitely a MUST in your cleaning products! Not only that this has an AMAZING scent, this also helps get rid of oil residue, stubborn dirt in my kitchen! For me, the price is reasonable and i would definitely repurchase this again and again!
Palmolive fresh green apple dish liquid

35 reviews

This Palmolive Fresh Green Apple dish liquid isn't always the first one I would reach for at the store. However, when there isn't much to choose from and you are on a tight budget, it gets the job done. My only complaint is that the scent is rather unpleasant as it remains on...
Dove dish liquid

10 reviews

I have tried many different types of dish soap but dove cuts through grease and dirt like no other. I will continue to use this product. I highly recommend this to anyone
Pine-sol lavender clean 4x

37 reviews

I use Pinesol daily. I mop in it and wipe down counters with it. It leaves your floor looking fresh and shiny with a pine smell that lasts for days. It doesn't leave streak marks.