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Household Essentials Reviews

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Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue

543 reviews

This is the only toilet paper that I will use. It does it’s job. Doesn’t leave particles behind and is soft. It’s the brand I recommend to others.
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

213 reviews

Charmin does the job well in the sensitive areas. I like the softness. My family and I refuse to buy anything else. we always buy them at big box stores, so get some good price on them as well.
Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

138 reviews

I’ve only been a Costco member for a few months but love this brand! It’s is the best price you will find and it’s thick but not to thick. It doesn’t have all the lint that a lot of major brands have and that’s definitely a big plus! I like that it’s packaged in...
Royale Velour Toilet Paper

115 reviews

Very nice and super soft! Easy to find in grocery or department stores. Very well priced for the quality of the toilet paper! Definitely recommend people to try this product!
Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

73 reviews

Bon produit qualité/prix. Très efficace pour ramasser les dégâts de mes enfants. J'en utilise à tous les jours et même mes enfants peuvent les utiliser! J'en achète encore plus lorsqu'il est en spécial.
Contigo Coffee To Go Cups

56 reviews

I’ve tried other cups for my coffee but none have been as effective as these for keeping my coffee hot. Brew it early in the morning and it’s still quite hot by lunch time. After great use it does show some wear (a few spots where the colour is coming off especially at the...
Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue

67 reviews

The softest tissues for you and your loved ones. It's worth the hefty price you pay. Cashmere is our go to tissue. Can't see why we'd ever switch!.. Well, unless someone makes the equivilent for cheaper! :P
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

72 reviews

This toilet paper is a bit more expensive but it is the best. It is gentle on my lady parts and strong enough to blow my nose into. I buy it every time for years and won't stop anytime soon!
Royale Signature Facial Tissue 3 Ply

46 reviews

I like royale 3 ply tissue because it doesn't make my nose feel dry and peeling when I use it if I am sick. It feels soft and is fairly durable. The price is also pretty reasonable and is often 99 cents per box. Great deal for a good product.
Vileda Easy Wring

32 reviews

Last night I picked up this mop from Costco. As soon as I got all my open to right away. It was super easy to install all the pieces together. It did an amazing job on the floors and I didn’t have to touch the dirty mop ever with my hands. I love that you can spin it using...
Scotties Multi 2-Ply Facial Tissue

48 reviews

Je le recommande à tous le monde,qualité assurée,ça fait des années que nous achetons et toujours aimé+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Glad Large Tie 'n Toss Garbage Bags

44 reviews

These are tough and strong trash bags that are easy to grab and toss. I never have to worry about a ripped bag or spills. I love the red tie handles which makes for easy tying and gathering. These are the strongest bags I have found and they work great for keeping strong odors...
Bath & Body Work Black Cherry Merlot Soap

40 reviews

I love the feel of this foaming soap along with the scent that it leaves behind. All of my company that uses the soap loves it. It's not too girly for the guys to even love.
Glad Febreze Scented Tall White Garbage Bags

11 reviews

Have been using these for a few years now. They smell great and help to block out how garbage inevitably smells, yet are strong and can hold a fair amount of garbage.
oral b glide pro-health comfort plus mint floss

3 reviews

I was always the recipient of lectures about flossing until I tried the Oral B Glide line. Having close set, tight contact between my teeth meant other floss would get stuck and shred horribly, and the bloody raw mess it made of my mouth was something else. This floss on the...
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Hand Soap

1 review

This is the only hand soap I buy. It doesn’t dry out your hands. The smell is nice and clean, not too overpowering. I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out your hands. As a teacher I wash my hands frequently with winter being especially hard on the skin on my hands.
Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape

1 review

I didn't want to spend this much money on tape, but I needed a strong double sided tape, that could withstand outdoor temperatures and moisture. I used it to install bug screen on our door frames. This stuff is amazing, been up all summer so far and hasn't let go yet! It's super...
Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi system

1 review

This Orbi looks cute, but there is much more than a cute looking plastic box with a softly glowing blue "eye". Plug Orbi into your router and into an electric outlet and you just put WiFi in your home - all by yourself! The range on the system is pretty good; my husband set up a...
Dollar Store Bag Clips

34 reviews

I use these to tie bread bags but be careful you don’t bunch the plastic into it, spread evenly into the clip flat because I have had a few snap on me when I’ve clipped bags in a rush!
Bic liter

1 review

I will only use a bic liter. The quality surpasses any other liter brand out there. They last the longest and if you buy in bulk the cost is minimal! They have safety feature if you have children.