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Household Essentials Reviews

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Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue

530 reviews

This is the ONLY toilet paper we buy and use. Doesn't leave you linty, doesn't rip, and doesn't clog the toilet up either. Soft and strong. I stock up when it is on sale and I have coupons.
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

193 reviews

Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper is definitely the sofest toilet tissue around!! Its pricey and there doesn't seem to be as much on a roll as the other leading brands, but when I have extra money to splurge, I will always pick up a pack of Charmin.
Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

115 reviews

I love this. Others mimic it, but they don’t get the same softness. Great quality for a great price. Love that it’s in packs of 6 as we just grab a pack for each bathroom and when down to the last roll, grab another pack.
Royale Velour Toilet Paper

98 reviews

Royale velour is the softest toilet paper ever and easily the best. On top of the fact that it is the best quality out there it is also extremely cost efficient.
Contigo Coffee To Go Cups

47 reviews

CONTIGO COFFEE TO GO CUPS ,this bottle are used for coffee and my daughter is used for Coldwater, I love this brand I love this bottle is keep my coffee hot, I will absolutely
Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

55 reviews

Up until 6 months ago I didn’t buy Bounty. I thought what a waste of money. Boy was so wrong. I bought it on sale now it’s been the only paper towel I ever buy. Wonderful
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

69 reviews

Even when other bathroom tissue is on sale, I wont buy it. I've tried many including different versions of Charmin and nothing else compares. It is soft and strong.
Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue

58 reviews

Since before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, only cashmere doesn’t irritate my skin further than it already is. Plus it’s the softest, you feel feel like you’re using sandpaper
Royale Signature Facial Tissue 3 Ply

41 reviews

I like this company and all of the products that they make. Specifically i like this tissue Becuase it is soft yet has enough layers to trap any mucous mess my kids make
Glad Large Tie 'n Toss Garbage Bags

39 reviews

Glad trash bags are a bit pricey compared to other brands but they are worth it!!!!! They can hold a lot, they won't leak, stuff can't break through. They are the only trash bags we use!!!!!
Scotties Multi 2-Ply Facial Tissue

40 reviews

When it comes to facial tissues, this is the only brand I buy. This is for multiple reasons. Scotties is Canadian! These tissues are so soft and I love their price. I am aware that there are brands that have softer tissues, but I'm not willing to pay those prices for something...
Bath & Body Work Black Cherry Merlot Soap

33 reviews

This soap smells absolutely Amazing!!! It leaves you're hands feeling fresh and moisturized! It's really nice, I would recommend it to anyone. Doesn't leave a sticky film on your hands.
Vileda Easy Wring

18 reviews

This mop is so easy to use and convenient. I do clean professionally so the only downside is it takes up enough room in my car but many of my clients have purchased these to keep for their homes. They are so handy and worth every penny.
Dollar Store Bag Clips

29 reviews

I go to the dollar store all the time, can't live without them. Where I live the cashiers are very nice. I like the clips that keep chips fresh, here in the FL Keys we have ants and everything and I mean everything must be kept closed. The bag chips do the job.
Glad Odour Guard Febreze Freshness Bags

32 reviews

I was taught growing up that you dont ever use cheap garbage bags I have used glad all my life I love that they have ones that have an odor blocking shield
KALAS Tumbler (IKEA)

14 reviews

These cups are fantastic for kids. Super cheap, durable and they come in really fun colors. I would highly recommend to anyone that lives near an IKEA!
Mr. Clean Erasor

17 reviews

I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Especially for use in the bathtub. It easily scrubs away the soap scum. But it has so many uses. Cleans white shoes up fast. Gets marks off the wall. I always have them on hand.
Puffs Plus Lotion

18 reviews

My favorite tissues they are so soothing especially if you have allergies and your nose is red and irritated. They don’t leave your nose greasy feeling either.
Yes to Carrots

2 reviews

First off, I want to say this is a miracle worker. I used it on my sibling who was suffering from a terrible case of eczema as everything the doctor had prescribes to her failed and I had heard on a support forum that for some, THIS particular product had given them relief. True...
Kirkland Toilet Tissue

2 reviews

We love this toilet paper. Its soft but doesnt dissolve when wiping. Its two-ply. And it last forever. We are a family of 4 with 3 of use using the toilet (and we always have other children over to play) and one package of this toilet paper last us almost 3 months. Thats about...